Gian Guzzi has everything a mafia boss could want, but it comes with strings He shouldn t be wasting time on a redhead he can t have, when men like him are not allowed to be affected by silly things like love A boss s job is never done, and Gian has far better things to worry about what with someone wanting him dead, and someone else wanting him in prison for good Yet,Gian Guzzi has everything a mafia boss could want, but it comes with strings He shouldn t be wasting time on a redhead he can t have, when men like him are not allowed to be affected by silly things like love A boss s job is never done, and Gian has far better things to worry about what with someone wanting him dead, and someone else wanting him in prison for good Yet, he keeps risking it all for one taste of Cara Rossi A man without love is no man at all Cara Rossi is left devastated by the things Gian Guzzi didn t say She also can t forget all the things he did say She needs to focus on moving on from him, not falling right back into his bed once Then again, reality has a way of ruining those plans with far beautiful, unexpected things Even if it means Cara is forced to question everything, from her morals to her reputation All to be one woman to one man A woman without respect is a dirty word Duty Legacy Love Always in that order Or that s how it should be But life is messy, when entangled with love Rules don t apply.
Entangled Gian Guzzi has everything a mafia boss could want but it comes with strings He shouldn t be wasting time on a redhead he can t have when men like him are not allowed to be affected by silly things l

  • Title: Entangled
  • Author: Bethany-Kris
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. It's LIVE & on Blog Tour!!✼✼✼ 5 “I wanna be Mrs. Guzzi” Stars ✼✼✼“His soul was entangled with a woman who no longer wanted him, even if he would still die for her. Gian had no one to blame for that but himself.”Ain’t that the truth. Where we left off in Unraveled, Cara had found out the truth about Gian’s situation. She found out that they had no real future, not one that she would dream of. Bottom line: he lied to her, even if it was a lie of omission. Her reputation [...]

    2. Live on and Free in Kindle Unlimited! US: amazon/dp/B074J4JF5T UK: amazon/dp/B074J4JF5T CA: amazon/dp/B074J4JF5T AUS: amazon/dp/B074J4JF5T ***Gian Guzzi has everything a mafia boss could want, but it comes with strings. He shouldn’t be wasting time on a redhead he can’t have, when men like him are not allowed to be affected by silly things like love. A boss’s job is never done, and Gian has far better things to worry about—what with someone wanting him dead, and someone else wanting hi [...]

    3. * 4.5 Always Mine Sempre Amore Nutella jars*Riches and all the beauty around couldn't mask the truth about Cosa Nostra it was poison and sometimes it bleed slowly into its victims bloodstream until it was too late or it attacked so viciously that everything was gone in a blink of an eye but it's for the family ALWAYS for the family.Gian Guzzi now as the Don of the Guzzi family knew that with power came sacrifices but he realised that no amount of power could state his need for his one and only C [...]

    4. 3.75 "deserved to be the Guzzi Queen" starsDuty first.Legacy second.And only then loveat's what it means to be bind with the Mafia code. From the very birth, you are groomed that way and you know of nothing else.Gian Guzzi, has it all and yet he doesn't have the one thing that makes him tick, that makes him alive. Cara Rossi, a woman that he selfishly couldnt stay away from, needing her more than the air he breathes, a woman he was ready to give it all up and start a war over for and yet he wait [...]

    5. 4 Always Stars Duty. Legacy. Love. The Mafia Code and always in that order. But what happens if the code gets jumbled? What happens when Love overpowers Duty and Legacy? Can Gian Guzzi and Cara Rossi survive what disrupting the code entails? Bethany-Kris takes us on a journey of twists and turns filled with angsty, emotion, and happiness. But in order to get to that happiness, Gian Guzzi and Cara Rossi are thrown into an intense roller coaster ride where the Mafia Code must be followed at all co [...]

    6. Loved Gian and Cara's story which I felt wasn't as mafia intense as some of her other books, and I really liked that. This was definitely more romance driven with Gian being one of BK's most swooniest heroes. He never once wavered in his absolute love for Cara. Loved that even though he infuriated me at times with the whole Elena thing. 😤Lots of twists and turns wrapped up in a whole lot of smexy times and a huge dollop of delicious ronance with a fab epilogue.I adore Bethany-Kris's writing. [...]

    7. 4 Stars! Oh man. This duet. It put me through the wringer. My emotions were all over the place. But Bethany-Kris writes some of the best mafia romances out there and so the heartache and angst were totally worth it. Provided for honest review.

    8. Bethany-Kris delivers another gritty, sexy, emotionally driven mafia romance with the Guzzi Duet. Gian Guzzi, like most of her anti-heroes, is one man you can't easily forget. I was anxious to see how Gian and Cara would work through their problems with the backdrop of the mafia, knowing that this would not be an easy journey. This story will give you so many feels. I highly recommend this duet. It's one angsty read that will wring you out and leaving you feeling deliciously satisfied.**An ARC w [...]

    9. Entangled by Bethany-Kris is a story I will never forgetIt's a novel that will leave a permanent mark on your mind, soul, and spirit. Cara is truly Gian's other half. She is the only thing in his life that makes him feel whole. After all that went down in the previous book Unraveled, dark secrets are coming out and both their lives are in danger. It's always the people that you trust the most, stick you right in the back.I have to say that the Guzzi Duet, is without a doubt my personal favorite [...]

    10. 5 STARS ☆☆☆☆☆*ARC provided by author Bethany-Kris in exchange for an honest review*DUTY.LEGACY.LOVEAlways in that order.That is exactly what Gian did he put his Duty first, He went through the motions of being The Boss with his days all blending together in a blur. Gian has everything in his reach except for the one thing he truly wants and that is his LOVE, the one woman who consumes his mind heart and soul.Cara never wanted to be anyone's dirty little secret but the heart wants what [...]

    11. Where do I even begin? I loved this book. The twists and turns blew me away. The level of action was awesome. But most of all, the love and the certainty of that love was amazing.I went into this unsure of how the issues from book 1 would be resolved, but it was done is an excellent way. When everything was explained, can anyone honestly say they wouldn't have made the same decision, or at the very least understood the circumstances? But besides that, the sex was hot as hell. The loyalty Gian an [...]

    12. Not sure what I feelI liked this story and couldn't put it down, but I had such issues.1. I don't like cheating. I don't care what the circumstances are. 2. Smelly old Italian men with their screwed up morals. Stay married but cheat as much as you want. It makes you cool, but the woman a whore.3. Women that just seem to take so much BS from their men and go with the flow because they are so much in love.I was so frustrated with the story at times and almost got to the point where I wanted her to [...]

    13. Unraveled, book 1, left me hanging by an agonizing relationship angst thread, folks. Entangled drew me right back in Gian’s and Cara’s complicated circle of love and conflict desperate to find out how these two lovebirds would overcome the huge obstacle revealed at the end of Unraveled.Picking up three months later, Gian is giving the mafia business his full attention as Don, but it doesn’t have his heart. No, Cara is carrying that around with her everywhere she goes, whether she realizes [...]

    14. ARC Provided by author.Gian and Cara were both put in terrible positions. Gian being married but just on paper. Cara not wanting to bear the title of being with him but their love was stronger than any label thrown at her. And Gian has been redeemed! I was hoping he'd suffer a lot for what he did to Cara by not telling her of his marriaged he suffered good. He also loved Cara so much I couldn't hold it against him. And in the end that was all that mattered.So many twists and turns throughout the [...]

    15. Oh. My. God. I have thrown responsibilities and everything out the window when this arrived on my Kindle last Friday, 7.28.2017. I finished reading at 11 pm, and that was the first time this year that I've devoured a book so fast it consumed everything in me.His soul was entangled with a woman who no longer wanted him, even if he would still die for her.

    16. Wow, Gian and Cara part 2.First of all if you haven't read book 1, Unraveled (Guzzi Duet #1), you need to read that first.Entangled picks up where Unraveled finished, we had a shocking reveal at the end of Unraveled as well as heart-break but now in we see things from Gian's POV. We see the choices he made and how they have changed his life forever affecting every other decision he can make. His own personal hell. We also see that despite his position there are certain lines he does not want to [...]

    17. Welp allow me to finish eating "crow" because I truly deserve it! I was soooooo upset with Cara at the beginning of this story! Just FED up! But wow !!! What she endures.just wow!I know what you're thinking. She's a goomah. I wish I could tell you something soooooo incredibly JUICY it would knock your socks off but I CANNOT! It would totally spoil the story for you! If you've read book one, then you must absolutely read this story! The drama and the detail are EPIC! It's like watching a soap ope [...]

    18. Entangled (Guzzi Duet #2) by Bethany-Kris4.5 stars!!!“Duty first. Legacy second. And only then, love.”Entangled starts where Unraveled finished and Bethany-Kris was not finished with toying with our emotions. These mafia characters had already embedded themselves into my heart and head and they only burrowed themselves deeper in Entangled. Gian and Cara found themselves in an untenable situation and it seems things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. Gian is a man on his own [...]

    19. Another successful sequel to a successful story. I've not read a book quite like this. Essentially Cara was the 'other woman' in the eyes of the everyone. In the mafia world, We read about these made men having mistresses but we never really get the story from that particular perspective. And that is why I really enjoyed entangled. It was different yet still had the elements Ms. Bethany-Kris is known for. It had the suspense factor, as well as the thrill, the heat, the romance, the loyalty, the [...]

    20. 5 mega - queen of his family - stars it's very lonely to be the king of the world Entangled is the second part of the Guzzi duet by Bethany-Kris. Book 2 starts some months later after the events of the first part.Secrets and lies set Gian and Cara apart. She cannot be always second. In their world marriage is forever and Cara is not comfortable being a mistress. They love each other deeply but she cannot let it be.But one meeting is all it takes for their life to be turned upside down and their [...]

    21. An emotional rollercoaster! Duty first.Legacy second.And only then love.but Gian changed this order!I liked the story, especially since it was a story very different from the others!In the beginning I was skeptical because it felt to me that Gian did not really fight for Cara (trying to balance both his feelings and desire for her and his duty towards the Mafia)What i really liked tho was the strong persona that Cara proved to be. She decided to stop caring about the public opinion and focus onl [...]

    22. Part 2 of the Guzzi Duet, Entangled is the second half of Gian and Cara's story. It's a thrilling conclusion and MUST be read after Unraveled. Much angstier than the first, Entangled did not disappoint. The trials and tribulations the couple has to go through are heartbreaking, and this story is more emotional than I was expecting it to be. Pushing and pulling at each other, they weave a story that is addictive. With everything against them, Gian and Carly try to be together in a quickly paced, [...]

    23. This book! I’d die for it. Like really. Entangled is Bethany-Kris’s best work so far. I know I always say that, but this time, there’s nothing that can beat that emotional wave I just experienced with this amazing, mind-blowing story.I’m done. Pure perfection. My heart is stolen. And it’s all Bethany-Kris’s fault.

    24. At the ending of the first book took me by surprise. Cara was in love with Gian, he with her. Like any true love story there is a twist. In which brakes the couple. I won't say what. It would give to much away. Just know that it made the first and this book so different from the rest of the authors other books. The other thing that I found different was that wasn't a heavy focus mafia side. Not like the Chicago Wars plot turning that continues throught out the series. The main focus was on Cara [...]

    25. What a book! It has all what you seek lust,love,passion,betrayal, revenge it was one hell of book! Perfect conclusion of Guzzi Duet.I loved how Cara & Gian loved each other and how they could be overcome their problems ARC given to me by the author

    26. 4.5 Entangled Stars!BK has done it AGAIN! I lost sleep to read but it was worth it. Entangled picked up where Unraveled left off. Gian and Cara spent the summer apart and heartbroken. Cara was getting for the new school year. Meanwhile, Gian's men was throwing him a party to celebrate his 30th birthday. Bumping into one another was inevitable. When they finally did see each other, the love was still there and it was painfully obvious how miserable they both were apart. It would only be a matter [...]

    27. Rating: 5 stars!ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewGian Guzzi has reached the very top at last, his rightful place but what he had not anticipated was that he would be alone despite being always surrounded. Being the Boss, love cannot come first. Drowning himself in work is not really helping when his beloved has his heart. Cara Rossi is trying her very best to overcome the major betrayal that she has had to deal with. Gian broke her heart and moving on is not so e [...]

    28. 5 'FULL CIRCLE' STARSHoly angst, batman. Cara and Gian's love story was gritty and off-the charts passionate. Author Bethany-Kris knows how to write a passionate story. I loved Cara's character from the beginning. Like her fiery red hair, Cara was a very strong-willed woman, motivated to live her life, her way. In Guzzi Duet Book 1, we find Cara navigating the tragic loss of her twin sister and staying clear of the mafia ties that had essentially ruined her life in every way. Cara meets Gian, a [...]

    29. I've always had a soft spot for Gian Guzzi and I feel like Bethany-Kris does too; as he is the most relatable character out of all her series. He comes with a high dose of reality while still remaining dreamy. His personality, quirks, physical appearance & bilingual charm make for a well rounded character. Gian Guzzi is a brand. It didn't stop with him though, as each character had distinct personalities, which made me wonder why Stephan was reduced to a minion this installment. His brand of [...]

    30. Gian Guzzi. I know he loves Cara Rossi, but with a huge milestone in the way, it seemed as if heaven and hell had to be maneuvered in order for their love to flourish. The newly appointed Boss, appearances are everything, and the Boss only arrived in public with the highest standards - with his wife by his side.You heard me. And if you didn't read book one shame on you.Cara Rossi is stunning, smart, and has a heart that's filled to serve those whom need it. She tends to those women and children, [...]

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