Anatomy of a Murderer

A teenage sociopath is fixed after he gets an implant that s supposed to cure him in this thrilling coming of age tale from the author of Willful Machines.A year ago, Rem Braithwaite watched his classmate Franklin Kettle commit a horrific crime.Now, apart from the nightmares, life has gone back to normal for Rem Franklin was caught, convicted, and put away in juvenile dA teenage sociopath is fixed after he gets an implant that s supposed to cure him in this thrilling coming of age tale from the author of Willful Machines.A year ago, Rem Braithwaite watched his classmate Franklin Kettle commit a horrific crime.Now, apart from the nightmares, life has gone back to normal for Rem Franklin was caught, convicted, and put away in juvenile detention for what he did The ordeal seems to be over.Until Rem s mother selects Franklin as a test subject for an experimental brain procedure intended to cure him of his cruel and violent impulses Suddenly Rem s memories of that day start coming back to the surface His nightmares become worse than ever Plus he has serious doubts about whether his mother s procedure will even work Can evil really just be turned off Then, as part of Franklin s follow up testing, he and Rem are brought face to face, and Rem discovers Franklin does seem different Despite everything, Rem finds himself becoming friends with Franklin Maybe even something than friends.But when another of their classmates turns up dead, Rem s world turns upside down yet again Franklin insists that he s innocent, that he s cured, but Rem doesn t know what to believe Is someone else responsible for this new murder, or is Franklin fated to stay a monster forever And can Rem find out the answer to this question before the killer, whoever it is, comes after him too
Anatomy of a Murderer A teenage sociopath is fixed after he gets an implant that s supposed to cure him in this thrilling coming of age tale from the author of Willful Machines A year ago Rem Braithwaite watched his class

  • Title: Anatomy of a Murderer
  • Author: Tim Floreen
  • ISBN: 9781534413085
  • Page: 239
  • Format: ebook
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    1. A stylish and tense YA thriller with a slight SF bent.The setting is contemporary, but the SF twist is in the experimental brain surgery performed on a high school shooter in an attempt to alter violent tendancies and stimulate empathy. The story follows Rem and his three friends a year after the shooting, his relationships with them, and with his mother, the doctor heading up the pioneer surgery. This book turned out to be quite a page turner for me, and of course there is much more going on th [...]

    2. Holy crap! HOLY CRAP! Where the hell did this book come from?!! I'm shook. I'm in awe. I'm crying. It was so good. This book was a whirlwind.It takes you on a journey in the human mind. What makes you a killer? It was really good. I can totally see this being a movie or a tv show. I really enjoyed it. This review makes absolutely no sense. I'm still processing. 3.75/5 stars

    3. Originally onFable's LibraryI requested this book from Simon Pulse this doesn’t not change my opinion at all! (Thank you Simon Pulse!!!!)I SHOULD probably start off with saying, the first chapter is a bit graphic. Also there’s minimal animal violence, if that makes sense. If that bothers you, you have been warned.What I Liked-Usually I can figure out how a book ends, with Tattoo Atlas, it was a mystery. I kept suspecting the wrong people which was GREAT because it ended up becoming a awesome [...]

    4. 5/5stars4/5stars I read this in a single sitting.I'm overwhelmed.So I'm just gonna vomit some words.Okay let's do this.This is a novel that takes place in a modern world very similar to our own, with the tiniest scifi twist of slightly more advanced technology (lemme tell you, Tim Floreen does this whole "scifi mixed with the real world" thing REALLY well). A year before the story starts, a horrific incident occurs where a boy was shot during school - and now, his murderer is going to be "fixed. [...]

    5. This may only be the beginning of 2017 but I already know this book will make my top 5 list of favorite books this year.Tim Floreenhas created a brilliant teen novel with diverse and interesting characters. Additionally he thoughtfully covers many important topics and issues. The themes in this book touch on sexuality, gun reform, ethics, and teen angst just to name a few. He incorporates these themes so subtly that it genuinely reflects real life instead of seeming contrived, cliche or out of p [...]

    6. MIND BLOWN! I'M A MESS. Why the hell have more people not read this because it totally deserves more readers. I bought this on iBooks for $5 because I was bored, and literally went in with no expectations. But the farther I went in, I needed to keep reading. Oh, and I totally didn't ditch homework and stay awake til 1am on a school night. (I read til 11:30 and then I processed my thoughts for an hour, yes.) This was so well-written. The plot was really well-done. Lots of twists and turns. Kept m [...]

    7. I received a digital advanced review copy of this book from the publisher.Tattoo Atlas was totally gripping and I could barely put it down. Reading it was kind of like experiencing a really good action movie, and I felt the same way about Floreen’s first book, Willful Machines. The very first sentence is masterfully crafted and the story captivated me from there.My first thought when I finished this book is that it's not for the faint of heart. It combines a school shooting, a lot of death, a [...]

    8. This is a new to me author, I liked Willful machines a lot so I gave this book a try too. While I enjoyed it as much as his other book it doesn't mean I must rate it as high because I think Tattoo Atlas has many flaws that I cannot let go.The story is solid, gripping since chapter one and suck you in till the end but when I let my head cool to actually think about I'd just read I couldn't help notice that first, I didn't know how much in the future the book was, also the videogame had so much we [...]

    9. After what happened last year, 17 year-old Rem Braithwaite never wanted to see Franklin Kettle again. Franklin murdered one of Rem’s best friends as Rem watched, a nightmare that has haunted Rem’s sleep since the day it happened. Now, Franklin is locked away in Juvenile Detention; Rem is doing his best to push the incident out of his mind and move on with the rest of his tight knit group of friends.Then Rem’s mother, a neurologist at a major research lab, claims to have a possible cure for [...]

    10. Second novel of this author and I loved it again. His writing and his characters are just so on par, I can't wait for his next novel. This one really made me feel everything, it ended on a final note and I could really feel for the snowy like setting. (view spoiler)[ As for the mother. I get it-she wants to shut off a soldiers empathy when they are in the field and then switch it back off when they come home. I get it but it's such a dangerous thing to meddle with the mind as the case with Frank [...]

    11. I loved how this book portrayed human nature and its inifinite reach. How trying to separate the human mind into a black or white spectrum is not a correct assessment. This book manages to achieve, throughout each and every one of the characters, how good and evil cannot be separated; how one cannot live without the other. When you read a book or watch a movie you're always telling yourself "Oh, that guy's the good one, he has all the right motives, we should root for him". But this book showed [...]

    12. 4.75 stars!!! Went into this novel with no expectations and was BLOWN AWAY BY THE END OF THE FIRST. CHAPTER!!!"Tattoo Atlas" is a great standalone about our perception of good and evil, and if "evil can be cured like a disease". Even though the characters felt trope-y in the first quarter, by the time you reach the middle portion you'll have characters that you hated you love, characters you hated you despise, and characters you DIDN’T WANT TO SEE GO!!!I really loved Rem and Franklin's relatio [...]

    13. What a book! (For this review I am going to be vague to be careful not to give away spoilers!) For this week's genre choice I really wanted to read Ember of Ashes but the library did not have it. I was disappointed when I had to choose another book and just reading the first chapter of Tattoo Atlas, I knew that it would be a painful book to get through. The first chapter involved a human eating a live mouse and I could not even finish the paragraph so I thought this was going to be a bad book th [...]

    14. To me, this is not engaging like WM. Mainly because it brought up heavy & sensitive issue imo. It kept distracted me with many weird thoughts & that's kinda haunting. A handful amount of 'what if's situations made me freaked a little. Honestly, this book triggered something in me. I don't hate it. But I'm not sure if I like it either.Also, thank you for introducing me with Phillip Glass!Content warning: violence (vivid images)

    15. This book held my attention from start to finish.I loved every bit of it and I might've cried one too many times. The writing wasn't beautiful or anything like that, just the plot, the plot was interesting.The characters are so well developed I've grown fond of all of them, except for Tor he can definitely choke. This book i complex and, although it might be a big quote, it talks, even for a brief moment, about the lack of gun policy in the US, why it's an issue and although it's brief, it was b [...]

    16. - “I mean, it’s true you were never all that nice to me, but when was the last time anybody fell for someone for being nice?”Ricito.When was the last time anybody fell for someone for being nice? (Surely not in any YA. EVER.)Può davvero esistere un modo per ‘spegnere’ alcuni istinti malvagi e invece ‘accendere’ quelli buoni come l’empatia, la compassione e la bontà? E se davvero fosse possibile una cosa del genere sarebbe eticamente giusto? Insomma, il mondo non è una bilancia [...]

    17. This book grappled with some tough issues and made the reader decide what "evil" and "love" mean. The mother of the main character, Rem, is trying to see if they can cure Franklin, a psychopathic teenager, using a brain implant. However, as the book progresses, the reader begins to learn that the mother's methods are not always conventional and moral. Rem is stuck wondering if evil is curable, and if the end result outweighs the corrupt measures taken to get there. Rem not only battles with the [...]

    18. "So what did he do?"Franklin's eyes darted toward me. "He kept me away from you."This could have been the most romantic book I read this year, until it's not. Somewhere along the way it turns into a thriller with sci-fi element O.o and I love it. Sure there are things that are just too good to be true: Franklin's hacking ability (come on, he was held in the facility owned by military), the cops who always seem to be sleeping.But I love the idea and I also love the overall execution (no pun inten [...]

    19. This is a brave book in many ways, and wasn't anything I was expecting. Nothing went as I expected it, and I could appreciate the twists and turns the story took. Side note: I appreciated that The characters sounded like teenagers, instead of miniature adults. May have to check out Floreen's other book.

    20. Didn't have time to find that out, Past Dazz. Unfortunately, several things pissed me off by pg. 23 that I couldn't continue further with Tattoo Atlas.3/5/16 (Before Reading)This Rem name sounds familiar. Oh, wait:49dia.tumblr/b155ee088Hopefully this Rem is better than THAT Rem in the GIF.

    21. I really did not like this book. I could not get into it and dreaded reading it. I am not sure it would be a good book for teen readers. Some parts of the book could relate to their lives, but some of the things that happen are a little too much. There is some vulgar language and clearly described violence. It is very psychological and messes with the readers minds and emotions a bit. The suspense was decent and the book kept taking so many turns. The characters were described well and it was ea [...]

    22. The book "Tattoo Atlas" written by Tim Floreen was like a roller coaster ride. It would be happy, then scary, but mostly confusing. I don't feel like the book explained certain events in enough detail. Floreen threw so many curve balls in this book, it was hard to keep track. I think this made it too busy to follow completely. That being said, I actually really liked the book. When I got used to being just a little confused and accepted that I didn't know some facts, I was kept very interested. [...]

    23. Tattoo Atlas by Tom Floreen was such an interesting read. It started out very eerie stating that Franklin had shot Pete through the head about a year ago. Then proceeds to tell how Franklin was taken to his mothers lab to do testing to see if they could possibly help him or "cure" the evil in him hence, "Can evil be cured?" It is hard to imagine being in Rem's shoes through this entire process. Seeing one of his best friends shot in the head would be really traumatizing, especially being there f [...]

    24. 4.5 Stars - I loved this! "Flowers for Algernon" is probably one of my favorite books and I think that this is a great homage to that, one that will easily captivate a teen audience. Additionally, while I initially expected to have that "Primal Fear" twist (give it up to Edward Norton!), I actually enjoyed the more touching ending.

    25. This book was really good. This book was about a guy who was programmed to be a psycho killer. He was really a good person at heart but his relationships with people were hard at times because of his psycho killer other persona. The main character was gay and he was made fun of for it. If you like books about mystery and murder, you will like this book.

    26. Very interesting story idea which made it a quick read, hard to put down.Rem witnesses the school shooting of his friend Pete. His mom is a scientist who decided to implant devices in the killers brain to make him normal. Oh yeah, you know this isn't going to end well.

    27. This book kept me wanting to read more and more. It wasn't a book I saw myself getting into, but I really did. The end of the first chapter where Franklin put the mouse in his mouth was where I questioned my decision to continue with the book, but I am so glad I didn't stop! It is unlike most books I have read, and I think that is what I liked most about it!

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