Mrs Mole, I'm Home!

Mrs Mole I m Home None

  • Title: Mrs Mole, I'm Home!
  • Author: Jarvis
  • ISBN: 9781406372434
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Mrs Mole, I'm Home!”

    1. This is such a funny book! Morris Mole works at a restaurant but when it's time to go home he misplaces his glasses and decides it's not that difficult to burrow his way home without them. As the front cover and the title show, Morris pops up assuming he's home only to have burrowed into another creatures home. The rest of the book follows a predictable path of Morris repeatedly popping up in various different places thinking each time he's home when he's not.This is a brilliant picture book and [...]

    2. Written and illustrated by the creator of “Alan’s Big Scary Teeth” this is another book jam-packed with humour and detail. Mr Mole is tired after a long day of work at Gordon Ratzy’s and heads off home. The only problem is that he has lost his glasses (which are actually on the top of his head and remain there throughout his journey) so ends up burrowing into some interesting and unusual places.The illustrations in this book fill the pages from edge to edge. They are full of things for c [...]

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