Ever Shade

Magic and malice abound in the Land of Faerie This is book 1 of A Dark Faerie Tale Series For Shade, a chance meeting with a powerful Teleen Faery warrior who wields electrical currents and blue fires along his skin, has her joining him on a treacherous mission for the good Seelie Faerie Court across the land of Faerie.
Ever Shade Magic and malice abound in the Land of Faerie This is book of A Dark Faerie Tale Series For Shade a chance meeting with a powerful Teleen Faery warrior who wields electrical currents and blue fires

  • Title: Ever Shade
  • Author: Alexia Purdy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Ever start nit picking a book after finding something so ridiculous that you roll your eyes. One little thing I might be able to ignore, because let's face it, you do run into the unbelievable story on occasion that is still good even with its ridiculous parts. This story on the other hand.I just couldn't help myself here. I am not even halfway through the book and am having eye pains from rolling my eyes! Let's start at the very beginning, of course. What girl in their right mind in this day an [...]

    2. Please say this will be a series! Thought I was going to 'fall' for one character, and ended up smitten with another. And boy, oh boy, was there eye candy to go around. This is the type of fae story I just love- getting swept up suddenly in fae (events, culture, people- anything and everything fae) involving equal amounts of good and bad. They may be all magical and powerful, but there is a dark edge even in some of the seemingly most innocent offers. I really, really enjoyed it. Younger readers [...]

    3. HOLY FAIRY GODMOTHER !! I GOT BLISTERS ON MY FEET - Ow , ow , ow * Hops around * nope ,i'm done walking for now . I'm not going anywhereWow , what a journey Ever Shade has been !!! So new and so unexpected ! Lets get started with this review before the Demi - fey arrive . They are 'yours truly' sinister and can be quite a handful .You dont want to get trapped around here when that happens . Ever Shade is the story of Shade , a teenage girl . Shade is your average yet so-not average high schooler [...]

    4. I'm not normally one to read books on Faeries but I must say this one had me intrigued from page one till the end. Its filled with mystery, action and magic and a compelling storyline that I read in one sitting. Steady paced storyline, with a great cast of supporting characters, chapters that flowed smoothly and an intriguing plot. I enjoyed the determination of the main characters, her life was not as it seemed. She always thought she was different and upon meeting Jack her life was thrown into [...]

    5. I had a breakthrough last night while devouring the last 80% of this book. I finally understand Alexia's writing style. Some reviewers (including myself) have stated that the first part of her books are a bit slow. I said that about Reign of Blood (which haunts me. I cannot stop thinking about it) and others have said it about this book. I don't necessarily think that this is what is actually going on. Yes, they are slow moving. But little do you know that Alexia is weaving her magic word spell. [...]

    6. Oh, how I love me a good fairytale! Ever Shade was a great story, with a great concept, and a great plot. I really enjoyed the MC, Shade. She was a typical teenager, except for the voices in her head, that didn't know she posessed something greater inside, and through her journey, began to believe in herself and witness the magic she posessed.Author Alexia Purdy painted a wonderful world filled with faeries and other magical beings. I hope to visit there one day! :) The only sad thing is that I [...]

    7. How often does a really “fresh” YA fantasy come along that is completely appropriate for younger YA readers? Alexia Purdy has done it with Ever Shade! Shade, a teen who hasn’t ever really been comfortable in her own skin, has a secret, she hears voices, and can do things others can’t, but why? Is there something wrong with her or is her difference magical? One minute Shade is a human teen, the next she is thrown headlong into the world of the fae, a world she thought real only in tales a [...]

    8. I picked this up during its free period on and am grateful I didn't pay for it. I couldn't make it 5% through before the typos (self-diluted instead of self-deluded, the dust bellowed rather than billowed, etc.), passive grammar, and boring main character drove me away. I rarely don't finish a book, but this one was just unpalatable, and I had such high hopes for it because of the gorgeous cover and great sounding story.

    9. Another one I won't rate as I didn't read past the sampler.It is YA (which I actually like to read), but we are constantly shown the characters thoughts, and it was jarring after a while. Also the prologue confused me more than it did intrigue me.

    10. *sigh*-Ever Shade is the very meaning of rushed, and as a result I struggled through it…and even went so far as to read it as full speed, a skill reserved solely for things I need finished quickly (review books) and things I dislike as is the case with this one…unfortunately.The story itself was interesting enough that I one-clicked the freebie and several of the subsequent books that were also free, however I don’t think this really lived up to my expectations. I had trouble with the writ [...]

    11. Despite the editing errors (spacing, commas, random underline, etc), I think the basics of this story is great. I even sense some possible love-triangle scenarios (though I haven't quite narrowed down who the two main competitors will be). Unfortunately I thought the narration rambled a bit too much and explanations were a bit too straight forward. I have hopes for this author; I think the writing will mature with the next book in the series (keeping my fingers crossed for it, anyway). As for Sh [...]

    12. This was an easy 5 star book. I actually felt like I saw what Shade was seeing on her adventure and that in itself held me to this story. Shade hears voices and is afraid to tell anyone about it for fear that someone would have her locked up. The voices push her to a building where she meets Jack who is fighting someone evil. He takes her to a place where she can learn what she really is. She learns that it is her fate to go on a mission to save the land. She has a group that is coming with her [...]

    13. I received this book as a R2R. It's been on my TBR list for a while so I was super excited to get the opportunity to read it. The story is about Shade who has had these voices in her head that want her to do there bidding. It's because of these voices she see's a conflict between two being from faerie, she meets Jack who takes her to his faerie queen and oracle. The oracle also known as a seer, can see that Shade is there to change the battle between the Seelie good court and the UnSeelie the ev [...]

    14. So Shade Shade Shade is the product of love in my opinion! Shade is a very one of a kind girl. She finds Jack one day while walking home because her mom forgot her. But when she walks in to a scene full of flying objects and fire she is ready to back out and run but the voices in her head said stay! After the huge fight she witnessed Jack said come with me so Miss Shade did. When she walking into the woods she had never felt so at home alive she was drunk on good feeling. Jack brings her to an u [...]

    15. I really enjoyed reading Ever Shade. I bought the paperback rather than the Kindle version, along with a couple other books from Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing, and I’m glad I got the paperback because it was worth it. I’m not going to do a play by play of what happened in the book, because that isn’t my review style. When the book starts off Shade meets Jack, a Teelen faery and after that is when her journey basically begins. I love Alexia’s writing style and how she cre [...]

    16. I wasn't sure if I was going to get into this story at first. I absolutely love the fae, and stories related to them, so this was right up my alley. I enjoyed this story, but it felt like a story to me. I didn't get sucked in completely, so that is why I have rated it four out of five stars.Shade was a good MC, yet I never felt as if I was standing next to her. The descriptions were good, but at points in the book, I found myself thinking there was too much telling going on. Overall, I recommend [...]

    17. All I can say about this book is I WANT MORE! I was reluctant to read it, because I'm not big on Faerie's - but I got sucked in as soon as I finished the first chapter and didn't want to put it down. The author has woven a wonderous world all her own and I challenge you to read it and not fall in love! Great read for all

    18. I wanted to like this book but after a few pages I have to put it down and just stop, it just doesn't work for me nothing held my interest to make me keep on reading. Maybe I'll pick it up again someday but I'm sure as well it won't be soon.

    19. I have a touch and go relationship with the young adult genre. As someone that grew up with the Fear Street books as their prime source of reading for that age group I find that everyone now a days is trying to write the next great epic Young Adult book, or writing about all those serious teenage issues like “Mean Girls”, “eating disorders”, “cutting”, and the “gay issue”. I am in full support of us bringing those issues to the for front, however, when I was in high school before [...]

    20. Okay, there are some things I really liked about this book, and some things I didn't like so much. Eventually, the good out-ranked the bad, which made this an enjoyable read that toward the end, I discovered that I was looking forward to picking it up again to see how it all turned out. Good thing, yes? Yes.So, I'm liking the faeries here. Faeries interest me because they seem so sweet and beautiful but they have these dark sides. Or, many of them do, not all. What I especially like about this e [...]

    21. I'm extremely conflicted about reviewing this book. When I started reading I found that I was having a hard time pushing myself through. It wasn't the story overall; I genuinely enjoyed the plot and characters. It was the writing itself. It seemed very new and relatively inexperienced. It seemed like there were a bunch of extra words and "big" words that were completely unnecessary, and the whole thing just didn't flow very well. I almost felt as if I'd picked a story out of some highschool crea [...]

    22. Grab your back pack, stuff it full with EVERYTHING you may need… don’t worry if it will fit, or that it may be to heavy for you to carry. They have spells for that, so pack away I say!!!The unbelievable quest of your life is about to start as you travel with Shade to a world you only thought or dreamed existed. You will be introduced to a magical place, the land of Fey with all who dwell within… Faeries, (all kinds) Pixies, Kings, Queens, princesses, and warriors. Good and bad, secrets and [...]

    23. Hea y'all Anne here and I've just finished reading Ever Shade by Alexia Purdy and wow what a great faery tale!! This book is seriously imaginative and will rope you into the story right away. It wants for nothing and is awesome for lovers of Fae and the like creatures. This book is much like Lord Of The Rings but with more faeries and their friends. The story line is exciting and filled with twists and plot secrets that will leave you gasping and waiting for more. Alexia has an amazing imaginati [...]

    24. Shade apparently has chemistry with every fae species. I thought the author was setting her up with Rylan, aka Soap, because the writing alluded to attraction on both their parts, but especially from Shade's point of view. Yet, Shade did point out Stephen was stunning, Than was beautiful, Ewan wasn't bad looking etc etc . Jack stuck out as the only friend based on the writing of Shade's thoughts. I enjoyed the beginning of this book very much. When the group entered the Teleen lands, Dylan, the [...]

    25. This book got off to a rough start for me, it could have used more editing. It suffered from some homophone problems. The story was moving along well enough that eventually I did get caught up in the story. I'm not sure I am a fan of the main character, she was kind of whiny. This book also used about every cliche imaginable. There were also a few things which didn't make a lot of sense. They made the Shade (the main character) seem not so smart. She meets her first fae, he's telling her how jus [...]

    26. What a GREAT Beginning to a Wonderful Series. Alexia Purdy has done it again with this Dark Faerie Tale. It's got EVERYTHING Anyone could want: Evil Queens, Witches, Faeries of ALL Kinds, Changelings that can Change into anything they want. It's Really AMAZING! This Storey Basically revolves around a girl named Shade that is Half Human/ Half Fae but she doesn't know she part fae at first. As her Adventure begins she and a group of Faeries of all kinds embark on a journey across many lands and wa [...]

    27. ReviewOfEver Shade ~ A Dark Faerie TaleBy Alexia PurdyI don’t know a faerie from a catfish, and don’t get me started on changelings…I mean…what the hell? Give me a real world mystery I can sink my teeth into and I’m happy. Besides, I thought you spelled it fairy! But that didn’t deter me when deciding to take the plunge and delve into this interesting looking piece of fantasy. I’m big enough to admit that there are other genre’s that I should explore to round out my reading, even [...]

    28. Delve into the faerie world where danger lurks around every corner and a great adventure awaits you. Interim Blue had some great imagery and I could picture the look of some of the faerie warriors in my head. Dylan was really interesting and one of my favorites as a character. This book was a really fun read for me and I got so caught up in it that I was a little disappointed at the end. Not because it was bad, but because it was over. I cannot wait to read the second book Ash and Embers (The Te [...]

    29. I was asked to read this book by the author The cover is the first thing i loved. The 2nd is reading a Fey story yes they are tricky and not everything is what is seems. Cannot wait to start it!

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