Stanley Will Probably Be Fine

This novel features comic trivia, a safety superhero, and a super cool scavenger hunt all over downtown San Diego, as our young hero Stanley Fortinbras grapples with his anxiety and learns what, exactly, it means to be brave.Nobody knows comics trivia like Stanley knows comics trivia.It s what he takes comfort in when the world around him gets to be too much And after heThis novel features comic trivia, a safety superhero, and a super cool scavenger hunt all over downtown San Diego, as our young hero Stanley Fortinbras grapples with his anxiety and learns what, exactly, it means to be brave.Nobody knows comics trivia like Stanley knows comics trivia.It s what he takes comfort in when the world around him gets to be too much And after he faints during a safety assembly, Stanley takes his love of comics up a level by inventing his own imaginary superhero, named John Lockdown, to help him through.Help is what he needs, because Stanley s entered Trivia Quest a giant comics trivia treasure hunt to prove he can tackle his worries, score VIP passes to Comic Fest, and win back his ex best friend Partnered with his fearless new neighbor Liberty, Stanley faces his most epic, overwhelming, challenging day ever.What would John Lockdown do Stanley s about to find out.
Stanley Will Probably Be Fine This novel features comic trivia a safety superhero and a super cool scavenger hunt all over downtown San Diego as our young hero Stanley Fortinbras grapples with his anxiety and learns what exact

  • Title: Stanley Will Probably Be Fine
  • Author: Sally J. Pla Steve Wolfhard
  • ISBN: 9780062445797
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I loved this book so much! Stanley has a lot to deal with: an absent father, a harried mother, an increasingly distant friend, and a difficult time coping with the world around him. But when a contest suddenly provides super comic fan Stanley with the opportunity to prove his mettle, can he push down his anxiety to win? Perhaps, especially with the help of the new girl next door. This book is going to be loved by kids who struggle. Stanley is a hero for the ages.

    2. Great story of overcoming your fears! Book passed on to me from fellow #booktrek friend. Funny and entertaining story with interesting characters. A realistic Stanley has a sensory disorder and struggles with anxiety. Good to have a book with such a character for kids to see the thought process of an anxious kid. Teamwork and kids on a comic book Quest make for an entertaining read. Stanley learning to be brave, take a chance and get help from his super hero John Lockdown!! Extra Special for tho [...]

    3. Such a fantastic book! I loved Stanley and his journey to participate in a comics trivia contest in spite of his anxiety. A beautiful story about overcoming one's fears.

    4. E ARC from Edelweiss PlusStanley lives with his obnxious older brother, harried real estate/account mother, and elderly grandfather who suffers from Parkinson's in California. He attends middle school, but it's becoming increasingly difficult for him to get through the day. His father is doing humanitarian work in Africa, and the boys miss him and his influence terribly. His best friend, Joon, keeps telling him to "be normal", and is hanging around with Dylan more than Stanley would like him to. [...]

    5. Read an E-ARC provided by EdelweissMiddle grade readers will identify with Stanley's anxieties, family situation, and friendship issues and then cheer him on as he ventures out to compete in a quest in the city.

    6. Not a comic book fan, but this story worked for me and worked well. Stanley doesn't fit in and has a sensory disorder. Liberty is the next door neighbor with a secret. They team up for a quest involving comic book trivia! So different from her first book, but just as good.

    7. Stanley Fortinbras suffers from anxiety which has only gotten worse with his father being overseas on a variety of charity missions and with his middle school principal hosting constant (but unpredictably scheduled) safety assemblies. Thankfully he finds an understanding adult in the office, Mrs. Ngozo who gives him a safe, quiet place whenever one of these assemblies are announced. It's during a lockdown drill that Stanley creates a comic book hero, alter-ego, that helps him deal with his anxie [...]

    8. Sally Pla has done it again, handling real issues with sensitivity, honesty, and humor. Stanley has a sensory disorder and coupled with anxiety issue. Middle school is already pushing all of his sensory overload buttons, with its constant lockdown drills and feeling left behind by his best friend. With the help of a fearless new friend/home-schooled neighbor, Liberty, Stanley pushes himself to work through his anxiety and fears (those what if scenarios can be so all-consuming!) to compete in the [...]

    9. This book became my best friend over the past few days. Stanley's nerves, quirks, and thoughts spoke so much truth during such an ugly time. I laughed with him, jumped out of my skin a few times, and smiled widely. I didn't want the story to end. Stanley is a superhero for kids today. He embodies everything they feel deep within and often fear to do or say. This is a book that every school and classroom library should have multiple copies of to help kids work through their feelings about the wor [...]

    10. The Someday Birds (also by Sally J Pla) was one of my favorite MG books of 2017. "Stanley" had big shoes to fill. But this was a cute story about a boy with sensory processing issues- who overcomes his fears (with the help of his new neighbor) to go on a quest for tickets to an upcoming Comic Fest. I liked it a lot. I won an ARC of Stanley and have since passed it around to several 5th graders in my class. They all loved it- which led to a purchase for my classroom library!

    11. This is an absolutely delightful story. Stanley is nervous a lot. A LOT, though. Among other things, he's afraid of public transportation and crowds (but there are many other things). He's also picked on a lot and his best friend has started spending more time with the bullies than with Stanley. When this trivia contest starts, he's pretty sure it's the answer to everything: he'll get passes to Comic Fest and Joon will be sorry he stopped being Stanley's friend. Except, obviously, he has to face [...]

    12. The author of the award-winning "Someday Birds" gives us an endearing hero in Stanley Fortinbras, an anxious kid who creates a super-hero alter ego to help him get through life. There have always been kids like Stanley, but sadly, recent tragedies drive home the fact that today's children live in unusually anxiety-producing times. Every kid (and parent) can appreciate and learn from Stanley's resourcefulness and enjoy the warmth and gentle humor of Pla's exceptional storytelling.

    13. Set against the world of comic books, Stanley Fortinbra suffers from anxiety and creates his own superhero to deal with the world. To win VIP passes to Comic Fest, Stanley goes on a Scavenger hunt only to find the hidden hero from within. Sweet and endearing, kids 8 and up will enjoy this young read that takes place in San Diego during Comic Con.

    14. Stanley is a seventh grader with a love of comics. He has a lot to navigate: shifting friendship dynamics, family issues, his safety-crazed principal, and a new neighbor. All of this is made more difficult by the fact that he has sensory processing disorder. When Stanley learns about TriviaQuest- a challenge by which participants can win VIP passes to Comic Fest he is both excited and daunted. Will Stanley be able to complete the challenge?I enjoyed this sweet middle grade story! I particularly [...]

    15. Sally Pla's New Novel is MARVELousIf you fell in love with Sally Pla’s Charlie, in THE SOMEDAY BIRDS, you’ll fall equally for Stanley Fortinbras (often heckled as Fart-in-bra). We understand his plight immediately – the smallest kid in middle school, most likely the smartest, and perhaps the only one who has trouble processing sensory stimuli. Since Peavey Middle School’s principal, Mrs. Coffin (that’s right, Mrs. Coffin), is bent on making sure her students are prepared for every imag [...]

    16. Tackling Today’s Reality from a Kid’s PerspectiveStepping into twelve-year old Stanley Fortinbras’ shoes, student readers will likely relate to the very real challenges that they face in today’s school settings.Middle school is a trying time for most young adults. Kids are on the cusp of independence, yet the safe, predictable routines of elementary school disappear, and a whole new set of social etiquette is essentially thrown at them in a sink or swim tactic. Friendships ebb and flow, [...]

    17. I received a copy of this through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. Stanley is a comic book expert and his best friend used to like them just as much. However, as they are getting older, Stanley's best friend begins pulling away. Stanley tries to combat his sensory overload disorder and anxieties to try to keep his best friend. This becomes especially difficult with the overwhelming safety demonstrations his school provides regularly. Stanley finds solace in an unused office in the sch [...]

    18. I really enjoyed this book. It’s middle grade, and enjoyable for all ages - even if you’re not a fan of comics (like me). Bonus: It’s set in San Diego where I’m currently spending a lot of time. Got some more good tourist ideas. Thanks, Sally Pla!One line that made me laugh and then groan for feeling old: “So does that mean CDs? Like compact discs? Are we looking for old-fashioned music?” 😆🙄😳

    19. I was a lucky winner of a giveaway for this book, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised as I don't typically read children's books. This was a great story about overcoming anxiety and taking chances for the adventure of a lifetime. An exciting little read that I can't wait to give to my fiancee's children so they may have a little adventure of their own!

    20. Stanley is an engaging character and the story is poignant and timely. Sally Pla does a great job of taking us inside the head and heart of a boy with a few differences. This book should be required reading for kids learning empathy and emotional awareness. It's a wonderful book!

    21. I really enjoyed this book! Stanley is a wise young man who suffers from an sensory processing disorder. You will cheer as you witness Stanley grow stronger and more confident through many different situations.

    22. I highly recommend this one for comic book fans, those that enjoy solving riddles, and those that enjoy reading about people with social challenges like anxiety and sensory sensitivities.

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