Dangerous Crush: A Rock Star Romance

Special new release price Price goes up 1 9 Rock star Kit Lockhart can have any woman he wants any woman except her.KitPiper.My band mate s baby sister.The one woman I can t have.The one woman who won t get out of my head.Those big blue eyes, those sweet pink lips, the cheeks that flush at the slightest provocationI want her under me, groaning my name, shaking wi Special new release price Price goes up 1 9 Rock star Kit Lockhart can have any woman he wants any woman except her.KitPiper.My band mate s baby sister.The one woman I can t have.The one woman who won t get out of my head.Those big blue eyes, those sweet pink lips, the cheeks that flush at the slightest provocationI want her under me, groaning my name, shaking with desire.She s too good for me Too sweet Too innocent.I shouldn t be the one to take Piper s virginity.But there s no way in hell I m letting another guy fill her with pleasure.PiperKit.The bassist in my brother s band.The guy I ve been crushing on forever.The tall, dark, handsome musician who keeps everything to himself.He looks at me like I m an innocent flower.We re only friends We re only ever going to be friends.I need to stop thinking about running my fingers over the lines of his tattoos.I need to stop wondering what his tongue piercing would feel like against my I need to get over him.But the I get to know him, the I want to get under him.Dangerous Crush is a full length, standalone romance with a brother s best friend theme.Dangerous Noise follows the men of rock band Dangerous Noise and the women they love Each book is a full length standalone with a HEA.Dangerous Kiss Ethan amzn dp B01MREU7KSDangerous Crush Kit amzn dp B01N0XHZLFDangerous Rock Joel coming March 2017Dangerous Touch Mal coming May 2017
Dangerous Crush A Rock Star Romance Special new release price Price goes up Rock star Kit Lockhart can have any woman he wants any woman except her KitPiper My band mate s baby sister The one woman I can t have The one woman who won

  • Title: Dangerous Crush: A Rock Star Romance
  • Author: Crystal Kaswell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Christopher 'Kit' Lockhart is the Dangerous Noise bassist & fresh out of rehab for drug addiction. Piper Strong is the 19-year little sister of the Dangerous Noise's Leader singer Mal & Lead guitarist Ethan. She is a college freshman struggling to figure out what she wants to do with herself. Piper finds herself at a party she doesn't feel comfortable at & wonders to find the restroom before she goes to leave. When Piper opens the bathroom door & finds herself witnessing a woman [...]

    2. This has everything I love in a book. I've never read this author before, so I'll happily being going back and reading others.First off. This has my favorite tropes. I'm still a sucker for a h virgin, can't help it, it's so rare these days with authors that when I find one I can't help but dig into something different. Add an actual strong blonde lead, which is also rare, I'm in. Then the girl next door trope? Look I love a badass h as much as the next reader, but that trope is so rare now these [...]

    3. received arc from author, was hoping it will be better than the 1st book but i am already bored out at 39%, don't know if i can continue till the end. and this author has already written tom getting together with drew's sister, willow in the sinful serenade series, why is the same kind of relationship appearing in this series again? is she running out of ideas already? *roll eyes*[1 star] I FINISH THE BOOK!!! OMG~ dont like this book, cant feel any emotion in the book. whole book is just bland a [...]

    4. I really like this series!This is the second book I have read in this series, but each story is happening concurrently, so each can be read as a standalone. Which is really cool!I liked the whole premise of the story; the virginal little sister crushing on the dark and brooding bandmate. I was interested to see how the story would play out, how the characters would change, and Crystal didn't disappoint.Kit dealt with some heavy issues, and the symbiotic relationship he and Piper developed was ve [...]

    5. Who needs sleep when you have a new Crystal Kaswell book to read? I read this book in one sitting. Piper and Kit (really adore that name) might be my favorite couple by this author yet. Well written, with relatable (for rock stars) characters who you want to find their HEA.

    6. Once again this wasn't one I loved as much as I did book 3. I think a lot of times the whole baby sister trope can irritate me. The fact that Kit was such a jerk at times, and I didn't think it was warranted, well that annoyed me. I'm glad I read the story, and I did still give it 4 stars, because Kaswell does a great job with these stories, even when you're not in love with the couple, you're still sucked into the story. Again I enjoyed getting to see the other characters interacting and coming [...]

    7. *I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.*I am so glad I read this one! I wanted to read Kit's story after delving into Dangerous Kiss and it did NOT disappoint! Christopher "Kit" is a broken man. His parents are wealthy and while his father paraded around with his mistresses, not bothering to hide the affairs, his mother turned to drugs. He got into her stash one day and he too became a drug addict. His downward spiral continued as his band, Dangerous Noise, took off. The boo [...]

    8. Star Rating - ****With her 2 brothers making up half of the rock group Dangerous Noise Piper is no stranger to the tattooed Rocker. However with those two overprotective big brothers making it clear to one and all that their precious Baby sister is not to be trifled with it's no wonder Piper is a untouched. But being a virgin in a world of Rock gods is never easy especially with her brothers Band Mate Kit starring in all her fantasies after walking in on him and a groupie. Can Kit move past his [...]

    9. I voluntarily received and reviewed an ARC from the author.I absolutely love all of Crystal's books, they're all very realistic and don't have the trying to hard feel. Kit and Piper are absolutely adorable and it's so cute how they talk to each other. With Kit's addiction in the past, he's scared that he'll end up hurting Piper in the long run and is scare of committing to her, but he's also afraid of losing her. Piper has had a crush on Kit since she first met him, but never gave it any thought [...]

    10. This is book two of the Dangerous Noise series and is Kit's story. Its available through Kindle Unlimited. The writing is good and its told through alternating pov's. This one gets off to a really slow start and is pretty much drama free. It could actually use some drama to help hold your interest.Kit is the bassist for the band Dangerous Noise. Piper is Mal and Ethans baby sister and she has had a crush on Kit for a while. She is 19 and he is 26 and has been warned she is off limits. They start [...]

    11. This is the second book in the “Dangerous Noise” Series and by far my favorite couple. Kit is sweet and honest and despite being broken, he's exactly what Piper needs. Piper Strong is sweet and innocent on the outside but is a confused mess on the inside. They both have something from their pasts holding them back from experiencing happiness nowbut what they find in each other is true bliss and just the salve they needed to move on, be who they want to be and to do what makes them happy! The [...]

    12. Dangerously Fun ReadI've become a quick fan of the guys of Dangerous Noise (and a thing by Crystal Kaswell). At first I was afraid this would be similar to get book Tempting, but it was totally different. Piper is a fun, vivacious leading lady who is navigating the waters of adulthood. Kit is the mysterious rock star friend of her brothers. There are plenty of steamy moments, but still a decent storyline. The inclusion of Kit being a recovering addict, could have been cbeesy, but it was well add [...]

    13. Another great story that had me so drawn in that I didn't want to put it down. I love how their story starts, knowing each other for years, Piper is the little sister of Kit's band mates. When they start texting and getting to know each other, it feels so honest. Slow, sweet, anything goes type of conversations. A true friendship that builds from there. I like the way the Kit's past addiction is handled, his fears of falling again and hurting those around him. Such a great read with a wonderful [...]

    14. This one was a solid meh for me. It had a bunch of tropes I don't really care for, and that the author has previously used to better effect: a virgin heroine (barf), a friend's younger sister being "off-limits" (paternalistic), friends to lovers (boring), and an unrequited crush (snore). The biggest issue is that the story was fairly boring. Even the big deal plots points were somehow easily resolved. And I'm sorry, but 19 is just too young for a heroine in a happily ever after. The best bits we [...]

    15. Good storyI was given this ARC for an honest review. I enjoyed the story of the damaged, yet recently fixed bad boy rocker who fights his feelings for the too young, baby sister of two of his bandmates. The story is filled with longings from both characters. Between drugs and other people, these two are unsure if forever is even possible. Good story, great characters and great supporting characters. HEA!

    16. I actually liked this so much better than Ethan and Violet's story. I definitely loved Kit and Piper together. They just have the perfect opposing characters to make it work and it is highly enjoyable. I am a little apprehensive to Joel's story, because I want to get to Mal's story because even though he isn't my favorite, I am DYING to know his story. Hopefully, I can read Joel's by the time Mal's story gets out.

    17. This just worksAfter reading Dangerous Kiss had to check this one out. Loved Ethan and VI's story but Kit and Piper are it for me. Piper is strong and innocent but she is exactly stubborn and loving enough to be just what Kit needs. The story is great and the way the author handled addiction it gives something more to their story. Hey the panty melting scenes with a hot as hell bad boy sure don't hurt (wink wink) Thanks for a great read!!

    18. Forbidden Love StoryKit and Piper start as friends and grow into love but only if Kit can stay clean. This story delves into the addiction topic and is done in a very good way. You still get the good feelings when Kit and Piper are falling for each other but you also get the struggling feeling Kit is having dealing with his addiction. Great second book in the Dangerous Noise series.

    19. Story of Piper and Kit.I really couldn't get into this couple. The drama in the relationship is caused by Kit's inability to believe in himself and of course it's due to his f-ed up parents. Hers are f-ed up as well and I really wanted to have Piper confront them. There appeared to be no fall out by her not attending their awards dinner and I wanted to read just how self-absorbed these two were.

    20. This one was sweet. Kit doesn't think he's worth the love of a (much) younger sister of his bandmates, but he's willing to try to be someone who deserves her. Piper is more mature than her age would suggest having grown up around 2 rockstar brothers. I thought they had the most genuine and honest relationship of all 4 of the guys, because aside from his commitment issues, Kit really did have his head on straight.

    21. Thank GOD!!! I did not want to give up on this series, though I had some major issues with the ending of the Sinful Serenade Series. This was a GREAT story. I loved the friendship between Kit and Piper. I loved how everthing evolved. Going into this there was a bit of an age gap, and I was nervous to how I would feel reading it. Piper is only 19, and Kit is 26. I really did enjoy eveything about it. You think it will go one way and goes the total opposite.Great job CK!

    22. Troubled HeartsAnd the 2nd just gets better!!!! I love Piper& Kit they have a great connection once things get to where they need to be.Kit has a troubled past but when a young strong bright woman comes into his what will happen?We get to see how this band is doing and the great foamy connection they have. Hold on cuz once again there r ups and downs! Loved it

    23. This was a good addition to the series. Kit and Piper were great for each other, and the chemstry between them was perfect, even intense at times. I enjoyed following their story as they break through the friendzone and the reasons why they shouldn't be anything more, as they fell in love and eventually got their HEA. I'm looking forward to the next addition to the series. I was gifted a copy.

    24. Perfectly Damaged!!!Great characters, main and supporting all wrapped up in a read full of innocent, sweet Piper, fighting her past, trying to overcome it. Ans Kit, the bad boy rocker, who's damaged, but not broken yet. Can they have their HEA. Another amazing hit from Crystal. I highly recommend it.I voluntarily read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.

    25. Okay, I just STARTED this book, but I'm already pissed off at it because of homegirl's little tirade about hoisin sauce in pho like she's some sort of expert. Are you effing kidding me??? Signed,An actual Vietnamese person*Finished*Overall, not bad. Still annoyed about the pho thing though. Also, it's "banh mi," with an "h."

    26. ExhilaratingI was very happy to read Kits story. It explained in detail what some of the problems that was going on with him. Crystal does an amazing job writing about these tatted hot ass rock stars and definitely knows her stuff. I look forward to reading about Joel and Mal. Keep it coming.

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