Stacey's Big Crush

Stacey falls in love with the student teacher filling in for Mr Ziz.
Stacey s Big Crush Stacey falls in love with the student teacher filling in for Mr Ziz

  • Title: Stacey's Big Crush
  • Author: Ann M. Martin
  • ISBN: 9780590456678
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. i had forgotten that this is totally one of my all-time favorite babysitters club books! i had forgotten due to the fact that the story is ridiculous & kind of icky. but peter lerangis worked magic with a premise that could have gone very bad, we all know that stacey's main character trait, aside from being a sophisticated new yorker & having diabetes, is that she loves math. this book opens with stacey sitting in match class. she is having trouble concentrating because spring has once u [...]

    2. Stacey's got it bad, got it bad, got it bad. She's hot for teacher.Stacey crushes hard for a Tom Cruise lookalike student math teacher, "Call Me Wes" Ellenburg; she takes his favor in class and his palling around with her and accepting her help with his filing as interest, and in a physically excruciating escalation, writes him a poem. Wes sort of ignores it, which gets Stacey’s hopes up even more, until he crushes them at the Spring Dance telling her outright that it’s never going to happen [...]

    3. this is my first time reading this book!in this slightly creepy book by ghostwriter Peter Lerangis stacey has a crush on her math class's student teacher. this is no Dawn and the Older Boy-type situation or even a maige-type situation: this is a THIRTEEN YEAR OLD who is into a TWENTY TWO YEAR OLD. anyway, he obviously doesn't reciprocate, but he doesn't shoot stacey down as quickly and as explicitly as I would have liked. in a halfway annoying, halfway adorable subplot, we meet elvira stone, the [...]

    4. This girl named Stacey who has a crush on her teacher!I learned that it's not a good idea to like your teacher,or older people because they are more mature than you and they have more experiences and it will really hurt you at the end!

    5. Sorry, just not believable. Getting a crush on a teacher? Sure. It's never happened to me, but I can see it happening. Actually acting on that crush at age 13? Uhm, no.

    6. When does Stacey NOT have a crush on someone? And it's always an older someone. This girl needs to check her hormones at the door.

    7. Stacey's Big crushPLOT: For some hazy reason, Stacey's math teacher Mr. Zizmore has to leave (I thought he was already gone but I guess that’s later) so her class will have a substitute the last weeks of school. Stacey thinks he'll be a nerd because his last name is Ellensburg but of course he turns out to be HOT and she falls for him. I can already see where this is going to go. Dawn and Maryanne's neighbor Mrs. Stone is going out of town and wants them to watch her baby goat. Can none of the [...]

    8. Stacey falls in and out of luv faster than anybody I have ever seen, even for a thirteen year that girl is quick. The teacher factor was a little gross in this one, but at least Peter Lerangis (everyone's favorite ghosty) handed it well. It could have swerved way into weirdsville, but he did alright with it.Also this is the book in which we are introduced to Elvira. The goat that will relentlessly keep showing up until the end of the main series.

    9. Review onKathryn Cooper Writes I didn’t read a lot growing up, but I was a huge fan of The Baby-Sitters Club. If I was going to read a book it would be one from Ann M. Martin’s huge row of options.Stacey’s Big Crush is such a funny read. I loved reading it! This brought back so any memories of my younger years. I love that this was in junior high and full of a crush. I definitely had huge crushes while in junior high. The boys were never old enough to be a student teacher. Wow, Stacey had [...]

    10. Fantastic books for young girls getting into reading!! Great stories about friendship and life lessons. The characters deal with all sorts of situations and often find responsible solutions to problems.I loved this series growing up and wanted to start my own babysitting business with friends. Great lessons in entrepreneurship for tweens.The books may be dated with out references to modern technology but the story stands and lessons are still relevant.Awesome books that girls will love! And the [...]

    11. 3.5 starsI reread this while I was at my Grandma's house, sorting through some of my childhood books I store in a spare cupboard of hers, and I'm so glad I did. The BSC books are all kind of ridiculous in a really nice, silly way, and this was absolutely no exception - it was such a fun reminder of why I loved them so much as a kid. Stacey fancies her maths teacher and the girls have to look after a baby goat?! What's not to love! I'll definitely be picking up BSC again in the future, just cos n [...]

    12. In which delusional Stacey thinks she has a chance with a student teacher. I love Stacey, but good god, child, get ahold of yourself! You're achildfor fuck's sake! This man is not interested in you. This relationship would be very illegal. Like when Paige when after that student teacher on Degrassi. Degrassi goes there, but the BSC went there first.Also, cover!Wes is pretty hot.

    13. This one is bittersweet, it is. On the one hand it's one of the more hysterically funny (and this is deliberate, as best I can tell!) installments of the BSC; on the other, all aboard the SS Heartbreak! Stacey is much more endearing here than in, say, Stacey's Lie, and anyone who's ever been an obsessive creepwad will relate to her cognitive processes. Is it pretentious to write "cognitive processes" when reviewing a BSC book?Oh, well. Just don’t call me late for dinner.

    14. i like this book because it talks about how a girl really likes her substitute teacherat reminds me of me because in 5th grade i used to like my basketball coach.

    15. This story was pretty good but with a sad ending. I felt very sad for Stacey after she got rejected by Wes. Poor girl

    16. This whole series is great for girls between 11-15 years old. I read every last one of them as I was growing up.

    17. Stacey = hot for teacher. Hilarity ensues. Also, to change things up, they all had to sit for a baby goat, which honestly made me kind of jealous.

    18. this is the second last of the bsc that I own apparently. and why tom cruise. there's literally anyone else

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