Secret Wars II Omnibus

Hero, villain, force of nature and deus ex machina all in one the Beyonder For good or ill, he was one of the most powerful agents of change in the 80s, and now you can see all of his work all at once
Secret Wars II Omnibus Hero villain force of nature and deus ex machina all in one the Beyonder For good or ill he was one of the most powerful agents of change in the s and now you can see all of his work all at once

  • Title: Secret Wars II Omnibus
  • Author: Jim Shooter Chris Claremont Mark Gruenwald Dennis O'Neil John Byrne Steve Englehart Danny Fingeroth Archie Goodwin
  • ISBN: 9780785131113
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I love this not only for the story, which explores a lot of thought-provoking questions about existence, but also because it's essentially a cross-section of all the art and writing in the Marvel Universe at the time. There are certainly elements of the artwork that don't age well (the Beyonder's jumpsuit and jeri curls) but this was the Marvel Universe I cut my teeth on and it was a wonderful romp through memory lane! Sure, the individual issues are hit-or-miss, but this is a case where the sum [...]

    2. Oh wow, was this EVER bad. I remember reading this as a kid and thinking it was really cool; but, re-reading it as an adult, I can see how horribly, horribly written it is. The plot is all over the place and every page is monotonous and boringly sloppy storytelling (I mean, Spider-Man shows someone how to go to the washroom in this!! How stupid!) There isn't even any good artwork to speak of. Ridiculously dated, to boot. Definitely near the top of my "Worst Comics of All Time" list.1/5

    3. Only for the true Marvel fans, and those interested in philosophical questions of meaning and being handled in comic book fashion.

    4. Off the bat, it does not hold up well. This is 80s dialogue to the max. Also, while it's interesting to think about omnipotence incarnate trying to understand humanity, it's a littleunbelievable? Haha, this insane cosmic adventure on Earth is unbelievable. Yeah.And then the crossover itself. So many issues that I "have" to jump to where I have NO IDEA what's going on in the series just so I can see Beyonder appear and say "Blorp" and then vanish. Absolutely no need for this somewhat almost could [...]

    5. "Secret Wars" was off the chain, yo. A unified battle between all the good/bad guys Marvel had, with twists and etc."Secret Wars II" was a major downgrade, mostly because it was too long (at least with this book) and it had a rambling point of view.The Beyonder (he has the power of an entire universe, in one person) wants to hang out on Earth. It started out cool, when he was trying to be benevolent and goofs around with the lives of heroes and stuff.But when he inevitably becomes evil or at lea [...]

    6. A weird story in which The Beyonder, the most powerful being in the Marvel universe, has a mid-life crisis and ponders desire and his purpose in life--along the way getting taken advantage of by the mob, dabbling in hedonism and small appliances, forcing people to think they love him, getting taken advantage of by the mob, and killing and then recreating Death.When I was reading Marvel comics back in the 1980s I never noticed how sloppy so much of it is. The "camera" in a scene wanders about aim [...]

    7. I got this book from when they had their pricing glitch. So I paid $8 for this $100 book! The bad news is - I still probably overpaid. This book is nowhere near the quality of the original. The publisher included all the crossover issues to make the cost justifiable. 3 or 4 of those are good. That's it. Very thankful I didn't pay full price.

    8. A comprehensive read of Secret Wars II, with all the core Secret Wars II books, plus all the auxillary books, and also several books that finish up the line after the fact. The book is an interesting compilation of how humans act, and why they do what they do, under the magnifying glass of a supposed omnipotent, omniscient being.

    9. Terrible. Probably the worst comic mini-series ever made. Really, just crap. Should be called Secret Bore. I wish it was still a secret. I paid $2.25 for all 9 original issues and that was a rip off. The most exciting moment was when Spider-Man taught the Beyonder how to pee.

    10. To be honest, I didn't get it in the end. Is it some attempt to be philosophical and create a discourse on human limitations? A failed exploration at the psyche of the Marvel-verse? Another excuse to get Dr. Doom out? Anyway, I'm glad that this happened in the '80s.

    11. This is one strange trip. When the universe is saved with an abortion and the highlight of the tale is Spider-Man toilet training a full-grown man shaped like Steve Rogers, you've got some head scratching to do.

    12. The moral and ethic development of the Beyonder was not a good story and I had an extremely hard time finding that I should care.

    13. Nothing like the first Secret Wars. The Beyonder is on a philosophical journey to discover the meaning of life.

    14. There were some really great stories within Secret Wars II. The Human Torch one was one of the most touching comic stories ever written.

    15. Blow me, Beyonder. Take your white leisure suit and just go. Most boring galactic powered character ever.

    16. It was almost punishment to read this. And I love old comics. Still, the pull is the some of the great art in several of the issues. The story, however, is very stupid.

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