July, 1802 In the marshy eastern reaches of the Thames lies the Hispaniola, an inn kept by Jim Hawkins and his son Young Jim spends his days roaming the mist shrouded estuaries, running errands for his father and listening to his stories in the taproom tales of adventures on the high seas, of curses, murder and revenge, black spots and buried treasure and of a man witJuly, 1802 In the marshy eastern reaches of the Thames lies the Hispaniola, an inn kept by Jim Hawkins and his son Young Jim spends his days roaming the mist shrouded estuaries, running errands for his father and listening to his stories in the taproom tales of adventures on the high seas, of curses, murder and revenge, black spots and buried treasure and of a man with a wooden leg.Late one night, a mysterious girl named Natty arrives on the river with a request for Jim from her father Long John Silver Aged and weak, but still possesing a strange power, the pirate purposes that Jim and Natty sail to Treasure Island in search of Captain Flint s hidden bounty the beautiful bar silver left behind many years before silver has chartered a ship and a hardy crew for this purpose, whose captain is waiting only for the map now locked away at the Hispaniola.Making haste from London, Jim and Natty set off in the footsteps of their fathers, their tentative friendship growing stronger day by day But the thrill of the ocean odyssey gives way to terror as the Nightingale reaches it s destination, for it seems that Treasure Island is not as uninhabited as it once wasFeaturing a cast of noble seaman, murderous pirates, and stories of love, valour and terrible cruelty, Silver is a worthy sequel to Treasure Island one of the greatest adventure stories ever told and a work of extraordinary authenticity and imaginative power from one of England s greatest writers.
Silver July In the marshy eastern reaches of the Thames lies the Hispaniola an inn kept by Jim Hawkins and his son Young Jim spends his days roaming the mist shrouded estuaries running errands for hi

  • Title: Silver
  • Author: Andrew Motion David Tennant
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Audible Audio
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    1. Silver is a sequel to the famous Robert Louis Stevenson novel Treasure Island, which I read many years ago. Even more, I enjoyed the Muppets version of the film immensely, however that is a separate issue. As far as sequels of classic novels go, typically I am not a fan. Usually, they are glorified fan fiction works - a poorly written attempt to relive the glory of enjoying and loving a previous novel. This novel, however, was far more than just a higher quality of fan fiction. It was a work all [...]

    2. Hey ho and a buttle of Rum, laddies, pull your cutlasses and sink this ship. It ain't fit to sail the pirate seas.I must admit, I had high swashbuckling hopes for Silver. A sequel of sorts to Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, a high rolling high seas adventure that's been a favorite of mine pretty much since I have been able to read.Unfortunately Andrew Motion's Silver is a moralistic dud, mired in cliches and stuffy as chintz. Motion is an accomplished poet and editor, and no doubt, th [...]

    3. As seen on: Bookosaur3.5 out of 5Ahoy, mateys! For a split second, I thought about posting this entire review in seafarin' hearty talk (aka pirate speak), but I quickly came to my senses. You couldn't blame me, though, if I did, because for the past few days I've been on a rollicking adventure across (one) of the Seven Seas in search of bootyreasure. Translation: I've been reading Silver: Return to Treasure Island by Andrew Motion.A sequel of sorts, Silver takes place some 40 years after the e [...]

    4. Miss Spicer was 'my' librarian when I was young. Her dark dresses, severe bun and black glasses gave her a stern air which definitely deterred anyone from running and talking loudly in the library. But, it was she who fed and fostered my love of reading. I always asked her what I should read next. To her credit, she never, ever brushed me off. One summer she decided I would read the classics - Swiss Family Robinson, Robinson Crusoe, Treasure Island and more. It was the sense of adventure, the un [...]

    5. I guess I'm in the minority in thinking this book was great but whatever. I did think it great just like I like a lot of well-done sequels. Sure, Motion is RL Stevenson but he's no slouch either.

    6. This should be a rip-roaring adventure, but it's gotten off to a slow and ponderous start and after almost a hundred pages, I think I'm going to maroon it on an island somewhere.

    7. This was a very interesting sequel to "Treasure Island" - not unique in that - I have seen one which follows LJS's retirement on Madagascar. Having left some pirates and silver on the island it makes sense that somebody would return for the treasure but daft not to have prepared to fight for it by remembering to bring some decent weapons and a few Marines rather than the author of the original tale. Jim Hawkins' son and Old Barbecue's daughter make an unlikely pairing, especially as Natty is dis [...]

    8. **edited 11/28/13Silver is a cute and very close-to-canon continuation of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. If you check it out on audio, it is narrated by none other than David Tennant, alias The Tenth Doctor from the TV programme Doctor Who. According to the story, Jim Hawkins of Treasure Island fame got his treasure, bought an inn, and settled down to what turned out to be very short-lived wedded bliss. His son, also Jim, who I will refer to as Jim#2 (although as far as I recall he's [...]

    9. The original Treasure Island is one of my favourite books and one which I read a couple of times when I was a little boy and has stayed with me all my life (I think it's why I love Pirates of the Carribbean so much!). I was very excited when I heard that Andrew Motion was writing a sequel to Treasure Island! I had to go out and buy a copy as soon as it was released.I haven't been disappointed with "Silver - The Return to Treasure Island" it's set quite a few years on from the original and begins [...]

    10. I was a little disappointed with this book to be honest. It's not that it wasn't beautifully written, it's just that it was a lot less exciting than I remember Treasure Island being. I suspect if I'd read more of Andrew Motion's work, I might have a different opinion, but coming to the book as a fan of Treasure Island, the characters just felt a bit weak to me. I kept waiting for the darker side to kick in, for betrayal and plotting, for the characters to grow up or change, but it was all in a r [...]

    11. Yay I finally finished this! Not even David Tennant as narrator can save this bland story, but because of him I can't bear to give it just the one star it really deserves.

    12. I should know better. Really, I should never expect any sequel (especially written hundreds of years later by a separate author) to be very good. I'm busy scratching my head this morning over how to God this book ended up on my to-reads.Anyhow, there are lots and lots of problems with this book, but I shall only highlight a few of them. The most egregious was the 40 years span between ending of TI and beginning of Silver. I do not understand why this was necessary. From the start, I was horrifie [...]

    13. A sequel to Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island? Really? When I saw this on the shelf at my local library, I thought it takes a pretty competent and gutsy writer to try that. Well, why not? I picked it up, took it home, and read it over the course of the last few evenings. This is what I thought about it.I won’t try to compare this novel to Treasure Island. It’s been years since I’ve read Stevenson’s classic adventure tale of pirates and buried treasure. This is perhaps just as we [...]

    14. I wasn't really sure what to expect from this book, but was excited to read it all the same. The story begins in 1802, 40 years after the events depicted in Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island, and concerns a return to the island to attempt to locate the treasure that had been left behind. The main characters are the young offspring of Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver, Jim Hawkins (jr) and Natty Silver. There are many references along the way to characters and events from the original story [...]

    15. Lange habe icht nicht mehr ein so überflüssiges, ärgerliches, rundheraus schlechtes Buch gelesen! Im Buchladen sah es verlockend aus, die Idee klang vielversprechend: eine Fortschreibung der Schatzinsel, Sohn und Tochter von Jim Hawkins und Long John Silver kehren noch einmal zurück, um den Rest des Schatzes zu bergen. Warum nicht?Aber das Ergebnis ist einfach nur grottig. Der Plot: in allen Details hanebüchen, unlogisch und absurd. Die Personen: Pappfiguren, die an den Fäden des Autors hi [...]

    16. Fun light read, captures tone of Stevenson's Treasure Island. Having one of the main characters be female, even though disguised, doesn't seem like something Stevenson would do, but it does allow for the love interest and appeals to today's readership. It's certainly something I would have dearly liked to read back in Gr. 7--all those swashbuckling adventures never had female main characters, and the historical fiction I liked always had titles like "He [never She] Went With Marco Polo (or Vasco [...]

    17. So. There are those who will accuse me of only reading this because the audiobook is read by David Tennant, and I could listen to that man read to me for YEARS. This is true. But more true is the fact that THERE ARE PIRATES! And man, do I love pirates.This is a really good story, and the language is similar to the original Treasure Island, which is awesome. I'm giving it 3 stars for two reasons: One, it's a bit heavy on morality, which, while it suits the language of the book, is still kind of a [...]

    18. Motion has done a great job in writing this sequel because of all the parallels this story has to Treasure Island (both in events and organization). His descriptions are clearly well thought out because they are in the style of Robert Louis Stevenson. Motion was able to write in a way that did not betray him as a 21st century writer. At the same time, the story is still very readable even to those that do not normally read classics as old as Treasure Island.My criticism of this story is that Jim [...]

    19. Except it wasn't ok. This is pretty tedious. I never like being told what to make of a character's actions. For a hundred and fifty pages Jim Hawkins (junior) tells us things like 'she looked at the ground so I thought she must be sad' and 'I am older now but that was how I saw it'. Probably the original Treasure Island is written in the same way - but my memory is that the original allows the reader to see past the narrator's youthful narrative and see the other characters through that prism. T [...]

    20. The 3rd star is for David Tennant's brilliant narration. The book itself is slow (how can a pirate adventure move SO slowly?), preachy (yes, modern people know slavery is horrible, but would the white characters in this book?), and badly researched as a sequel to Treasure Island. Motion states that Billy Bones was at the Admiral Benbow for a week before Black Dog found him, when it's clearly much longer (several months). He also describes Long John Silver as having a peg leg, but Silver actually [...]

    21. A very nicely done sequel to "Treasure Island", one of my all-time favorite books, written in the style of the original's author Robert Louis Stevenson. I particularly like how there were so many lines used in this book that were pretty much direct quotes from "Treasure Island" as well as many scenes and characters that brought me back to chapters in that book.

    22. DNF -- I tried, I really did. I've always said I can listen to David Tennant read anything, but I have sadly found this is not the case

    23. There are two kinds of classic novels. One is the kind you're hit over the head with in high school, (or forced to read it a few years too early, if you went to an aggressively academic school), and as an adult, if you remember the book at all, you don't do so with fondness. (Looking at you, Dickens and Hemingway.) Then there are classic novels like Treasure Island, which have stuck around because they are just that good. If you haven't read Treasure Island, you should. Everything you think you [...]

    24. Who could resist the chance for treasure, and a return to treasure island? Having recently listened spellbound to Alfred Molina's wonderful reading of one of my favorite books of all time, RLS's "Treasure Island", how could I say no when Audible suggested, "Silver: Return to Treasure Island" by Andrew Motion, read by no less than David Tenant , known for his "Broadchurch", "Hamlet", and "Dr. Who". I enjoyed this new addition , written by a former British poet laureate. He captures Stevenson's be [...]

    25. A disappointing sequel to a much-loved masterpiece of adventure fiction.A reviewer has described Silver as a ‘rollicking good yarn’. Well, my yarn remained stubbornly unrollicked. This novel is billed as a sequel to Treasure Island, making comparisons with the original novel inevitable, so it’s worth considering the factors that make Robert Louis Stevenson’s book such a masterpiece of narrative prose: beguiling characterisations, brisk action, an intriguing and eventful plot and spiky, e [...]

    26. I am so deeply and genuinely pleased and surprised by how amazing this book is. The writing is the main reason why the experience of reading it was such a pleasure and thrill. Andrew Motion is a genius with his style that keeps to the time period, using words for comparisons that are nautical/sea related in non-nautical/sea related context to tie the whole thing together and so much more. I just loved this book. The story went in a completely different direction than I was expecting and the endi [...]

    27. I liked it! I read everybody's reviews. I wanted to give it a 4.5, because the very end was very puzzling. I did give it a 5 though, so I might bring up the combined score :-).I did do some research after I finished the book, because I almost felt that I had missed something. I decided that the story could go on through sequels, or be left as it was, leaving the reader to ponder the various futures. I found that it was written "to be continued."Here is a review that I really liked:google/amp/s/a [...]

    28. In his introduction to Treasure Island Stevenson writes how he decided to write a book for boys, so that there would be no need for psychology or fine writing, and women would be banished ! In writing his sequel Andrew Motion goes against each one of these principles. His Jim is far more introspective than Stevenson's, and there is a great deal of emotion, and the analysing of emotion. There is a degree of philosophising. There are important plot-lines involving women, and Natty is a major chara [...]

    29. I've always wanted to write a sequel to 'Treasure Island' - yes, I know it's been done a few times - there's certain things I would include from the original and I think Andrew Motion makes some good choices.This is still a ripping yarn in the spirit of Stevenson - but it goes to the next generation of Silver and Hawkins. Find it for yourself. if you're a fan of the original you won't be disappointed.

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