Alpha Company

This book still contains adult themes, like the first two did if you didn t care for them, you probably won t care for this one either Rejoin Alburet Two souled as his journey in Alpha World continues He has two quests that still need to be resolved one that deals with Nobility, while the other is from the Dark Lord Before he can deal with either of them, Mindblown This book still contains adult themes, like the first two did if you didn t care for them, you probably won t care for this one either Rejoin Alburet Two souled as his journey in Alpha World continues He has two quests that still need to be resolved one that deals with Nobility, while the other is from the Dark Lord Before he can deal with either of them, Mindblown brings down the server As they are about to launch a mass scale immersion testing phase Gerald, Marysue, Karen and Fluffball are four of the lucky ones selected for the testing phase Gerald plans to drum up recruitment for the guild, Alpha Company, during the meet and greet before the immersion testing starts The quartet of newly minted friends will meet for the first time in the real world Will they get along or will something force them apart before the game goes back on line with them immersed Welcome to Book 3 of Alpha World Alpha Company It is based on the newly minted guild getting its feet under it and seeing what they can do as hundreds of new long term testers get used to the idea of long term immersion This book still contains adult themes, like the first two did if you didn t care for them, you probably won t care for this one either You ve been warned twice now, don t say I didn t warn you The detail of the adult content didn t increase, but it is still present.
Alpha Company This book still contains adult themes like the first two did if you didn t care for them you probably won t care for this one either Rejoin Alburet Two souled as his journey in Alpha World continues

  • Title: Alpha Company
  • Author: Daniel Schinhofen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. I was a bit disappointed by the Book. While its well written and offers a good flow, i missed actual content in it. Nothing really happens and i can't shake the feeling that you could skip this book and continue directly with book 4 (when it gets released) without missing out much of the story. The Book title "Alpha Company" suggest that the focus would be on the founding and management of said clan, however actual interaction of our hero with his clan is sparse. Instead the emphasis stays with [...]

    2. The third book in the Alpha World series outshines the previous two books.I was a little hesitant to continue after the first book due to all the sex scenes. But i’m glad I stayed with the series since the third book really stands on it’s own. Alpha Company explores more of the main characters stories (Fluffball, Karen, Alburet, Stacia and her family.) I think that’s where the true story lies anyway. Most LitRPG authors tend to worry to much about levels and powers and not enough about the [...]

    3. Not great but not badThe author kept with his pattern from the last two books. Focusing more and more on the main character and his sex life then questing or world building. There is a decent amount of the book focused on some character backstory but it really wasn't that interesting. Conflicts that occur in the world while questing or within the new guild feel like they are only in the story to check a block. Each being resolved in the simplest and quickest way you could think of, nothing at al [...]

    4. I rather liked the development in this series. The MC is starting to find out more about himself that I thought was a nice and pleasant surprise. Well, not pleasant surprise, but it was a nice change of pace for a litRPG. The story sets a nice pace and the multiple plots running throughout the book are not over encumbering to the story and help to set up things to come. I love the character development in this series as we get to know more about all of the characters a bit. I'm awaiting with bai [...]

    5. Nakama LitRPG Teamwork is the primary flavour of the story, straight from the first book up to the third. While the primary character started off as a lone fighter, he grew to be someone who prioritise his teammates more than himself. All the grinding, special powers, unique loots, and conveniences aside, if you’re looking for a story about friendship and awkward attempts to show others that you care about them, this series would be something to fill that niche

    6. Looking forward to the next entriesI like this author. I like the way this story focuses on relationships and character interactions, even when I started to get series fatigue from stationing all three books it never felt pointless to read them, I never felt like I was wasting my time. Like the author said if you don't like books or his writing then you probably should have stopped by now, but if you do like what he's offering you're in for something nice.

    7. The book is very similar to the previous ones but at this point it is no longer breaking any new ground and has become repetitive. We keep reading the same daily grind formula which makes it feel more like watching a reality show than living an adventure. A couple of new things happen but together they probably take 10-15% of the book.Hopefully the next volume will quicken the pace and give the main character something to work towards different than mob grinding.

    8. Great take on a adult LitRPGIf you didn't like this because of the adult parts you didn't read the description it said it 2 times lol. I don't like suppliers so I'm just going to say yes its worth a read an any fan looking for something more that the typical PG rating should try it.

    9. Dang YouYes he ended the book with unfinished things. The story is very interesting and entertaining. He has added a lot of emotional issues. At least he made the choice of what to read next easier. I will be reading L. D because I can't handle P.S. after this rolled coaster.

    10. Excellent The story and the characters get even better. Deeper and stronger, with a fine touch that melds gameplay and action with drama and reality (however it may be found). The editing is also top-notch. The book and series is highly recommended, especially if you enjoy LitRPG. In that case this is a definitive work.

    11. Not enough game and too much feelings.I could put up with the adult content in book one since it was minimal and took a back seat to game mechanics and leveling. This latest book seems to be all high school mushy drama. I felt like it was another super hero show ruined by the CW. Cut the relationship garbage and return to the game mechanics and leveling.

    12. Good continuation While this book did pull away from the grinding and combat, I really enjoyed that it explored characters backgrounds, how they came here and why and trying to move forward. It wasn’t just here they are, here’s the problem then BAM it’s fixed move on. I really enjoy this series and can’t wait for more.

    13. Too quickI say too quick because I get immersed in a book like this. The plot of Seamus is interesting. This one tells more of the characters back story.I think Fluff's horrid childhood bares more looking to.All in all I read the book in three days and waiting to get the next one.

    14. Another good installmentThe AW third installment. This series maintains a level excellence and consistency that is hard to find in litrpg. Yes it has sex. No the sex isn't terribly graphic, and is pretty tastefully done. The characters are well put together, and the mic and overall power levels aren't ridiculously op.

    15. Good Read. A LitRPG story. Does have adult content. The story does pick up from the previous book with the creation of a guild. Some history is revealed of the main character and his group. The book ends with more to be told (with the next book). I enjoyed the story that I read it as soon as I found it available.

    16. Good story tellingI'm still very much enjoying the main story line. The dialog and interaction between characters is great. The one bit I'm dinging this one on is the boilerplate grinding quests/combat got a bit dull/repetitive. That said, great book. I'm looking forward to AW4.

    17. Such an amazing storyI couldn't wait until this continuation came out, the story is so well told. Sadly, I now have to wait for the next book in the series, the wait is difficult, but the payoff is amazing

    18. Story keeps getting betterI only have one problem with this book, other than the fact it ended, and that is at the end of a couple of chapters the MC's stat page is shown. I felt it was unnecessary. This is my personal opinion though.Get your own copy and judge for yourself.

    19. Plot continues to improve and now that there's a marriage or two the "sexy-talk" has toned down a bit. Still, I just don't get a sense of a VR experience in the actual adventuring. Featureless, colorless, one dimensional.

    20. GreatThis adventure continues to catch ones interest and peak ones desire to see what is next . the growth of the individuals in the story is base on a sound foundation, causing one to care what happens next.

    21. DittoKindle Unlimited - Thank youI love the time I spend with this story. So as not to simply gush or add a redundant review, I'll just endorse the 5 star reviews. Yeah They've pretty much got it covered.oops Guess most of the actual reviews are at . hmmmm

    22. Can't wait for book 4.But apparently I will have to. A very good addition to an already very enjoyable series. I am reading it via kindle unlimited, but I would pay for these books.

    23. Really good readOk I usually don't right review's but I have to say after reading all three of these books truly a great series Mr schinhofen the way you blend the litrpg and psychological back stories is a work of art keep writing and I will keep reading

    24. AddictiveI am going to read for 30 min before bed. One more chapter. Oh what happens next? Let me read the next chapter. I can read the next one quickly. Amen Bob! Preach it! One more. His are they going to handle that? Crap, I have work in an hour.

    25. Great read!Captivating! Well done RPG that balances battle with character development. I could not put it down read all three books in a week!

    26. TrilogyIf you read a whole trilogy give book at least 4 stars clearly the book was good enough to keep reading

    27. A Good Story ContinuesI like that the supporting characters are developing more as the story continues. Along with sub-plots and steady action, book three works on several levels.

    28. AwesomeThis series has everything I love in the perfect quantities, the characters. Their development. The way the world interactsjust awesome.

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