Little Iffy Learns to Fly

Little Iffy is a griffin who is afraid to fly Flying means up What if he goes up and never comes down But his friends are always here to help, and Eggs Pegasus is hatching a plan This sweet, funny story of friendship is a special treat for young children.
Little Iffy Learns to Fly Little Iffy is a griffin who is afraid to fly Flying means up What if he goes up and never comes down But his friends are always here to help and Eggs Pegasus is hatching a plan This sweet funny sto

  • Title: Little Iffy Learns to Fly
  • Author: Aaron Zenz
  • ISBN: 9781503939868
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I won a copy of this book from . This was a very cute story about a griffin who is afraid to fly because he is afraid of "up". His friend Eggs the Pegasus tries to get him to fly and in the end they come up with a great solution. The artwork is adorable and the story is very sweet.

    2. A cute picture book for the younger set about overcoming fears. Not one I would use for a library read aloud except perhaps for 4K. Thanks to the publisher for providing me with an advance copy of this title!

    3. Interest Level: K-3; Reading Level: 1.4What if you had wings and the ability to fly? Would you take off and fly without any worry or would you be a little scared to try it for the first time? Well, Little Iffy is a little bitty griffin that has wings but is a little chicken to try out his wings. His friends try to come up with plan after plan to get him to fly but he would rather stay down. While Iffy is "down" something happens to send him "up". Will Iffy be able to fly or will up be a scary pl [...]

    4. This is a delightful picture book with a good story about friends helping each other get over their fears and working through a problem with multiple plans.The pictures are really cute. Little Iffy the griffin has pudgy cheeks. This is a book that will be good for 4 to 7 year old range. The pictures will be good for the non reader. The level of reading in this book could be used to transition into children learning to read. This was a fun book to read. Publishing provided a copy of this book to [...]

    5. Little Iffy the griffin is scared to fly. He prefers to stay on the ground where it's safe. His friends offer all sorts of ideas to help him learn to fly. He doesn't want to try any of them. Then, by accident, he's launched into the sky from a teeter-totter. He discovers that "up" can be as much fun as "down." Use to talk about trying new things with younger readers.

    6. This is a nice little story for the very young child. I loved the illustrations and the bright colors used throughout the book. I liked the idea of introducing the concept of alternate plans when things don't go as planned.I won a copy of this book in a giveaway for this honest review.

    7. I read an F & G of this story. It was such a cute story! I love that the main character was a "bitty griffin". Such a unique character. Iffy can't fly and he decides he likes down better. He has some great and unique friends, specifically Eggs the Pegasus, who try to help him.

    8. Lighthearted little story about overcoming fears thanks to the power of friendship (especially if the friends in question are willing to give a littlepush along) & trust. Little Iffy the griffin is pretty cute.

    9. Thanks to Kidlitexchange for a free copy of the book to review and pass on. This book is sweet and simple and I would recommend it to little ones, like two or three.

    10. It's pretty cute, I must admit. More importantly, the seven-year-old liked it. She even took it to school, where the teacher read it to the class.

    11. I will pick up anything with a griffin in it. No lie.Itty bitty griffin learns how to face his fears and fly with a little help from his friends!

    12. Genuinely in love with the aesthetic and quality of this book; it is something that could last for generations if taken care of. I loved the message this book presented and was so excited to read it to the little ones in my life and recommend it to other parents for their younger children.

    13. We were traveling from northern Michigan back downstate to our homes. The views from the two-seat airplane were spectacular. Riding with a pilot known for his excellent flying abilities provided a sense of safety until . . . he did a loop-de-loop. YIKES! Who knew your legs could turn into cooked noodles in a matter of seconds. For a girl with no fear of heights, this was an epic moment.Safely back on the runway at a nearby small town airport, my self-assurance at being above ground was shattered [...]

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