Ryan s relationship is already on the brink when a woman goes missing in the small town of Bakerstand With the whole town on high alert, he refuses to let this dead city kill what s left of his relationship But, a house in the woods may hold a deadlier fate than the town ever could.
SIN Ryan s relationship is already on the brink when a woman goes missing in the small town of Bakerstand With the whole town on high alert he refuses to let this dead city kill what s left of his relati

  • Title: SIN
  • Author: Patrick Reuman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. High school sweethearts, Ryan and Zoey are bored. Sick of just hanging out and watching movies. Looking for an adventure, they decide for a little camping trip in the deep woods.Great idea! Until they get rained out and lose their cell phones and come upon a large house out in the middle of nowhere with strangely eccentric owners.Should have stayed home and watched a movie. No shit.I am not familiar with Patrick Reuman, so was taking a little chance with this one, but when I saw Joe Hemple was n [...]

    2. “Sin” by Patrick Reuman. This is my first read by Patrick. A short story horror/psychological thriller that has more twist and turns than you would expect in a short story novella. Just when you think you may have this thing figured out, bam, you get thrown in another direction. I was amazed at how quickly this plot turned around and I loved it. Psychological horror is one of my favorite genres to read, and I was not disappointed with this quick read. I will be reading more of Patrick’s wo [...]

    3. In this novella we meet Ryan and Zoey, a couple of high school kids whose friend's mom has gone missing. The school has an assembly to honor Alyssa's missing mother. After the assembly the school is dismissed and Ryan and Zoey go back to Ryan's house to decide what they are going to do over the weekend. Even with a potential killer on the loose, they decide to go camping in the woods behind Ryan's house. This is the first book I've read by this author and I must say that I was pleasantly surpris [...]


    5. Ryan and Zoey decide to go on a camping trip in the woods, but when bad weather floods them out, they have to find safety. This brings them to the door of David and Susan, an older couple living in seclusion in the woods. Their helpful attitudes soon turn to something much worse. Now Ryan and Zoey are in a race for survival or are they the ones that are sadistic. This book was a very quick, but interesting, read. I was surprised it was as good as it was in such a short book. The characters are [...]

    6. Quick read, as it is a short book. It was engaging and it left me wanting to know more about the two main characters. Hope the author follows up with more stories about these two and we get more development. Excellent early effort from a promising author!

    7. Interesting (and unlikely) twist on couples engaging in a murder plot.More character building is needed. I did not feel any emotional response to any of the people in the story.Still, I think the author shows promise and I look forward to reading his future novels

    8. I made the mistake of finishing this up on my lunch break today. It made me sweat and I had to have a moment to compose myself before getting back to work!The characters, Ryan and Zoey are your typical teenagers you think. During a last minute camping trip, everything goes wrong. Patrick kept me turning the pages and I couldn't wait to see where the story went next. good job, patrick!! I can't wait to read more!

    9. A pair of teenagers bored by their small town life decide to go camping in the woods with a missing woman. What could possibly go wrong.Their tent floods and they are in a rain storm, they find a house in the woods with a very nice couple who welcomes them into their home Well written and good characters

    10. This is an excellent book that I seriously couldn't put down! I love it and can't wait to see what this young author comes up with next. A great blend of characters and very dark and chilling!

    11. Review originally published at: lomeraniel/audiobookreI received a copy of this book in audio format from the narrator in exchange for an honest review.Ryan and Zoey are a couple of teenage students living in a small and boring town. They need to look for new ways to have fun together so they decide to go camping. The idea may have been a good one but the disappearance of one of their school friends' mother is still lingering in town, so they go without telling the truth to their parents. By sim [...]

    12. Ryan and Zoey are just two average teens growing up in a town where not much happens - or are they? Looking for a little excitement, they decide to go on an overnight camping trip. When their plans go awry, they'll have all the excitement they can handle and then some!Sin was a great horror novella, full of suspense and unexpected twists. As usual, the narration of Joe Hempel was exemplary, particularly the old woman's voice. Sin was very entertaining and my only criticism was the short length. [...]

    13. This was an edge of your seat horror story about 2 teens that are bored with their small town life. The characters feel very real. The bored teens act like bored teens. And the people in the house are very well developed. I read this in one setting. Yes, it is a short novella, but it grabbed my attention from the very first. Then there were so many twists in the story that I had to keep reading to see what would happen next. The ending was extremely well done. I certainly recommend this to anyon [...]

    14. Not a moment, where I wasn't on the edge of my seat.I absolutely was thrilled to read each line of this book! I will not give any spoilers, but I will say that if you don't read this masturbatory, your missing out on a masterpiece. Not only was it chilling, and riveting, but is was full of suspense as well. I highly recommend taking the time to read this novella, but be sure to do it with the lights on.

    15. Audible:This is a sweet and twisted story.Alissas mom is missing.After a school pep rally in her honor, friends Zoey and Ryan decide to go caping.They have camp issues and knock on a door.The couple can't help but lets them stay the night.Oh what a night!Joe Hempel is perfect as the narrator.I was provided this book by the author, narrator or publisher.

    16. Keeps you wanting more!I gave 5 stars because once I started reading, I didn't want to stop! It was a well thought out story line that was easy to follow and it made me feel like I could see what was going on. The only hope I have is that at some point another book can take over where this one let off. It begs to continue!

    17. Great story premise. I'm always eager for a great creepy house story. The characters needed more development so the reader could care about them and what happened to them. There were some plot issues that I couldn't ignore and the author would have benefited by having an avid reader go over this (a lot of word repeats), but in the end I enjoyed it.

    18. This story is very dark, and that's just the way I like them. No one is who they seem to be, and you'll never really know who it's safe to turn your back on. There are twists and turns throughout, and delightfully disturbing surprises. I'll offer you some sound advice: If you're ever considering going campingn't.Looking forward to reading more of this author's work.

    19. A strange but entertaining short story of murder and disturbed minds. The narration in the audiobook makes the twists and surprises in the story come alive. It's seems to be a twisted case of bad guys vs bad guys and it's a toss up as to who will "win" in the end.

    20. Good read4 stars for good writing skills and keeping me wanting to know what was next. Clever story line and good editing. I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys suspense!

    21. Fun readSin is a fast reading novella, I finished in a day or so. It was a little predictable for me, but I've read a LOT of books like this. Still, i did enjoy it and recommend it if you like this kind of story. I will definitely read this author again!

    22. SIN was a quick and fascinating read!!SIN starts as a story about a boy in High School, and his girlfriend deciding to go camping. I spent most of this story, going OMG!! Unexpected twists and turns, all the way to the end!!

    23. Short and sweetly sadisticThoroughly enjoyed this novella, read it straight through in one sitting. The twists and turns had my horror lover's heart beating for more. Excited about checking out more by this author.

    24. ScaryI just made coffee because I'm afraid to go to sleep because of this lovely little novella. With twists and tires thus novella will freak you out. I highly recommend this book to all fans of modern horror!

    25. CreepyDefinitely has something going on, but the author is still learning the craft. Moments of the story are creepy af, but at times it's like reading something with no punctuation. It moves pretty quickly, at the coat of losing some coherency.

    26. EnjoyableShort and easy read. I enjoyed it, and while I saw a portion of it coming, it did have a twist that I did not at all expect!

    27. Not completly original but well told and perfect length for it. A solid 4 star rating. Also the audible version is very well narrated.

    28. Ten Commandants: 5. Thou Shalt Not Kill.Breaking the “Ten Commandments” could lead to mortal sin, which then leads to eternal damnation.“Sin” to be mortal.The act must be graveMust be committed with full knowledge.The "sin" must be committed with deliberate consent.Author, Patrick Reuman is fairly, new to the indie horror scene and this was my first time reading anything by him. The chapters are very short and his characters need to be better developed for the future, but for this story [...]

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