The Hole

It starts with an odd hum that brings headaches and nosebleeds to the inhabitants of a remote, sleepy country town Then a sinkhole begins to form and out from that hole comes the townspeople s worst nightmares.Facing their fears and the growing madness, a group of survivors descend into the collapsed area in an attempt to save what is left of their town Sacrifices will bIt starts with an odd hum that brings headaches and nosebleeds to the inhabitants of a remote, sleepy country town Then a sinkhole begins to form and out from that hole comes the townspeople s worst nightmares.Facing their fears and the growing madness, a group of survivors descend into the collapsed area in an attempt to save what is left of their town Sacrifices will be required, but will they be enough The hole is growing spreading and the horror within it is growing stronger
The Hole It starts with an odd hum that brings headaches and nosebleeds to the inhabitants of a remote sleepy country town Then a sinkhole begins to form and out from that hole comes the townspeople s worst n

  • Title: The Hole
  • Author: William Meikle
  • ISBN: 9781370636297
  • Page: 379
  • Format: ebook
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    1. the hoooooolllle…i am pretty good at spooky voice, yes? but even still, you might wonder to yourself "just how scary can a hole be??"and i would be right creepy-uppy behind you, whispering"boo! i'm a hole!"and then you would be all "eek!" and you would understand that holes can be quite scary, indeedis is a very classic, traditional-feeling horror story. not that it feels old-fashioned or anything, it is just very much from the well-tested mold: small town full of quirky people (faded vietnam [...]

    2. A strange hum coming from underground gives everyone in town nosebleeds. Then massive sinkholes open all over town. When the survivors are barred from leaving town by armed soldiers, things go to worse. Can the intrepid band of survivors figure out what's causing everything and get out of town alive?William Meikle is one of my go-to guys when I need a well-written horror fix. While this wasn't one of my favorite Meikle books, it was still a lot of fun.The Hole is the story of a collapsing town a [...]

    3. 4.5 stars!When a hole opens up in the rich area of town, people are intrigued but not scared. When the humming starts and everyone's nose begins to bleed, people DO get scared. And rightfully so.I just loved this fast paced, original story. A couple of the characters were quite memorable and realistic. (I think every small town has an Ellen.)There are some seriously horrific scenes and the tension level stayed high throughout the book. By the time I was done I needed a muscle relaxer because I w [...]

    4. THE HOLE, by William Meikle is one of the best novels I have read so far in 2013! The incredible atmosphere of terror, uncertainty, and dread NEVER lets up. This is an "edge of your seat" book that that you will seriously want to finish no matter what else you have to do. Meikle presents us with a small town besieged by a strange "humming" sound, combined with the opening of vast, mysterious holes suddenly manifesting throughout the area. Accompanying this, are headaches, nosebleeds, and sightin [...]

    5. In a small town the residents are afflicted with nosebleeds and headaches. In the middle of town the ground gives way and creates a hole. Roads, house, people, just gone. The townsfolk are looking for answers, but it's more than they could have imagined.This read started out at a steady pace and then it got bogged down by conversation. Every little incident induced a cohesive talkative segue that led to more action and sometime inaction. I'm not an overly chatty person so, I notice it in books w [...]

    6. It begins with a humat turns into a scream as Meikle puts the pedal to the metal in this out of control rollercoaster ride of a tale that packs non-stop action, skin crawling scares and a few nods to such diverse sources as Quatermass and James Herbert's THE FOG, as it races to a finish that will leave you gasping with tears in your ears.Highest recommendation!

    7. 4.5*Small town residents start hearing a humming noise, what follows are nosebleeds and headaches and the discovery of a hole that soon causes horrific damage to their community. This story could have been dismissed as a fun, 'b' movie type read but this didn't happen as Willie Meikle has created some fantastic characters in this book. There were the usual types for a disaster novel (doctor, sheriff, bad boy, drunk, gossip, etc) and in less deft hands they could have come across as less engaging [...]

    8. A mysterious hole is threatening to swallow an entire town and within its depths lurks an evil that may well devour the residents before the hole even has a chance to…Meikle kicks out a winner with “The Hole”. A classic small town horror story with a little bit of an old school sci-fi flair! This one moves at an energetic pace with easy flowing prose and plenty of solid action. Highly recommended! 4+ Stars.

    9. I enjoyed the quick pace and flow of the story. Along with a good cast of characters. This the second book by William I have read, the first being Clockwork Dolls. I liked CD a little more than The Hole, but gave both 4 stars. Don't want to say too much about the story and spoil it. But I will say one thing, FRED IS DEAD!

    10. The Hole starts off with a pretty good opening line. "The hum started just after midnight." OK, I'm hooked. Right away, I want to know more. Having just seen an episode of Syfy's new series, Joe Rogan Questions Everything, where Joe investigates a strange hum in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, that's been driving the locals batty, I immediately wanted to know what William Meikle's take would be on such an occurrence.In Meikle's story, those who hear the hum, also suffer nose-bleeds, and at Hopman's Ho [...]

    11. The Hole is an enjoyable enough horror-thriller that has the good grace to start with a different premise - that of the ground suddenly collapsing from under a small town as various holes appear - before veering off into ultimately familiar territory.Meikle's writing is strong as always, and I thought he provided a good grasp of the main characters in The Holeand what they were about. However, the threat to the residents of his small-town America is never properly fleshed out, so that it ended u [...]

    12. Disappointing read for me. I found the themes in The Hole to be muddled. Biohazard mixed with satanism, maybe aliens, under-dwellers, who knows? It's a head-scratcher. In any event, I am not a fan of biohazard horror. Garbage Man left me cold even though I am a D'Lacey fan. Sludge turning into monsters and protoplasm is a snooze-fest for me. And although I wanted to like the characters, they read flat for me. I quickly tired of the characters' rote actions. . . snapping salutes, rustling up some [...]

    13. Whoa, some genuinely eerie moments in this hole-in-the-ground what-the-(view spoiler)[hell (hide spoiler)]@!$%!-is-going-on tale. This yarn starts in the middle of the action and rarely pauses for a breath until the climax. And bonus points for a Ouija board scene!Fred is dead. Fred is dead. Fredisdead!This is the first novel published from DarkFuse in 2013 I've read that has the spooky, dark feel of many of its novella brethren. Admittedly, I haven't read them all, but this is my favorite of wh [...]

    14. When I started reading The Hole I thought I was settling in for 266 pages of Horror goodness. However, I quickly realized that this book was much more than just holes in the ground swallowing people up for some malevolent reason. Truth be told I would of been perfectly fine with a story like that but instead I was given so much more to work with. The Hole might be Horror at its core but it also blends in a fair bit of the otherworldly including ghosts, aliens and demon spawn. While multiple genr [...]

    15. The Hole by William Meikle is another blockbuster lead from DarkFuse. The novella is about a series of massive holes that begin swallowing up a small town. Casualties are high, and the survivors are haunted by something terrifying…demons, ghosts, aliens - no one knows for sure. The survivors know one thing: that the situation is likely to kill them and they must find a solution before it does.This synopsis seems pretty simple, but the narrative is anything but simple. The plot is exciting, the [...]

    16. I read this over the course of two days--when I went to bed on the first night, I had my theories about the hole that had inexplicably opened up in this small town, and when I finished the next evening, I saw how well Meikle piled development upon development and twist upon twist of logic. At times you'll be convinced the horror is supernatural unless it's really science-fictional, or even just a natural disaster. The characters--a motley assortment ranging from the respectable (town doctor, tow [...]

    17. It started out great and I was hooked, but eventually the idea behind the Hole really wasn't explained to my satisfaction and the ending was anticlimatic.

    18. The Hole by William MeiklePublished by Dark Fuse Press“It starts with an odd hum that brings headaches and nosebleeds to the inhabitants of a remote, sleepy country town. Then a sinkhole begins to form…and out from that hole comes the townspeople's worst nightmares.Facing their fears and the growing madness, a group of survivors descend into the collapsed area in an attempt to save what is left of their town. Sacrifices will be required, but will they be enough?The hole is growing…spreadin [...]

    19. Thank you to the author and publisher, the pretty terrific guys from Dark Fuse, for the copy of this novel via netgalley.A low hum in the air causes nosebleeds and headachesd a sink hole appears in the sleepy town of Hopmans Hollow bringing with it mayhem and horror. As it spreads an eclectic group of survivors gather together to try and save their townbut what will they be willing to sacrifice and can they hold onto their sanity long enoughI really did like this book. I requested it because I h [...]

    20. This is the story of a small town that suddenly develops sinkholes. A vibration runs through town and the residents develop crippling headaches and nosebleeds and then the holes appear. A small band of people decide to leave town, but they are stopped on the way out by the military. Something is underground, and it is anxious to surface. If it does, the lives of everyone will be in danger. Will anyone survive to tell the tale?This was truly brilliant. I absolutely loved it. For me it drew simila [...]

    21. ensuingchapters/2013/08/22Now this is a book I can relate to: hard drinking, manual labor, mines, sinkholes, battles with subterranean evil.Ah, to be 23 again.From the start, this fast-paced small-town horror shudders with ominosity. (Is ominosity a word? If not, it should be.) Intense headaches and nosebleeds afflict the townsfolk, and then the earth comes out from under their feet.Literally.A giant sinkhole opens in a back yard (leading to a hilarious septic tank scene) and begins swallowing u [...]

    22. The book is about an interesting disaster situation based on a couple of simple concepts yet it wears thin early with much repetition as holes keep opening up and people keep falling in without much else going on. By the time the plot finally gathers steam in the final third of the book it is difficult to still care what happens to the main characters. It has the feel of a novella that has been stretched into a novel. In early chapters, the characters didn't behave very logically and seemed way [...]

    23. Wow! Fantastic5 stars for this " it blew me away" story that had been on my to read list for over a year.Feelings of being transported into the storyline brought on anxiety & fear.Sensational writing; the author's description of the expanding sink hole gives the reader the feelings of actually being there. The panic & terror & the adrenaline rush, just WOW!Reminds me of other books: The Tommyknockers & Under The Dome.

    24. Unusual read but very goodNot my type of book but really enjoyed it. A very unique story line that was full of details and action. Never hurts to throw in a love Interest or two!! Worth a read.

    25. (This review also appears at courtstreetliterary) Willam Meikle’s novel The Hole begins with the following ominous line:“The hum started just after midnight.”Simple, concise, and creepy.In case we didn’t gather it from that opener, Meikle wastes no time letting us know that not only is there a problem in the small town in which The Hole is set, but that the problem is having an unsettling effect on its residents.The first character we meet is Fred Grant, a hard drinking young man who has [...]

    26. The Hole is one of the latest releases I received as part of my DarkFuse subscription. After reading the synopsis I decided to move it to the top of my to-read list and dug in, no pun intended. The story takes place in a small rural town where, all of a sudden, there is a humming that causes residents to develop nose bleeds and headaches. Every occurrence of the humming coincides with the appearance of large sinkholes, swallowing up residents and buildings. What’s more is that the residents ar [...]

    27. I am walking into this review with fear of not doing justice to what I think is a masterpiece in horror. William Meikle starts the story very strong, then I find myself half way through and it is stronger and by the time I arrived at the end I am screaming inside my head "GET OUT OF THERE!" Yes I was terrified for our protagonists. This book is a gem, if you do not want to read any further into what I am about to say just please go and buy it into your favorite e-reader or if you are as lucky as [...]

    28. Review originally published here: iheartreading/reviews/The Hole surprised me. I thought it would be rather straightforward, but it’s actually a more complicated read than I gave it credit for.Two men help out John Hopman when his septic tank gets stuck in some sort of sinking hole. Unfortunately, it’s not what they think at first, and the hole only grows in size, becoming a giant sinking hole soon threatening the whole city. But like that hole isn’t scary enough all on its own, it’s wha [...]

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