World Atlas of Wine

One of the most popular wine references ever written This book as sold over 4 million copies and is described by critics worldwide as extraordinary and irreplaceable 400 pages of thorough maps and descriptions of wine regions found no where else.
World Atlas of Wine One of the most popular wine references ever written This book as sold over million copies and is described by critics worldwide as extraordinary and irreplaceable pages of thorough maps and des

  • Title: World Atlas of Wine
  • Author: Hugh Johnson Jancis Robinson
  • ISBN: 9781845333010
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Arguably the most indispensible wine book published in recent years. Wine has always been a product of a place: There are good reasons that Michigan is known for cherries and Maryland is known for crabs, good reasons that New England is known for shellfish and Florida is known for citrus. These are places that naturally are able to grow the very best of these things, and there are entire cuisines and cultures and events built around them.So it is with wine. Particular grapes grow better in parti [...]

    2. Good high level overview of the world of winemaking. Includes info on climate, soil, grape varieties, viticultural and viniciultural differences, and producers. It's great for casual reference or a coffee table book, but if you're a student, I recommend subscribing to JancisRobinson, as this is kept up to date with all current entries from the book, plus digital versions of the maps.

    3. Brilliant book for wine lovers! Definitely recommending for thous who want to find out some extra information about wine regions.

    4. I saw a reference to The World Atlas of Wine recently (my memory fails me again) and thought I would investigate. It seems a most comprehensive and relatively up-to-date volume. It certainly can give me infomation that will increase my enjoyment of the frequent tastings at my favorite wine store.As I read it, I realized that one of the aspects of places I visit that is important to me is what people eat and drink. Wine is important in almost every part of the world, and people make trips specifi [...]

    5. This book offers a good introduction to the world of wine. It charts all the major wine regions of the world and offers a nonprofessional’s account of the way that soil, climate and grapes interact to produce the sweet nectar of the gods that we all know and love. The areas covered range from France to China. The author goes into incredible detail for the most important wine regions such as Bordeaux and the Mosel, showing maps of individual villages. The most helpful aspect of the atlas is the [...]

    6. Non è possibile parlare di vino senza anche una solida base geografica. È in questo senso che due tra i critici del vino più famosi al mondo – entrambi inglesi – hanno ormai tantissimi anni fa redatto un volumone (aggiornato da poco) che offre una panoramica sulle caratteristiche di tutte le maggiori regioni produttive. Un atlante molto anglosassone per impostazione, forse un filo didascalico in alcuni passaggi ma capace di riportare uno sguardo particolarmente completo al mondo del vino. [...]

    7. I've recently finished, for the second time around, the 7th edition. On my book shelves I've most of the other editions going back to the first, which I read in the 1970's, when I first became interested in wine. Little did I know then, that I'd end up making a career out of commercial wine buying! Tasting Notes Of all the books that I've read on wine, this remains my favourite general reference work. Brilliant maps, charmingly written, beautifully presented.

    8. For anyone who has an interest in wine and is looking to deepen their knowledge, I highly recomend this book. The book contains wonderful maps of all the worlds wine regions, recommends the quintesential wineries in each region, and does a good job explaining the physical and cultural aspects of each area which contribute the uniqueness of that areas wines. I never travel without first consulting this atlas!

    9. Der wohl beste Weinatlas unter allen Weinatlanten! Durch meine Berufsausbildung und mein Interesse an Wein, kam ich wohl nicht um ein Buch dieser Art herum. Detaillierte Beschreibungen verschiedenster Anbauregionen weltweit, deren Besonderheiten und weltbekannte Weingüter mit ihren Spitzenweinen. Nur zu Empfehlen!Seit neustem ist Auflage sieben erhältlich ;-)

    10. Jancis Robinson's The World Atlas of Wine remains unsurpassed as the encyclopedia for oenophiles. It includes everything you'd need to know on the top-league wine regions while boasting stunning, pioneering cartography as applied to wine. The wealth of information and the manner in which it is delivered ensures its place as a perennial classic.

    11. A spectacular, beautiful work - equally compelling for wine lovers, for cartographers and map freaks, and really, for anyone who simply loves a well-executed reference work. Just a magnificent achievement that deserves a place in most everyone's library. I love this book almost as much as I love its subject.

    12. Provides a good understanding of the history of wine, its marketing biases based on the French term terroir. It does not provide too much in terms of practicalities of the process of wine production.

    13. Very informative! I find myself returning to this book weekly. The book itself is "pretty" enough for a coffee table. A MUST for wine lovers!

    14. Love the detail in this book. You can look across the world to see the very plot or field that the grapes grew to make the wine you are currently drinking.

    15. This is a great reference work. The 4 stars reflects the fact that while I like the style of many of the maps, some leave a little to be desired as far as readibility is concerned.

    16. The big boy of wine books. You can spend hours gazing at the maps and picturing yourself strolling through vineyards from Burgundy to Napa.

    17. I have 3 editions of this atlas, incl the 1971 first edition. It has been reviewed 5 times and is the most comprehensive summary on wines around the world. Love it!

    18. OMG!!! i will never assimilate all this wine information, even if i drink every bottle of wine recommended. But i am willing to give it a try!!!

    19. This is one of those books I find myself pulling out every time I find a new varietal or region I like and need to know more about. A good one to have onhand if you are a wine geek

    20. Diving thru this book right now - just an obscene amount of information about wines, wine tasting, etc. Good reference book.

    21. I have the first edition of this book. It was quite useful in laying the foundation for my understanding of wine.

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