Shadow Hunted

The third book in the instant New York Times Bestselling Series by Jasmine Walt and Rebecca Hamilton Once a whip smart detective and a powerful Shadow, Brooke Chandler has been stripped of both memories and identity She now spends her days scrubbing floors, reduced to nothing than a servant girl But even with no memory of her previous life or how she ended up a slaThe third book in the instant New York Times Bestselling Series by Jasmine Walt and Rebecca Hamilton Once a whip smart detective and a powerful Shadow, Brooke Chandler has been stripped of both memories and identity She now spends her days scrubbing floors, reduced to nothing than a servant girl But even with no memory of her previous life or how she ended up a slave, Brooke won t remain trapped for long not with friends and enemies alike vying to find her Her escape attempt lands her in the deadly, beautiful land of Faerie, where nothing is as it seems possibly including her father, The Winter King Here, she rediscovers her past life, full of allies and foes all waiting for her return Faced with the opportunity to flee, Brooke must decide which fate terrifies her staying where her enemies wants her dead, or returning to confront the ones who want her jailed for murder Scroll up to one click your copy today
Shadow Hunted The third book in the instant New York Times Bestselling Series by Jasmine Walt and Rebecca Hamilton Once a whip smart detective and a powerful Shadow Brooke Chandler has been stripped of both memori

  • Title: Shadow Hunted
  • Author: Jasmine Walt Rebecca Hamilton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Once again I am baffled by how much an imagination can really work its way into becoming such an amazing book that provides an alternate reality for someone just looking to escape for a few hours. Reading is my therapy, and this book took me away; took me all the way to Faerie. That's right in this book we get to visit Faerie in a sense that we find out more about Brooke and her roots. I won't say too much more about that since I don't want to spoil it, but I will tell you that if you are lookin [...]

    2. Shadow HuntedWow, it's the best way I can put it. Really enjoyed this book, couldn't put it down once I started.

    3. Brooke Chandler has no memory of her history and her identity and is working as a servant girl scrubbing floors. Attempting to escape she ends up in the land of Faerie where nothing is as it seems as she ends up with her father - The Winter King. She hen starts to rediscover her past life and about all the allies and enemies waiting for her to return. Now she has an impossible decision to make - stay with the enemies who want her dead or return and confront the enemies who want her tried and jai [...]

    4. I just love this series! Brooke has overcome many obstacles in Shadow Hunted and her powers are ever increasing. As her powers are becoming familiar she has also unlocked more memories of who she was in her previous life. It makes for a most interesting read. Throw in some witches who are blackmailing Brooke in order to use her to find a portal that will unlock a huge power source for the coven and what a thrill ride. Plus, FINALLY Maddox.lly! The relationship between Brooke and Maddox has settl [...]

    5. These books keep getting better and betterThis book was fabulousI spent all night reading I couldn't put it down.i just love the Brooke and Maddox relationship both conflict and romantic but I want more lol. The action and storyline was awesome! Keep it coming.

    6. Public Reviews Written by You  Show:   Most recent reviews  Most recent comments    Page: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11-20Shadow Hunted: an Urban Fantasy Novel (Shadows of Salem Book 3)Price: $3.99 Completely loved this book, July 19, 2017Verified Purchase(What's this?)This review is from: Shadow Hunted: an Urban Fantasy Novel (Shadows of Salem Book 3) (Kindle Edition)Completely loved this book!! I knew I wouldn't be disappointed with this [...]

    7. Uncaged Book Reviews:A lot of danger, a lot of great action, and Brooke will need her friends and foes(?) – a.k.a. Maddock, to prove her innocence to the Salem PD. The writing is spot on as always and if you are an urban fantasy lover, this is a great series, but start at the beginning – they don’t do well as standalones. Maddock and Brooke are an excellent team, and even though romance brews just below the surface for these two, it is kept on a back burner…for now. Reviewed by CyreneMor [...]

    8. Excellent bookJust like the first 2 books this one leaves you wishing for the next book now. Excellent characters, fabulous story, it transports you to a different world. Fast paced yet the storylines are always wonderful detailed without slowing down.

    9. TriumphI have really enjoyed reading the Shadows of Salem series. I love the characters and the variety of things they get up to. This series is a great introduction to the Seelie/Underlie rivalry. I can't imagine what will happen next.

    10. In loveOver 4 days I have to wad every book (that's on Kindle) this author has written! You should read them all as well.There's a saying that's goes something like " with great power comes great responsibility ". The main character is doing that, well before she learns of her parentage. Once she's does learn where she comes from she still doesn't lay back and let things go, she fights.

    11. I loved the book!I loved seeing the twists and turns Brooke goes through. It just keeps getting better and better. I love how she manages to get into trouble and yet she gets herself out of it too. Bring on the next book since reading is a good escape from life.

    12. I really, really enjoyed this series. It got bet ter with each succeeding book and I look forward o he next adventure of the heroine and her friends and enemies. Highly recommended if you enjoy a rather snarky heroine who keeps getting in her own way--though she learns better as time goes on, and a well plotted, not overly violent story with enough suspense to keep you reading.

    13. Brooke gets sent to Faerie and finds out more about her past with a couple of unexpected twists. Can't wait until the next book. I so want to know what happens between Brooke and Maddox. This was a great series

    14. I am such a fan of Ms. Hamilton and Ms. Walt and I always pre-order their books. As this is the third in the series, of which I am highly invested in, I pre-ordered it. I’m so glad I did! I found the writing, like always, to be excellent, the pace very good, and I had a hard time putting it down. I did find that instead of one continuous story, it felt more like 3 novellas/short stories put together. I think it was more for the conclusion to one story arc and the beginning of another that made [...]

    15. Need me some more Brooke!Please tell me there will be more Shadow books? This whole series had me craving more and this final book left me ready for book four! The romantic tension between Brooke and Maddock made me want them to hook up for real and yet they were always at arms length. The meeting with the witches was so exciting, it wore me out. And then the miraculous reentry of the police captain / warlock, well let's just say that was absolutely brilliant!! Again I can't say enough good abou [...]

    16. Review of Shadow Hunted.I really loved the characters in this book, Brooke was a smart lady, with Magic Powers that even she really didn't realize she had. Finally remembering that her father was The Winter King, and getting her memories back and her being a Princess in another realm. Oscar, Maddock, and I especially loved Darun, he was my favorite.!!It lets you know that even when you think all is lost, someone is and always has been there for you.So sit back and enjoy this book, you will be gl [...]

    17. Not quite as good as the first two ones, but still pretty great and I've enjoyed it. But, what I especially loved was that Maddock has started to behave a lot better when it comes to Brooke. The author is developing their relationship really well - I just hate when the guy's still a jerk and apologizes for it with "I'm mean because I like you". But Maddock treats Brooke so, so much better since realizing he's not mad at her anymore and what more, that he likes her. So definitely a big, big plus [...]

    18. New Beginnings Excellent book! You have a lot of mystery/ action going on in the book. Brooke still has got the hots for Maddock. Her life goes through a lot of changes and some have interesting twists to them. Question is is this the last book? I throughly enjoyed the three books so far and I recommend them to readers if you want to read about magic, faes and witches.

    19. I guess there will a 4th book with how they ending is. this book have left me hanging with these questions: Will Maddock find out about what Queen of Seelie Court has done to the Unseelie Kingdom? Will they ever be a couple? and so many more questions

    20. Good seriesI liked this book and like the series. I’m glad that Brooke and Maddock are not as contentious and are working well together finally. It will be interesting to see if that lasts.

    21. loose ends mostly wrapped, content decent, and an ending that leaves possibility for future stories. overall not bad

    22. Love this seriesI need the next book now! Am loving this series. Jasmine Walt never disappoints! If you enjoy urban fantasy, you will want to check out Shadows of Salem series.

    23. Nice readA nice finish to the stories in this series and leaves the potential for another tale being spun from it.I enjoyed the story.

    24. Fantastic. The writing all came together in this third book in the series. Loved it - 5 StarsLooking forward to new series based on the characters in this book - will be an automatic buy!

    25. Bring on book 4, because I can't wait to find out what happens next. Loving this book and series so much!

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