Crimson Stain

On a cold, gray March evening near Mill Village, Pennsylvania, Edward Gingerich brutally murdered and mutilated his wife as their two children looked on in horror It was an act of madness that would shock his small Amish communityd the nation.
Crimson Stain On a cold gray March evening near Mill Village Pennsylvania Edward Gingerich brutally murdered and mutilated his wife as their two children looked on in horror It was an act of madness that would s

  • Title: Crimson Stain
  • Author: Jim Fisher
  • ISBN: 9780425174333
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I was terrified when this book was announced as our book club selection and was prepared to be unable to finish. I needed a book of true crime for the Book Riot Read Harder challenge, so if I could get through it, I’d at least have that off the list. I was so surprised.Yes, the event and its description are gruesome. Yes, those images are going to be hard to shake. The writing is mediocre. The reason I am giving it three stars is the complete captivation that I felt having actually lived in th [...]

    2. I have to give this book three stars out of five because as a true-crime aficionado, I just wasn't feeling the tension in the story for a long while. This is the story of the only Amish man ever convicted of murdering his wife, and it was a rather gruesome crime at that, but I had to read most of the book waiting for that to happen. The murder happens around page 185 and I was frankly starting to get bored with reading it prior to that. There was some tension leading up to the murder, of course, [...]

    3. I find the Amish community fascinating, and living in an area near them helps to learn more about them. I was kind of shocked reading this book because I had a different opinion of them even though an Amish friend told me once that they aren't that different then us "Yankees" except for dress, their beliefs, and staying away from worldly things. They have family problems, domestic vilolence, rape, incest and more. I think the graphic way in which this book was written is most what shocked me, an [...]

    4. I loved this book! I am a fan of reading amish fiction and I came across this one. My friend had given me a recommedation to this book and I was very excited to get my hands on the book. It came to my attention it was amish non-fiction about a true crime to make it even better! After reading I found this book at a garage sale in wonderful condition! Lets say I had an amazing day when I found it! :) I highly recommend this book to anyone who's into true crime or Amish reading. It is definitely on [...]

    5. This is my second reading of this book. I have read many true crime over the years. I chose 4 stars because it stays with you. Jim Fisher was a professor of Criminal Justice at Edinboro University. He was not an english major. It is gruesome. Most true crime is. This has so many different aspects to consider- the mental issues, the religion aspect and our judicial system. So many things play into the outcome.

    6. This was a disturbing story that takes place in an Amish Brownhill community in Pennsylvania. It’s a very violent and depressing story that begins in 1985 when Ed Gingerich and Katie Shetler, an Amish couple, begin their married life. Ed was a very heartless man, with a cruel streak in him. He hated farm work, was self-possessed, and rather independent. It wasn’t long until Katie was showing the effects of a marriage that had only given her misery. In 1993 the unthinkable happens when a very [...]

    7. Out of all books I have read in my life this one really affected me. First I'll say my husband grew up in the Brownhill community and after we got married we lived there for four years. I didn't know the Gingerich's personally like my In-Laws did but I got to know my amish neighbors who were mentioned in the book. So this story hit close to home. Being the avid reader that I am, I can't believe it took me this long to read it. When it came to describing the way Ed killed his wife, Katie was grue [...]

    8. A friend loaned me this book, as it was written by his former criminology professor. It kept me riveted, although not so much because of the actual crime reporting, as for the description of contemporary life among the Amish. I can say that I probably tripled my knowledge of what they are like, their beliefs and attitudes, and the types of contact they have with the general community and with isolated pockets of Amish in other areas.As for the crime itself, I found it more sad than outrageous, a [...]

    9. Ok, this is not a badly written book but the story is horrible, horrible, horrible so my rating is based solely on how much I enjoyed, or rather did not enjoy, the story. The brutality is horrible, but even worse is the treatment of people, the manipulation of the law, etc. It's just a horrible story not my kind of book at all.

    10. OH MY!! This book is NOT for those who have a weak stomach!!! I read this book during my addiction to the True Crime genre and because this crime happened so close to my hometown & where I still live now. WOW!! When one thinks about the Amish & there style of living, I'm pretty sure something like what happened here would never cross their mind. Sure never crossed mine! This story of Gingerich is gruesome, it's mind blowing and it's simply a story of Satan himself. Every once in a while [...]

    11. For some reason I read several GR reviews of this book before starting and the party line was: This guy is nuts. So there I am reading the book and thinking he's not nuts, he's just moody and wants to break free from the Amish bonds that contain him but is afraid to/doesn't know how. But then yeah. He lost his grip on reality and fell into full blown mental psychosis. I feel the author really tried to push that the reason was because his English friend tried to convert him to his religion and I' [...]

    12. The true story of a mentally ill Amsih man who refuses conventional treatment for schizophrenia. As hsi illness progresses unchecked, he becomes more and more paranoid and violent, eventually killing and mutilating his longsuffering wife in front of his small children. Despite a feeling of compassion towards him, after all the man is ill, it was hard to feel anything but anger. Once agan a story where th plight of the perpetrator is put above the victim. Poor Kate Gingerich ends up forgotten bef [...]

    13. Finally finished. This is one of the strangest true crime books I've ever read. Everyone knew who did it. The first 2/3 was all crime set up. It was shocking to see how insane Gingerich was and how the community reacted. He was taken to quack after quack and whenever convinced to see a real doctor quickly went off his meds, at his wife's urging. I was shocked at how gruesome the murder was; it was hard to read.

    14. This story was shocking, horrifying and the graphic descriptions! On the other hand the story of this whole descent into insanity which was mistreated and in some instances totally ignored is tragic.I have always been fascinated by the Amish and their way of life but this book highlights the problems inherent in being so regimented by rules and a refusal to accept that maybe your ways are not the best to deal with a problem.

    15. I've read alot of true crime books over the years and this one without a doubt really creeped me out!! He was so mentally ill but his religious beliefs kept him from getting much needed help early enough.The pics of him inside the courtroom just give you chills, he just has the look of a mad man and he truely was! His crime was so disturbing.

    16. Great true crime account of a lesser known crime. I am fascinated by the complicated issues that arise from a murder within a sociological group with which I am not acquainted. The Amish community - strange as they seem to me - are committed to their lifestylebut at what cost? I think this would be a great pick for a book club to discuss the outcome of the trial.

    17. Badly written, even for the fascinating subject matter. My mother actually knew some of this dude's family members and was horrified by the end results. I'd love to take a stab (pun unintended) at re-writing this, but Fisher was one of the few people allowed access to the family and he bungled it up so badly, I doubt they'd speak to another person.

    18. This book is so sad, infuriating, and just mind blowing. I can't believe someone could do the things he did to someone he supposedly loved. I also can't believe someone cant get mental help because of their religion. This book was very eye opening into the world of the Amish, and how different they think and act.

    19. On March 18, 1993 Edward Gingerich killed his wife Katie in front of their two kids.Not the best written True Crime book but this story is so heartbreaking, compelling and so vile that it pulls you in on its own.

    20. Not a literary masterpiece or anything, this tracks the mental decline of an Amishman who eventually committed murder in a psychotic rage. Take-home message: never try to treat schizophrenia with reflexology.

    21. This book started out slow, but it got better as the story went along. If you like true crime, this book is recommended.

    22. A truly shocking story and great true crime read. At the same time, I learned quite a bit about the Amish.

    23. About an Amish man who killed his wife. The murder is described in graphic detail. Alot of court room transcripts.

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