Going Into Town: A Love Letter to New York

From the 1 NYT bestselling author of Can t We Talk About Something More Pleasant , Roz Chast s new graphic memoir a hilarious illustrated ode guide thank you note to Manhattan.A native Brooklynite turned suburban commuter deemed the quintessential New Yorker, Roz Chast has always been intensely alive to the glorious spectacle that is Manhattan the daily clash of sidewaFrom the 1 NYT bestselling author of Can t We Talk About Something More Pleasant , Roz Chast s new graphic memoir a hilarious illustrated ode guide thank you note to Manhattan.A native Brooklynite turned suburban commuter deemed the quintessential New Yorker, Roz Chast has always been intensely alive to the glorious spectacle that is Manhattan the daily clash of sidewalk racers and dawdlers the fascinating range of dress codes and the priceless, nutty outbursts of souls from all walks of life.For Chast, adjusting to life outside the city was surreal you can own trees you have to drive but she recognized that the reverse was true for her kids On trips into town, they would marvel at the strange visual world of Manhattan its blackened sidewalk gum wads, those West Side Story things fire escapes and its crazily honeycombed systems and grids.Told through Chast s singularly zany, laugh out loud, touching, and true cartoons, Going Into Town is part New York stories the overheard and overseen of the island borough , part personal and practical guide to walking, talking, renting, and venting an irresistible, one of a kind love letter to the city.
Going Into Town A Love Letter to New York From the NYT bestselling author of Can t We Talk About Something More Pleasant Roz Chast s new graphic memoir a hilarious illustrated ode guide thank you note to Manhattan A native Brooklynite tur

  • Title: Going Into Town: A Love Letter to New York
  • Author: Roz Chast
  • ISBN: 9781620403211
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. If you love Roz Chast, or New York and have perhaps developed a soft spot for graphic art books cretly knowing “Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant” is when your love, appreciation, and admiration, for ‘graphic art’ books first grew.en there is no reason you won’t enjoy this book too: “Going Into Town”.a love letter to New York. I wasn’t rolling on the floor - laughing and crying - hysterically like I did in CWTASMP. ( yes. I really ‘was’ laughing and crying uncontr [...]

    2. I have had exactly two visits to the isle of Manhattan (three, if you count seeing Woody Allen's movie while it was still in theaters). I have a vague recollection of going there once with my father when I was young enough to have required a trip to F.A.O. Schwartz. We also visited the Statue of Liberty and peered out her crown. And, I believe my favorite matryoshka doll was purchased at the U.N. gift shop . . . I'm not sure, and my dad is no longer around to ask. He'd remember, I know.My second [...]

    3. This is a charming love letter to New York City from cartoonist Roz Chast. I had liked her previous book, “Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?” and was thrilled she had written another one.Chast said this book started as short guide for her daughter when she moved to Manhattan for college. The final version is both helpful and humorous, packed with useful tips about the layout of the city, how to get around, what to do, how to find an apartment, etc but also lots of jokes about th [...]

    4. I just read indie comix artist Julia Wertz’s Tenements, Towers & Trash: An Unconventional Illustrated History of New York City, and was reminded of other love letters to NYC I have read in recent years: Cheap Novelties: The Pleasure of Urban Decay, Ben Katchor, and See the City: The Journey of Manhattan Unfurled, Matteo Pericoli. I lived in Manhattan, on the upper west side, from 1995-1999, and loved it. But could never be seen as a New Yorker, even if I lived there forty years. I was an a [...]

    5. My introduction to graphic novels was the funny and deeply moving memoirCan’t We Talk about Something More Pleasant? It was very good. This book was more guidebook than love letter. It is clear that the author loves NYC and this has good information, but I was hoping for many more personal stories. Still, a quick fun read for fans of the city. 3 stars

    6. Roz Chast grew up in Brooklyn (before it became trendy) in the same neighborhood that I did; in fact, we even attended the same high school. So I laughed out loud when she describes the destiny she avoided: commuting every day to Manhattan wearing beige support hose and clinging to a subway pole.Fortunately, Roz Chast evaded that fate and did move to “the city.” But like many city dwellers. she eventually moved an hour north of the city. When her own daughter decides to attend college in Man [...]

    7. So many reasons to love this book! Roz Chast for one - her humor, her fabulous illustrations and her intimacy with her subject. NYC for another - what's not to love! I got half-way through and deemed worthy of 5 stars.Looping back now that I've finished . . . I love Roz Chast and have been enjoying her cartoons for decades. I was reminded by the blurb on the back of the book that she has been drawing in The New Yorker since 1978 - almost 40 years! I've been subscribing that entire time, and more [...]

    8. Update Jan 2018: downgrading to three stars after seeing Tenements, Towers & Trash: An Unconventional Illustrated History of New York CityLess personal than "Can't we" so if you're expecting something cathartic you'll be disappointed. It's really a Manhattan travel guide but just focusing on whatever Chast thinks is important. I'd get it from the library (or buy it as a gift for someone from out of town and read it before giving it away).

    9. I wish I had read Roz Chast’s “Going Into Town: A Love Letter to New York” before my recent trip to New York City! While not a guide book in the strictest sense, there is actually a lot of information and good advice packed in here! Not to mention humor! I’m a long-time fan of Chast’s work (“Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant”, brought me to tears – it was so close to my own experiences) and so it was a treat to dive into “Going Into Town” just a month after my NYC [...]

    10. I borrowed this from the library, but didn’t pick it up until today, as I’m paying daily overdue fines on it. Now I want to buy it! How will I return this charming, wonderful love letter to New York? And I read it on Valentine’s Day too. Roz Chast always delights with her humor, her humanity, and her fun drawings. She says this is a “thank you letter and a love letter to my hometown and New Yorkers everywhere. You know who you are.”I’m forever a west coaster, but I also know she mean [...]

    11. This was my love Facebook post to New York when I left:"11 years, 3 apartments, 1 graduate degree, 2 law firms, over 10,000 amazing meals, Shakespeare in the Park, Broadway, off-Broadway, off-off-Broadway, Carnegie Hall, the symphony, the opera, the ballet, the Yankees, the Mets, the Rangers, the Knicks, US Open tennis, the Met, MoMA, the Guggenheim - and that ain't even the half of it. The very best friends a girl could ask for. The very best city a girl could ask for. There will always be a pa [...]

    12. Roz Chast, nacida en Brooklyn y que actualmente vive en un barrio residencial a las afueras de la ciudad de NYC, siente la obligación de escribir un libro con graciosas viñetas, para guiar y ayudar a su hija -que pronto empezará la universidad y se mudará a Manhattan- a entender la ciudad de la que está totalmente enamorada. Mediante viñetas divertidas, creativas, originales y muy graciosas, Roz Chast nos trasmite la esencia de una gran ciudad como NYC, nos habla de las ventajas y los inco [...]

    13. A smile was pasted on my face from page 1 to page 169. From the #1 LET'S START HERE sign to the #9 FINAL STOP sign. From the cartoon of Roz's father's exhortation, " When you're going to the subway, ALWAYS HAVE A TOKEN IN YOUR HAND!" To her favorite thing to see at the Museum of Natural History, the 34-ton meteorite called Ahnighito. From the CONCRETE JUNGLE to the CROWN JEWEL OF MANHATTAN, Central Park! Roz Chast's Going Into Town -A Love Letter to New York is a joy to read and to look at and t [...]

    14. Cartoonist Roz Chast - whose work has appeared often the The New Yorker and in previously published books - seemed to strike gold in her last book of cartoons, "Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant". That book, which was about the aging of her parents and how she coped with it, "spoke" to many, many people in my age group, who often had elderly parents we were responsible for. And, the book reminded US of OUR coming problems, as WE aged. "Good times", as they say, bemoaning our current lo [...]

    15. I was lucky enough to get an advance reader copy of this book. As someone who grew up an hour and a half from Manhattan a decade or so after Roz Chast, and who worked in Manhattan in the mid 80s, I read this with special fondness. But even if you've never been to Manhattan you will enjoy this book because of Chast's LOL-class humor and her delightful, detail-focused illustrations. The ARC is in black and white with a color insert (the final book will be four-color as are many graphic novels), an [...]

    16. Rob Chast is a staple cartoonist of the New Yorker. And while this is "oh that is funny" this book isn't snorting your coffee through your nose funny. And it isn't really meant to be. This is more like a guide to New York, with a bit of nostolgia thrown in. It actually is very practice.I have only been to New York once, and this book would have been fun to read before I went there. It is not, however, the kind of guide that would let you know how to get around in New York. It is more of a, these [...]

    17. This illustrated book (natch), that grew out of a city guide Chast had created for her then college-bound daughter, won't entertain Generation Z as much as it will the parents — it's one of those books that they'll enjoy more than (and thrust upon) their offspring.

    18. Funny book that had me smiling the whole time. I love the origin of the project: Chast creating a small guidebook for her daughter moving to the city for college.

    19. Roz Chast’s brief and charming paean to Manhattan won’t tell you anything essential about its organization, or the transportation options and attractions therein, that you won’t find in a good conventional guidebook, but the telling (in words and pictures) is personal and entertaining, and full of good advice. And if you’ve ever lived in Manhattan, it won’t tell you anything about life in the borough or the essence of New York City that you don’t already know, but the telling is pers [...]

    20. It's possible I may have shrieked loudly in astonishment and wonder when I opened the library's latest box of advanced reader copies and saw this on top. My coworkers came running in alarm. "What? What's the matter?"I held up the book in wordless joy. They rolled their eyes at my fangirling. I took the book home and delighted in each and every page. I can't wait to order it for our branch. I'm going to pass this copy along to another big Roz Chast fan. It will make her day, if not her week.

    21. Even though I've been to New York only a handful of times, I found many things here that stirred my memories. There's also a lot in here that's helpful, maps explaining street layouts and the subway system, that I could have used in the past. Plus, it's Roz Chast, so it's funny and absurd and perfect.

    22. A delightful book from one of New York’s most delightful characters. Roz reminds you the joy of the Big Apple is in the little things: wandering until you find the store that only sells buttons; making up stories about ancient paintings at art museums; and finding the humor in the odd shaped pipes all over these city streets.

    23. I didn’t care for NYC for the very reasons this author loves it. Still, it’s a quick, enjoyable read that allowed me to get another’s perspective on the city. It almost makes me want to go back

    24. Book blurb: Roz Chast's new graphic memoir is a hilarious illustrated ode/guide/ thank-you note to Manhattan.I love reading travel and insider guides to places I visit, and this one, while neither, is a real delight. This fun and quirky love letter to Manhattan is a quick and informative read. Highly recommended to anyone who plans to visit, and a wonderful trip down memory lane for those of us who love the city.

    25. This is truly a love letter to New York from a New Yorker. If you love this city, and I do, than you will love this book.

    26. I enjoyed the local view of New York City. I don't live there, but I have been many, many times and like to think that I get around like someone who IS local. I found it all to be spot-on and enjoyable.

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