Micro Malaysians!

Contains 100 very short stories No story has than 150 words.The stories feature accidental cannibals and amorous couples, malevolent ghosts and mirthful gags In short, it is a smorgasbord of the Malaysian experience, bite sized and biting Chosen from over 1100 entries, this volume might be the beginning of something big or maybe even something small.
Micro Malaysians Contains very short stories No story has than words The stories feature accidental cannibals and amorous couples malevolent ghosts and mirthful gags In short it is a smorgasbord of the Malay

  • Title: Micro Malaysians!
  • Author: Anusha V.R. Afif Zakaria Adelina Tan Anwar Hadi Various Adeline Alison Alya Jasmine Ashraf Farid
  • ISBN: 9789670954936
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Micro Malaysians!”

    1. Felt like there were a lot of missed opportunities, stories could have had more punch than it had. But it is hard to write a story of less than 150 words.Favourites: Gone Datin, For Sale, Foreplay.

    2. A collection of 100 (yes, you read it correctly) micro short stories from various writers. Some names I know of personally, some I have met before at book gatherings, and some I haven't heard of.But what makes this anthology differs from other collection of short stories is that it manages to cater to almost everybody's needs and interests. There's a gut-wrenching drama, a psychedelic story of aliens, ghosts or the supernatural, clever observation of extraordinary occurrences happen to regular f [...]

    3. 100 stories out of 1,100 enteries. Each one not more than 150 words. some of the stories are really good, some are meaningless biasalah kerja kombinasi. Caryn Koh illustrations are gorgeous. Story no 80 about wifi code is not originalme stories are personal. Worth reading easy to carry. handbag size.2.5 rate given (kerana buku ini harus lebih menarik di waktu yang akan datang).

    4. Feeling completely baffled.e good ones can count by fingers.e rest slightly hit the spotbut totally loved the illustrations

    5. Some stories are really good (especially those with plot twists), some make you think about Malaysia and its people and cultures, some are comedic (18SX included), some are just okay. Stories writren with just 150 words can be hard to be written though, so I applaud all contributors here.Not suitable for those under 18 though now that I think of it, I'm pretty sure many Fixi Novo books are not suitable for juveniles. Oh, and Caryn Koh created really good illustrations.

    6. Is it me or fixi's a huge fan of psychotic stories? Love the plot twists. The only downside is there's two unoriginal stories: Makcik Karipap and that wifi password. Recycling hostels/lepak stories is a no for me.

    7. A good quick read.Apparently 150 words are too short for a story; even for a short story.Nevertheless some writers managed to deliver gripping stories, left you felt somehow satisfied. Some were lack of originality, more of personal thought and loss the idea they tried to comprehend.

    8. Finished in one seating. Free reading at Kinokuniya. A very short stories not more than 150 words? Kudos guys.

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