Craved by the Bear

Rock Brolin would rather jump over flaming buses on his motorcycle than face his tiny hometown of Bear Canyon When he does go back, there s only one thing that makes it worthwhile seeing Rosalyn Morton With his past, he knows he can never have the confident, curvaceous woman who was once his childhood best friend But that doesn t stop him from wanting her Or stalkingRock Brolin would rather jump over flaming buses on his motorcycle than face his tiny hometown of Bear Canyon When he does go back, there s only one thing that makes it worthwhile seeing Rosalyn Morton With his past, he knows he can never have the confident, curvaceous woman who was once his childhood best friend But that doesn t stop him from wanting her Or stalking her Or hell, protecting her from other bear shifters as an excuse to stay by her side Ros would like to boot sexy Rock Brolin and his mixed messages right out of her bar He wants to watch her back More like her backside But right now she s alone with every male shifter in bear country coming after her, so she s not in a place to turn down help Not even when it comes in the handsome, confusing package of the man she has always been in love with But while he s protecting her body, who is going to protect her heart The longer Rock stays in Bear Canyon, the he feels the intense pressures of his past and the unrequited love between him and Rosalyn that turns into a glowing bonfire whenever they touch For the first time in his life, he s determined to stay in Bear Canyon, even if it kills him The only problem It just might Craved by the bear is the second book in the Trapped in Bear Canyon series, and features a persistent, sexy bear shifter who would literally walk through fire for his woman It contains sexy love scenes, intense action sequences, and a man with a dark past who is just plain obsessed with his curvy lady If you haven t read the first in the series, get it here Sheltered by the Bear dp B01N7FG2WM
Craved by the Bear Rock Brolin would rather jump over flaming buses on his motorcycle than face his tiny hometown of Bear Canyon When he does go back there s only one thing that makes it worthwhile seeing Rosalyn Morto

  • Title: Craved by the Bear
  • Author: Terry Bolryder
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Reviewed at Shifter HavenThe Brolin brothers had every reason to despise Bear Canyon. It was the scene of constant abuse from their crazed father… and those memories, those scars both physical and mental have a very long reach. Their father may be gone now, but the effects of his abuse linger on. Now the only thing that brings them back to Bear Canyon is the yearly Brawl. And that has become more of a chain around their necks than anything else.Rock had not only the physical scar from his fath [...]

    2. Rock Brolin has loved Rosalyn since they were children. He makes a fool of him self each year at the Bear Brawl making drunken marriage proposals to her. She is the one constant in his life. But now that her father is sick she is in need of protection and he is the only one he wants to protect her.Ros loves Rock. She knows that nothing can ever come from it because he is to busy running from his past. After a night with him where she lives out her fantasies, she decides it is time to move on. He [...]

    3. I read the first book in this series and completely feel for this group of shifter brothers. I haven't read many near shifters so reading these was an eye opener to a whole new words.Ros was stubborn and had a backbone. I loved the fire in her spirt to do what she wanted and not let other walk all over her. I loved Rock. He was the perfect tortured hero that you can't help but love. The way he fights his feels and of course loses was worth the read. The plot was fun and you could really feel ten [...]

    4. Another Winner Book 2 of the series is about Rock, the middle bear shifter brother. Of all the brothers, Rock seems to be the most traumatized one, wearing his scars inside and outside. In love with Ros, Rock has denied their attraction to each other for years, feeling that he isn't worthy of her love. As an L.A. stuntman, Rock faces danger everyday, but he can't seem to face his past. Torn between the legacy of the past and the future he desires, Rock has to battle his demons, keep Ros safe fro [...]

    5. Nice little read.I enjoyed the story of Rock and Rosalyn, though as usual, I wish it was longer. Thankfully, I'm reading the whole series back to back, so it feels more like one longer book with four long chapters which is more my thing. The characters are well written and fully formed and very easy to care for and understand. There are a few parts in the story that cause the old waterworks to flow which I enjoy in a good storyline. The storyline itself has enough to keep me interested, the only [...]

    6. I love Rock!!!!!I gave this book five stars because I fell in love with Bear Canyon the first time the author introduced us. Rock's history of child abuse has made coming back to Bear Canyon horrific and he drinks to keep the demons away. But when the love of the only woman he has ever let see his scar fights back, what's a werebear to do but dig deeper to find the common ground. He is needed in Bear Canyon and Ros is the she-bear to make sure he knows it. Come hang out in Bear Canyon with me.

    7. How to mend a broken manBear Shifter Rock is broken beyond repair. Or so he thinks. Will the sizzling love between Ros and him be enough to help him escape the terrors that haunt him and give them the happily ever after they both deserve? Craved by the Bear will answer this question and lead us into the final resolution that will free those who have been Trapped in Bear Canyon once for all.

    8. Craved by the bearRos has always loved rock, but she wasn't sure if he loved her.He was always running away from bear canyon, because of his abusive past. When he returns unexpectedly, did is surprised. Is he here to stay. No he's here to find her a mate. Can they both really do this to each other? Great read

    9. Amazing StoryThis was such a great book. The storyline was perfect for Rock. Bros was his perfect mate he just needed to get over his demons and realize it. Saying that I certainly hope you have a book planned for Ryland and hopefully Francis. Francis is such a loveable character!

    10. Excellent read! This is a story I anticipated would follow. Ros and Rock are meant for eachother and the Bolin family needs more healing. As Rock allows himself to love and be happy, through this he can begin to heal. There is something amazing that can come from a decision to stay on the mountain. Does he stay, what's the secret behind it must read to find out!

    11. Read this before I read the 1st in the series- still loved it- Rock & Ros' story was awesome- her determination- the barriers he had to overcome-strong characters- the others in the book also drew me- Off to read #1- I know I'll love it too!!!

    12. Another WinnerA beautifully written bear shifter story. Our hero has loved our heroine forever. He left her and now returns. He must protect her. A lot of action and good characters.

    13. This story had a weak plot. Rock kept harping on his problems. The characters showed their cards to early in story. I had high hopes for this one. It's a shame, this one didn't work out. Hopefully next one will be better.

    14. aAwesomeThis book is so great! I like it best when it's a part of a series. It helps that it's a HEA, but it gives you a glimpse of characters from previous story lines. My what's off to you Ms. Border. Please tell me Ryland has a story soon!! Fingers crossed!

    15. Only ifOnly if life would be so sweet, in our fantasy life all is possible and that is why this book is number one with me

    16. Loved itI am so glad Rock and Ros got their happy ending. I can't wait to read Ryland's book and see who Terry has in store for him.

    17. A quick warning; this story may be uncomfortable for those who have suffered child abuse. But I believe it has been handled well.

    18. GoodI like Bolryder's books, so my rating is no surprise. I can say, I liked this one less than the first because Rock was just a little TSTL. But still glad I read it.

    19. I enjoyed the second book in the series. Rock and Ros were interesting and I loved the ending. Definitely on to the next book!

    20. Rock and Ros' story was beautiful and tragic. Overcoming Rock's tragic childhood, nearly losing his life at his Dads hands, had left Rock broken and with a feeling of unworthiness. This was a great story to watch both of them grow and realize what it is to lose everything. A fantastic read as always, Terry has done it again

    21. Bear Shifter Romance with no Cliffhanger Kindle Unlimited standalone book in series about 3 bears and the past they are trying to forget. He wares some of his scares on the outside but most are on the inside. She runs the bar and she's the one he was proposing to in the first book. There's an attraction but he can't stay and she want go can they compromise? HEA

    22. Loved Book TwoLoved the plot of Rock and Ros' story. Two strong bear shifter characters. A wounded boy from her childhood who she fell for over the past 12 years. She knows that there are too many painful memories for Rock to overcome. Seeing him only for a few days a year has taken its toll on her and she is too tired for all the weight on her shoulders.For rock, being back in Bear Canyon only awakens his horror and instinctively he wants too run, like he always does. He knows he is not good en [...]

    23. Looks to be another great seriesThis family has some serious problems with a unstable father that cause a world of hurt for the three son t get past but the love that comes to them Wil make all the difference in their lives going to fun seeing how they get their love and their tes

    24. 1 of the Brolin brothers must take a chance on love or lose his mate forever2 life long friends have chemistry between them always have but circumstances change between them as they try to figure out wants best for each other and being together .18+

    25. Great ReadWhat a great read. You will enjoy. The start of three bear brothers that take you on a great adventure. Their stories will keep you turning paged

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