Lessons from Shadow: My Life Lessons for Boys and Girls

Shadow Bregman, a twelve year old rescue dog, passes on to six to ten year old boys and girls the life lessons she has learned This book can be read by a child alone and is also ideal as a teaching book Shadow will ask every child what lesson is learned before it is revealed Because of its short chapters and charming illustrations, it is an ideal bedtime book.
Lessons from Shadow My Life Lessons for Boys and Girls Shadow Bregman a twelve year old rescue dog passes on to six to ten year old boys and girls the life lessons she has learned This book can be read by a child alone and is also ideal as a teaching bo

  • Title: Lessons from Shadow: My Life Lessons for Boys and Girls
  • Author: Shadow Bregman
  • ISBN: 9781524673758
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Lessons from Shadow is a large picture storybook with tales told in the voice of a happy black lab. It's simply illustrated with full page, short clear lessons at the end of each essay. The dog Shadow, after a hard puppyhood, has lived with his new human family for quite a while now. His stories cover settling in, running away, getting bullied, joy, food and loss, and children will relate to them easily. The voice is fun and sweet – rather like a fond grandparent channeling a favorite pup. Nic [...]

    2. What a wonderful book for children. Not only is it cleverly written by a worldly black Labrador called Shadow, of course kindly penned by his human daddy Walter Bregman, but it contains some important life lessons for children to learn, and other dogs of course as long as their mummies and daddies read it to them. Because you see, as I already know, but many people don’t, dogs to understand us, and talk to us too!When Shadow’s mummy and daddy decided to take him home from the rescue centre S [...]

    3. ‘They called me Shadow because I was always following people around.’ California author Walter Bregman, a Harvard graduate in English Literature, is a former member of the US Army Signal Corps in Germany, a specialist in advertising and marketing, and a champion of Human Rights, Veterans Rights and coach for The Honor Foundation that aids Special Warfare operatives transition to civilian life. He steps away from writing his own books to serve as translator for his writing partner – a wise [...]

    4. It's quite extraordinary what dogs can do. They can run, fetch, sit, roll over and do the most amazing tricks. But even more importantly, dogs truly are great companions throughout life.Scientists have been discovering over the years what great teachers dogs are, especially "talking dogs" like Shadow. Shadow is a "rescue dog," a gorgeous 12-year-old female Labrador retriever who has co-authored a book with his master, a Harvard graduate named Walter Bregman, known to Shadow as Daddy. Through the [...]

    5. Even if you're not a dog person this collection of short stories, told from the point of view of a dog, will entertain and enlighten. Aimed at young children, these are lessons that can be difficult for them to learn. They can be read all in one sitting or individually with a brief question/answer after each story. Children learn without the emotional stress and a dialogue can open after each story. While my son (12) was a big old for the lessons he still enjoyed the stories and feels this would [...]

    6. I received a complimentary copy.The first things was that the author talked as the dog the whole way through. He also discredited cats. Sure there are basic lessons laced in the chapters but there are super long stories as well. My children kind of started to lose interest and I had to stop a lot in between because of this. It is not a bad book at all and the author did a very creative job, but it is more of stories for adults with lessons for children. At times it is strong with arrogance and I [...]

    7. Life Lessons from Shadow “Can make you a much better person (or dog).”I’ve learned a lot of things in my 53 dog years about people and other animals, says Shadow, a black lab mix who is the voice in this wonderful and witty book that teaches young readers some of life’s greatest lessons.In a brilliant and clever style, author Wally Bregman is the typist for his rescue dog and “translates” for her as she shares her stories on life, love and loss. Some of the topics covered are sharing [...]

    8. This book was a collection of short little essays and lessons that Shadow has learned in her life. She wants to pass them to other animals and children so that they can learn and grow and understand better. This book, of course, is translated by her human father.I loved this book. I thought it was very adorable and very touching. I read the story to my dogs over the span of a week or so. They seemed somewhat into it. At least they humored me. I thought that the book was very imaginative and I co [...]

    9. Being a grandparent I am always in the market for a good children's book. I decided to get this Lessons from Shadow book to read to my grandson because one of the life experiences that it covers is losing someone. having gone through a recent family death Shadow is a good choice to help my grandson deal with the sorrow. The different life experiences that are dealt with in this book are dealt with very well and sympathetically. The explanations and experiences are explained so that a child can r [...]

    10. All I Need to Know about Life I Learned from Dogs(Full disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.)Shadow Bregman has been through a lot in her short twelve years. She was rescued from an abusive home; pushed around by her older adopted sister, Betsy; and braved the loss of both her mother and sister. She's got a life's worth of wisdom to impart to her young readers, but the task requires an astute translator: Shadow is a black Lab, you see! Luckily, her Dad [...]

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