Activated: Age Of Expansion - A Kurtherian Gambit Series

In the Future, Even the Broken Can Make a Change When Molly gets called onto a case that she is uniquely qualified for, the team discovers a little about her past In the race against the clock to prevent the city of Spire from being subjected to a deadly toxin, it takes both new team members and new allies working together in order to save the millions of lives.In the Future, Even the Broken Can Make a ChangeWhen Molly gets called onto a case that she is uniquely qualified for, the team discovers a little about her past.In the race against the clock to prevent the city of Spire from being subjected to a deadly toxin, it takes both new team members and new allies working together in order to save the millions of lives.Meanwhile, problems continue on the political scene, and exciting progress is made with the investigation into the strange door in the safe house basement.Set on the foundation laid by the Kurtherian Gambit Series, Activated tells an entirely new story in the Age of Expansion when the Etheric Empire is fast becoming the Etheric Federation with all of the trials and tribulations that come with bringing together different peoples, systems, and ideals.
Activated Age Of Expansion A Kurtherian Gambit Series In the Future Even the Broken Can Make a Change When Molly gets called onto a case that she is uniquely qualified for the team discovers a little about her past In the race against the clock to prev

  • Title: Activated: Age Of Expansion - A Kurtherian Gambit Series
  • Author: Ell Leigh Clarke Michael Anderle
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. A great addition to The Age of Expansion. Well done Ell Leigh Clarke! Your world building skills are superb and you bring your characters to life. Thank you

    2. Christmas in MayI'm so excited to watch where this series arc is going, and what kind of adventures Molly and her team are going to get up to ESPECIALLY now! I don't want to include any spoilers, but I have to say that what was found behind the door was both a surprise and NOT surprising at all. I knew it would have 'something' to do with what it didbut I did not expect it to be quite so extensive.I really can't wait to see Molly and Joel (and Crash!!) and all the rest put these new resources to [...]

    3. I had lots of issues with the first book in this series, but it wasn’t all bad so I thought I would give this book a chance, especially as the reviews seemed so good.This book starts with an uninspiring chapter about trying to open a door and ADAM making an unexplained guest appearance, which involved a bet on how long it would take Molly to try to open the door. My initial concerns about this book seemed justified.Fortunately the book does improve and I enjoyed most of the rest of the story. [...]

    4. When something is so good you don't have wordsI feel a so disloyal to BA here but I think Molly might be my favourite character now. Loving this arc and especially Ellie's voice through her characters. The plot has me breaking out in goosebumps and squees I must get right on with the next part! Lovely author's notes as always, I think I may be 'kindle customer' in all my reviews (which seemed to me to baffle Ellie) so I'll introduce myself. I'm Natale (phonetically nah'tah'lae) and I don't commu [...]

    5. Can't wait for the next book!Hello. My name is Jenn G and I have a reading problem. Hahaha!Wow. Yet again, I have read this book in ONE sitting! I'm completely spoiled at this point and I'm not sure how Ms Clarke is going to top her latest masterpiece.I love how Molly is actively working on developing her people skills and trying to expand and forge her team. The Syndicate will be exposed for their money and power grubbing ways while going down kicking and screaming. ( More like killing and hidi [...]

    6. Luv Molly,loving the story.looking forward to the next book . I wonder with all the new computers in the basement how OZ is going to expand,does he know about other A.I. or are there supposed to be other A.I and what's going to happen when he meets Adam. He has a very straight ethnic. Adam is very a around the box to get it done. So far I've had a blast reading all the book, thanks to you and all the authors in all the book . Christal

    7. I'm done with this series. The main character is so ridiculously Mary-Sued that it's not even funny any longer. She beautiful, smart, apparently stronger than a guy, a master hacker, a master geneticist, a master at chemical engineering, a master stock broker, a master of bio sciences, etc, etc. There's nothing she can't do. She's BORING.A good character isn't a character that can do everything, it's a character that can do a lot with what little they have.The narrative and dialogue feel like th [...]

    8. Molly Aces The InitiationMolly is an intriguing character. Brilliant beyond measure but clueless when it comes to personal and social relationships. I love the in your face humor of the story. Molly is an excellent alternative for me to get my Bethany Anne fix. They recruit Sean to the team. Will Molly ever look at Joel or Sean as a love interest? Will the reporter Maya end up needing protection and/or be recruited to the team? I very anxiously await the next book.

    9. Listen this series is totally fing amazingOk so the BA books are some of the best things my eyes have ingested ever, but the age of expansion series is like the delicious topping on the kurtherian Sunday. I have read everything in this universe from Boris to alpha class and AOE is my favorite. It's techie and sciencie and a million other ies. It is worth your time and data space. Read it do it I'm talking now.

    10. AwesomeI might have liked this book better than the first but I'm not sure. I am sure that I love the characters, especially Molly who I can't personally relate with at all, well maybe a little with the smart parts. This was a fun book to read, the relationship between the characters was interesting and helped the story flow nicely. I loved the spicy ending and can't wait to see what ends up happening to Molly now.

    11. Good reading.Good story, and inventive. There is a lack of fantasy concepts of your characters. Marines don't shoot in:down the hall to keep the bad guys at bay, they are one shot one kill, bad guy thugs aren't shy about hurting people. Maybe some input from a real soldier type to add realism. Your bio reads as a geek type of personality, not really prone towards violence. I did enjoyed the story it kept me wondering what was coming next.

    12. Another great oneAnother enjoyable read and, really, what more can a reader ask? I love Molly, Joel (please DO NOT ever kill him off -- ask MA) and the rest of the team. I don't know if I relate to them but I really like them. My only complaint is that I have to wait for the next one. I also love the glimpses of the General and Adam. Net Adam and Oz could become great friends and give their humans fits. Thank you for sharing these stories and your imagination with us.

    13. Brilliant the link to bbs oops please get writing book threeIam hanging on every word I picked up by various hints that it would get back to the series these kurtherians are most ellusive. Could it be that they have evolved the passage of time is so huge in space. and are now just free spirits with no material body

    14. Better than the firstBook 1 of The Ascension Myth book was great. But this one grabbed my attention and held it until the last page. Molly and crew are each unique and loveable in their own way. An exciting adventure with just the right amount of humor that never seems forced. Highly recommend.

    15. Smiles and giggles.The team dynamics are fun and I Ind I giggle with them, I chuckle, I shake my head in exasperation, and even hold my breath with them. This is another wonderful edition to the 'verse created by Michael. Please continue writing I look forward to more stories and hope to see them soon, in whatever 'verse you write them in. Shiny.

    16. The author doesn't fail usGreat follow up, and wow it was well executed. But there were some typos that need to be taken care of. Molly is even more built up then the last time we read her previous adventures, Paige and the rest are really fleshed out now, we can expect greater things happening later in that series with what we discovered. The book is worth the money hehe.

    17. Loved it! I haven't enjoyed a book this much for a long time. I lost count of how many times I laughed out loud. Enjoy the notes after the epilogue a lot. The Molly character is outrageous! Love her! So, will she and Joel ever get together? Or Swill the sexual tension continue? Inquiring minds want to know!!!! Sylvia Lsmbaria in San Antonio TX

    18. This book is an ACTIVE Hit.Once again this author has scored an interesting and compelling story. We get to see more of Molly's development as leader of her team, with said team accepting her eccentricities and humanity, it may be a little skewed to some, but I think it makes her all the more Real. Great Read!!!

    19. Finally Molly is different but who isn't!! Her team is growing and will probably grow more. They are fighting the good fight even the bad buys keep trying to make her look bad. Lance finally makes contact and they get to see what is behind the DOOR! Ok waiting for number and we all know we are not the most patient group of readers!! Write woman write!!

    20. Another one to love!The thing about the Kurtherian series is that if you don't like a particular subseries all you have to do is wait. No, really. Because it actually IS a UNIVERSE! And just like any universe it's chock full of different world's, people, situations etcetera. All you need do is explore.

    21. The empire keeps growingI am enjoying the vast majority he of the KG series. I read everyone which comes out as soon as it comes out my only disappointment has been in the Academy series. This new addition to the family by A first time author is surprisingly well done.

    22. Leigh has it going on in the Kurtherian Universe!First review and I've read them all. I enjoy the different writing styles and I really appreciate the intrigue as opposed to battle scenes in this series tho I like when BE and Terry et al kick was too.

    23. AmazingThis is Ell Leigh Clarke's 2nd book and it is filled with as much love and excitement as the first one. I can definitely she her rising to become Queen of the Pan. I definitely want to read the next book. You won't regret reading these 2 books.

    24. Love it!!!The first book was good and this one is even better. Only when I started reading MA did I even glance at the author's notes, now I look forward to them. Molly is truly a different kind of leader.

    25. Keeps getting betterI really liked the first book, and this one just improves on it. The characters get more fleshed out especially the ones besides Joel and Molly. Mixed little clues in this one that point to the original Kutherian series, not counting the bomb in the epilogue.

    26. Another fine book and author added to the kurtherian universeI enjoyed both of the books in this series. I look forward to the next. Well written and edited, fun characters and a surprised ending. Keep up the fantastic work.

    27. Molly a different kind of bada$$Molly has something she did turned bad and she's not taking the blame. Still learning that feelings and that other fuzzy stuff matters. Not all heroes are perfect and some are even a bit broken.

    28. When is next book due?Great character in Molly, supporting characters are very interesting, good science, proper amount of humor (lots), believable action. Good mix of ingredients, stir and serve. More, more, more.

    29. Love Mollys MindI love to see Molly thinking. Its like watching a work of art come to life. Loved the action and the mystery behind the mystery that is the kurtherian universe. Can't wait to see where this rabbit hole takes Molly and the gang.

    30. Abit of a Let DownDad to say I didn't enjoy this book as well as the first or other's of the Kurtherian Gambit genre. I felt that the Epilogue was more Exciting than than rest of the book.

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