Happy Birthday!

The occasion of a birthday provide the opportunity to look back at the long days spent waiting patiently for the baby to be born, the special day it arrives, and the miraculous perfection of every stage of its growth Soft, warm colors and cozy images are accompanied by a spare text that perfectly captures the all encompassing love parents for their children This birthdayThe occasion of a birthday provide the opportunity to look back at the long days spent waiting patiently for the baby to be born, the special day it arrives, and the miraculous perfection of every stage of its growth Soft, warm colors and cozy images are accompanied by a spare text that perfectly captures the all encompassing love parents for their children This birthday book will resonate with anyone who has loved a child It is a gift that every child deserves.
Happy Birthday The occasion of a birthday provide the opportunity to look back at the long days spent waiting patiently for the baby to be born the special day it arrives and the miraculous perfection of every sta

  • Title: Happy Birthday!
  • Author: Mamoru Suzuki
  • ISBN: 9781940842202
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. 4.5★Gorgeous little book to celebrate a child’s first birthday! Mother tells the story of how the child grew in her tummy, then hurried to come out, and was fed and loved and hit all the milestones.“On this day many years ago, I was wondering when you were going to come out of my tummy. I had waited a long time.”We see baby open its eyes, learn to kick and roll and crawl. Illustration showing “And you began to crawl.”This is followed by more great illustrations showing “You stood! [...]

    2. This is a birthday book for a young child, perhaps a toddler. It is a love story from a mother to her child. The illustrations are soft and cute. I love the baby beginning to crawl and walk. Some may be offended by the birth and nursing scenes, but I believe that shows the love of the mother to her child. A great book for families. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley.

    3. Happy Birthday! by Mamoru Suzuki is a love letter of sorts from a mother to their child where the mother recounts from the anticipation of her child's birth through to the child's ability to walk, then run. It then looks forward to when the child branches out on their own and assures the child that wherever they are their mother will always love them.This book is intended as a birthday gift and children will love to hear about how loved they are. I expect children this book is read to who take e [...]

    4. It's just not enough to say 'Happy Birthday' if your children do not ever become tired of listening to stories about how many hours their mums were in labour, how the babies looked, and how long did they take to crawl and walk and run. It might be a great walk down memory lane to keep them in your lap and relate the stories, but the experience could only be sweetened if there is a book with thoughtful illustrations to complement your story, and that book is Happy Birthday. I have the book. Now w [...]

    5. A simple happy birthday from a mother to her child. It is about the child's birth and growing up. I do not really like the art. Much of it seems to represent a womb or being enfolded in flesh. There is a nursing scene with anatomy on display that some may find inappropriate but others will find heart warming. I suppose you could say it's a spiritual celebration of life (not a religious one). For me, it's just not my thing.

    6. I received this arc from Netgalley for an honest review.]The mother tells the story of how the child grew in the womb and then began to grow. Beautiful illustrations help tell the story of a boy growing to his first birthday.

    7. This heartwarming tale explores birthdays from a child's beginning out of the womb towards more independence.

    8. This is a genuinely heart warming story that explores a child's first year from it's birth to celebrating on the day - it is a lovely idea but wouldn't work for my daughter as sadly I had to have an emergency caesarean section and couldn't nurse as she was poorly and in the baby unit at hospital - but for other mums would be nice to tell their children about their journey.

    9. Happy Birthday belongs in that group of comforting books like The Runaway Bunny. The swirling backgrounds and the simple, uncluttered illustrations are soothing and easy on the eyes. The sparse text keeps the pages clean and uncluttered in their presentation. The whole creates an homey effect of simplicity. The narrative is a chronological account of a baby's birth and growth, showing milestones such as rolling over, walking, and running. The family dog and cat are included in some illustrations [...]

    10. This book is a love story from a mother's heart to her little son. It tells of her anticipation of his arrival and the nurturing and love she bestows upon him as she watches him grow. She tenderly nurses him at her breast and soon he becomes mobile, more independent and curious about his world around him. He then takes flight as he seeks out his dreams and his destiny in life. She ends her beautiful narration by saying"It doesn't matter how far you go,I will love you.Always."Unconditional love i [...]

    11. kachildrensbookreviewsspoWe received this book to give an honest review.A very cute story with very good pictures that tell of how your birthday came to be. From the time you were born to the time you crawled and so forth. Happy Birthday! Is very fitting for this story. There is too many words to the page and I think that is perfect for the younger kids because they mostly like to look at pictures. Now the only thing I will say about the book that may ask questions is the part where the mom is b [...]

    12. This cute story would be appropriate for a child on his or her first birthday. It would allow parents to express how they waited with happy anticipation for the child's birth and celebrated each first year milestone. The illustrations are okay. The color scheme is muted and has a soft memory-like quality. My first issue with this title is that the child it's intended for isn't really going to appreciate it in my opinion. I also thought it was strange that the child would "fly away" someday. Of c [...]

    13. This is a celebration of the love between mother and child, as, on the child's birthday, the mother recounts waiting for the child to be born and then watching the child grow, ending with the message that the mother will always love the child.I think the message is beautiful and the illustrations are sweet, warm, and soft. However, the delivery of the text and the illustrations sometimes felt a little off to me--for example, on the second spread, the text reads "every year a special day comes ar [...]

    14. One Line Review: An elegantly written journey to and from a loved ones heart.This is such a heartwarming, and sweet story. It is clearly meant to be read out loud to your kid, or baby siblings.  I love how nothing is really sugar coated in this book. Even though it is made up of short lines and mostly illustrations. It doesn't fail to discuss more realistic things that you normally wouldn't find in a children's book. Like starting out from the womb and making their way out into the world. She e [...]

    15. Happy Birthday is a beautifully illustrated and written book, which is styled as a mother talking to her child on their birthday and reminiscing about them as they grow.Whilst this is a lovely book and we enjoyed it it immensely there is one glaring problem – it's designed to be read on a birthday so it was a bit weird to read when it wasn't. And as most books that kids like (and I think many young children will love this) tend to be demanded again and again it would have been better just as a [...]

    16. Happy Birthday! - Mamoru Suzuki4 of 5 starsI got this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. It doesn't matter how far you go; I will love you. Always. A heart-warming of children book. I started to fall in love with the illustrations--especially the cat. A simple moral value could be delivered through this book. Even though this book is really thin, I still could enjoy it.More review about this book, visit here prayrahayusbook

    17. This is a cute book for a mother to read to her child every year on their birthday. The cover is beautiful and immediately drew my dearest making me eager to read it. The illustrations in will keep a child's attention making reading to them easier during fidgety times. This book is an excellent choice for creating a closeness between parents and their children. It would be a great baby shower gift.

    18. This is a children's illustration book which is very good to give as a gift or in lieu as a card. The illustrations are beautiful and the prose that accompanies it, although short, basically shows how precious the child was from the time of birth, infancy and the present birthday. A great gift for the toddler ages and above.*ARC provided thru NetGalley*

    19. This is such a lovely book! Short and simple, it takes a look back at the memories of waiting for baby to come along and the special things that happen afterwards. As mentioned in the book's blurb, the story captures that all-encompassing love that parents feel for their children, and as such is a wonderfully heartfelt book to share and read with a little one on or near their birthday.

    20. I fell in love with this cover! This book is perfect for a child's birthday! It explains how they came to be your child in a soft and gentle way. HAPPY BIRTHDAY would be an amazing baby shower gift. The mother could read this to her child every year on their birthday. This book could become tradition.Very short book of 17 pages. The illustrations are amazing!

    21. This is a sweet book, intended for kids to look at and read about their birthday. It is simple, and lovely, and easy to understand. It is about being born, pooping, and growing.It is also reassuring, that no matter what, no matter where you go, that your mother will love you and wish you well.Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.

    22. The sweet, heartwarming story of a young child's beginning in the world, told by the child's mother. The illustrations are lovely, though may not be for everyone. I received a copy from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

    23. Not even remotely what I thought it would be. Cute illustrations but awkward and annoying birth story about fingernails and popping.

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