Mine to Save

This time, he ll have to save one of his ownI make everything complicated Instead of being content owning a bar, I accept a job with the Rescue Ops team at Night Eagle Security Apparently, guys with Special Forces explosives training are hard to come by And instead of hooking up with one of the many women who flirt with me, I have to fall for hacker Sayward Diaz NotThis time, he ll have to save one of his ownI make everything complicated Instead of being content owning a bar, I accept a job with the Rescue Ops team at Night Eagle Security Apparently, guys with Special Forces explosives training are hard to come by And instead of hooking up with one of the many women who flirt with me, I have to fall for hacker Sayward Diaz Not only is she one of my new co workers, she s also just become my first assignment Like I said, complicated.When Sayward s father dies and his secret ties to the Columbia cartel put her in danger, it s my job to keep her safe at all costs For a woman who s comfortable with computers than humans, she s not exactly thrilled to have me as her bodyguard or by our undeniable spark And with threats coming at us from all sides, I can t let our attraction compromise her safety Because if I do, my first mission might be my last
Mine to Save This time he ll have to save one of his ownI make everything complicated Instead of being content owning a bar I accept a job with the Rescue Ops team at Night Eagle Security Apparently guys with S

  • Title: Mine to Save
  • Author: Diana Gardin
  • ISBN: 9781455571581
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Gahhh!! Anyone who knows me knows that Romantic Suspense is my jam. It provides the thrills I love and the swoons and chills on the romance front that I need! That is exactly what we got with Mine to Save. I loved Sayward and Bennett's connection and could not get enough of their story.I loved that Sayward was also an atypical heroine and that the author was not only able to highlight her profound intelligence but her compulsions as a person living with Autism. It was so amazing to see Bennett l [...]

    2. This series has been quite the ride. I think Diana may have saved the best for last with Mine To save. Bennett Blacke has had a rough life with the special forces and a cringe worthy ex wife. He now prefers his quiet life running his bar. He's helped the guys at Night Eagle Security before and now it seems they want something else from him. It doesn't help that he's insanely attracted to his new co-worker and first assignment, Sayward Diaz.Sayward is a lot of things, and I absolutely love her st [...]

    3. Hands down, this is my favorite book in this series. I love how Diana took the time and effort to thoroughly research autism and develop Sayward into a beautiful and unique heroine. Being that autism is so common these days, I found this to be a great story for people to see how one lives in this world with it. Sayward is a brilliant and beautiful woman and I have so much love for her. Despite her differences, she still functions as a highly skilled member of NES who is looked upon with love and [...]

    4. Mine to Save is the story of Bennett Blacke, who thought his time working with special ops was over. He is now a bar owner and ex con. But, an offer from NES could bring him back into the fold of security and rescue, giving him a chance to use his skills honed in the military. That chance could bring him back to a dark place that landed him in prison though.Sayward is a computer hacker for NES. She was rescued from Columbia when her family was targeted by a drug cartel. Jacob, the head of NES ha [...]

    5. Rated 4.5 Stars.I've thoroughly enjoyed every Diana Gardin book I've read. Mine to Save was exactly what I expected and more. I love that Sayward struggles with autism. Gardin does such a good job with Sayward's point of view which was so different from any romance heroine I've ever read. She made Sayward very sympathetic, sexy, incredibly likable and a great match for Bennett. I love that Bennett is not only attracted to Sayward but so gentle with her. He understands what she needs when her ins [...]

    6. Betraying a man whilst he is in a war zoning fighting for our country is pretty low. This is exactly what Bennett's wife, Valarie does to him. She also acts as if it is no big deal; as if he was the one who is wrong. Taking a person off a war zone does not mean their fighting tendencies are immediate turned off. For Bennett, one heated moment causes a regret that can not be easily overcome. Like most ex-cons, it is difficult to get a job after he's done his time. Luckily for Bennett, he is taken [...]

    7. When Bennett is offered a trial position with Night Eagle Security he is hesitant about taking it, full well knowing some of the men who will have his back, have doubts about him and his abilities, and are questioning how much he deserves the shot. But before Bennett can say no to the deal, and send them packing, Sayward Diaz gets involved and he just can't say no to her, especially when he learns her life is in danger. The thought of something happening to her and him not being there to help pr [...]

    8. I've read one other book by this author, but not any of the other books in this series. I enjoyed my first book by Diana Gardin, and I guess I just got busy and forgot to ever go back and check out more of her work. I felt just slightly behind at first since I wasn't familiar with characters from the previous books and their histories, but I was able to easily catch up since the author blended in recap information. As for the storyline, Sayward suffers from autism which affects her social intera [...]

    9. I love this series! Suspense, intrigue, action, heatlots of heat. This book has it all. If you haven't read this series, do yourself a favor and pick all 3 of them up, you won't be disappointed.Neither Bennett nor Sayward fit into your 'typical couple' box. These two are real, they're flawed, they have their hang ups and issues, but for two people who are generally independent, there's just something about each of them that calls to the other. When the past resurfaces, Sayward is a breath away f [...]

    10. Mine to Save is the third book of the Rescue Ops series and gives us Bennett's and Sayward's story. I really love the men and women of the Night Eagle Security! They're friends, they're family, and they have each other's backs, always. Sayward has issues with being touched, and she's brash and abrasive sometimes, but with Bennett, she's finding she wants something different. And this time, it's one of their own in trouble when Sayward's father dies, and she's a target. I loved the plot twists, a [...]

    11. Absolutely loved this book. It's not often that a character in a book autism, let alone any other medical/mental condition. It gave the book a little something extra. And i think the autism was well portrayed as both of my brothers are on the spectrum. I love that Sayward doesn't apologize for her awkwardness and that Bennett not knowing is completely excepting. There love is sweet and genuine. The suspense of the book was well written as with the rest of the series. It's a great addition to you [...]

    12. Bennett Blacke never expected to join the ranks of Night Eagle Security, especially since he was an ex-con. Once a military man, that part of his life was over, or so he thought. His life had taken a turn and he is now working as a bartender in a bar. While tending bar one evening, a buddy comes in with the rest of the team of NES. Bennett is offered the job of a lifetime. Come work with NES on a trial basis with a unit of brothers where his special skill set could be utilized instead of squashe [...]

    13. Mine to Save (Rescue Ops #3) by Diana Gardin is an excellent romantic suspense book. This is a well written read that offers an interesting and engaging storyline and complex characters. One amazingly wonderful aspect of this book is the Sayward character. I love authors that create unique characters that break barriers. Sayward is brilliant, talented, sexy and has autism. She is presented in a realistic and beautiful way. I love how Bennett is so caring and understanding but not pitying in his [...]

    14. Another awesome read by Diana! Who wouldn't fall in love with the men in this seriesbut having strong female characters is just the icing on the cake that makes for a fantastic read! keep em' coming Diana!

    15. I love each new NES character more than the last. They all feel like a part of the extended family. Can't wait to see what comes next.

    16. Another truly amazing book in the series! There is always so much action, intensity and emotion in these books and this book is no different. The characters are amazing, family is so important and the team is a group of people that are going to have your back at any cost. This is all amazing but there is also something more in every story just like this one. This story captures two people who both could use a little understanding for different reasons, who learn from one another and form a bond [...]

    17. 4 stars--ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date December 12, 2017This time, he'll have to save one of his ownI make everything complicated. Instead of being content owning a bar, I accept a job with the Rescue Ops team at Night Eagle Security. Apparently, guys with Special Forces explosives training are hard to come by. And instead of hooking up with one of the many women who flirt with me, I have to fall for hacker Sayward Diaz. Not only is she one of my new co-workers, she's also just become my first as [...]

    18. Mine to Save is my first book by this author and I have fallen love. I love the way to book keeps you intrigued and trying to guess what's going to happen. Her writing style is just perfect. Sayward was an amazing character, I loved her from the beginning, Bennett may have been a little stand offish at first, but he was the perfect match for Sayward. I love this book and can't wait for more.

    19. YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! Oh thank you Diana Gardin for this one!!! I have loved all the books in the Rescue Ops series, but this one melted my heart in ways you can't even imagine. A story about acceptance, appreciation, respect and deep love. Bennett, a tough and rugged man who has lived hard and rough, with a special forces background that would make most weak in the knees just knowing the things that he has done. Sayward, a computer hacker who knows less of the social world, but acutely aware of [...]

    20. this book was the third book in this series and i loved it! its about a guy who keeps to himself and runs a bar. theres a woman who is a hacker for a company that he has his eyes on. she gets bad news that her father died. now bad guys are after her. the guy will do anything to protect her. even give up his life!

    21. received in exchange for a honest review.So Bennett had me melt. The way he learned about Sayward’s autism and what to do for her. How he respected her boundaries but also learned how to get close and have her feel safe. But how he respected her and protected her no matter what. He was fierce with his feelings and protection of Sayward and it was sexy and sigh worthy.Here Bennett is trying to find balance in his life. Fear of turning into the man he was with anger he couldn’t control but als [...]

    22. I loved this book. It was just that simple. It was different from other books I have read in that Sayward is on the Spectrum. She was one of my favorite characters. Even with her dislike for social settings, this woman is a fighter and she is spunky. Then we have Bennett who I am so thrilled we are getting. He was so intriguing and I loved the chance to get to know him better.The writing was as per usual wonderful. The story is unique and has a good amount of suspense and heat. It just had a dif [...]

    23. I took my time with this story because I knew I wanted to enjoy Bennet and Say ward's journey wholeheartedly.Sayward is a little different than most heroines but no less amazing. Bennet is a man with honor and a massive capacity to love and that makes their story so good.This is a book I wish I could re read for the first time all over again.

    24. 3 1/2 Stars out of 5The author writes from the two leads different points of view and each chapter is titled with the who will be speaking to keep readers from getting confused. I enjoyed the author created a female characters who has issues more than broken home and past. She struggles with Autism. The author was able to capture the intelligence and the compulsions a lot of people with autism have. She made Sayward very likable and Bennett very caring when his past said otherwise.The story its [...]

    25. Sayward is one blunt little lady, "I stare up at him with determination. “Yes, Bennett. I want you to eff me.” Bennett could be the sweetest man, "he takes one look at my red-rimmed eyes and splotchy face and his expression crumbles. “eff, baby. What’d I do?” Bennett is just sometimes so eager to be with his woman, “it’s been over a week.” My voice drops low as my eyes rake over her goddess-like body. “I need to taste every effing inch of you.” I loved this book, Bennett was [...]

    26. I LOVED this book , this couple Sayward and Bennett are now my favorite from this author. They just seem to connect on all levels. This was a fast-paced, action packed, non-stop high energy read. Its everything I anticipated but these two together was a beautiful relationship. Bennett is on a trail bases to join the Eagle Security team , he is an explosive expert. Sayward aka Viper is a hacker/ tech genius who already works for the Team. In the story we learn all about Sayward and her family in [...]

    27. Disclaimer: ARC received in exchange for an honest reviewMine to Save by Diana Gardin pairs reclusive bartender Bennett Blacke with the socially-graceless Night Eagle Securities tech savant Sayward Diaz in a fast-paced, high-stakes romance that will ensnare readers. This is the third book in Gardin’s Rescue Ops series, and for my money, it’s the one that stands out the most.The highlight of this story isn’t the mounting suspense or the plot that sucks you in, but rather the romantic pairin [...]

    28. This series keeps getting better and better. This time our leading ladie is autistic and this is such and unusual thing ro see in a book.I really enjoyed it and cannot wait to see what comes next from Diana Gardin.

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