Like Nobody's Watching

It s all fun and games until someone catches feelings.If there s something Pio Alvez is good at, it s pretending to be someone he s not On stage and on screen, the actor has mastered the art of becoming the characters he plays, and his new role should be no different After all, how difficult would it be to pretend to be smitten with a beautiful, intelligent go getter likIt s all fun and games until someone catches feelings.If there s something Pio Alvez is good at, it s pretending to be someone he s not On stage and on screen, the actor has mastered the art of becoming the characters he plays, and his new role should be no different After all, how difficult would it be to pretend to be smitten with a beautiful, intelligent go getter like Audrey Alonzo Perhaps it s difficult pretending not to be.
Like Nobody s Watching It s all fun and games until someone catches feelings If there s something Pio Alvez is good at it s pretending to be someone he s not On stage and on screen the actor has mastered the art of becomi

  • Title: Like Nobody's Watching
  • Author: Tara Frejas
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 479
  • Format: ebook
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    1. I actually finished this book during my finals. I love how simple and beautiful it is.

    2. This book was one of my most anticipated novels for this year. If you’ll remember, I read Waiting in the Wings earlier this year and loved it so much. I think everyone who’s read the book would agree with me if I say that everyone of us fell in love with Pio Alvez, even just a bit. So I was really excited when I learned that Tara was writing a book, a spin-off, about Pio! I immediately signed up, when I heard that there was going to be a blog tour for this one!I enjoyed Waiting in the Wings [...]

    3. This review appeared first on Book Freak Revelations.Huge thanks to Tara Frejas for letting me be a part of the blog tour she’s hosting, and for providing an e-Galley of this book. This did not, in any way, affect my overall opinion of the book and/or the story.Waiting in The Wings, up to this very day, is one of my most favorite #romanceclass books that I’ve ever had the chance to read. It’s light, heartwarmingly conservative, filled with bits and pieces of Filipino Theatrical Culture, an [...]

    4. This was an absolutely delightful story with one of my favorite tropes—fake relationship! I was hooked from the start, when Pio pretends to be Audrey’s date after he sees some drunk men following her. She’s crying because her boyfriend of ten years cheated on her. She’s upset and it doesn’t click who he is—a fairly well-known actor. She just thinks he’s a doppelgänger. A month(?) later, they meet again when Pio is a client for her media firm. She’s embarrassed when she realises [...]

    5. Actual rating: 4-4.5Aw, Pio. *heart eyes* What a charmer. Loved his dynamic and banter with Audrey. Loved the Alvez brothers. Loved the strong Filipino culture.

    6. 3.25 starsI liked this, it was light and fun; fake relationship but he’s really into her all along, which is definitely my jam. I liked that he was willing to be what she needed, and really adores her for her competence and ideas. Their chemistry was lovely, and I enjoyed the way they worked out the fake relationship parts, and especially how they navigated that first big party situation. Also can we take a moment to appreciate a cover that really suits the book? The colors, the light, the wat [...]

    7. I got the ARC of Like Nobody’s Watching in exchange of an honest review and here it is:Fake-dating. Theater. Pio Alvez. The three things stated above are enough to convince me that I need to read Ms. Tara’s new novel. And I'm glad I signed-up for the blogtour! This book made me feel a mix of emotions (I got kilig over everything that Pio did, angry at Luigi bcos hell he’s the worst!, happy that Audrey is such a strong woman, etc. etc Haha!) And to say that I’ve enjoyed reading will be tr [...]

    8. "So are you Team Ramon or Team Pio?""Do I have to pick? I like them both."I remember this discussion with other friends as we talked about Waiting in the Wings, the first book where Pio Alvez first appeared. At this time, we knew that Tara was starting Pio's book, and after I decided that I don't really belong to any team (why choose one when you can have them both, right), I was looking forward to what Pio will do to my feelings.Pio Alvez is in a rut, sort of. After not getting the girl and his [...]

    9. She was just supposed to be another woman who passed by him one night while he was nursing a bottle of Stella Artois. But Pio Alvez saw the tears running down from her eyes, and two thugs following her. He had to act fast, he had to intervene…. he just had to.Audrey Alonzo got her heart broken by her boyfriend of 10 years. Moving on from a heartbreak should have been easy, but working with her ex on a daily basis proved it to be quite difficult. Until she met Pio Alvez, again. Could this gorge [...]

    10. After reading Waiting in the Wings, the first novel that I read from Tara Frejas, I couldn't wait for Pio Alvez's happily ever after story. Finally!There is so much to be cherished with Pio because he is such a sweet and caring guy. Honestly, I'm not a fan of him from Waiting in the Wings but I'm truly grateful that Tara wrote a story about him. He is more than the pretty and popular face on-screen and on-stage. He is one type of guy that you want to be fall in love, over and over again. I have [...]

    11. I have to admit that I beta read this book, and reread it again when the book was finally released. There is a reason why I love Pio Alvez so much. In Tara's first #teatrofic, Waiting In the Wings (another must read!), Pio was the second lead you know you couldn't root for--but I did anyway. In this book he was given the chance to shine as the romantic lead/puppy we all need. His enthusiastic, flirty and ultimately kind actions toward the main character Audrey make it hard not to fall in love wi [...]

    12. It's been a long, long while since I wrote a book review so please forgive me for any ineloquent or incoherent moments in my review. I enjoyed Waiting in the Wings, and while I didn't think it was possible given that I am #TeamMonfigs, I might have actually enjoyed Like Nobody's Watching even more.I am reluctant to mention specific plot points because SPOILERS so I will focus more on the characters and maybe a few vague things about the plot.PIOPio is a sweetheart. He is THE definition of a nice [...]

    13. A few months ago, I read Waiting in the Wings and got introduced to Pio Alvez's character. Upon finishing the book, I immediately thought: "I hope Pio gets a story and finds a happy ending too." I was not disappointed at all by Like Nobody's Watching. There were a lot of things I loved about it: Pio and Audrey's banter, the author's take on my favorite trope, how it's not just focused on the romance budding between the MCs but there were also other aspects as well like family, career and making [...]

    14. This is my first book after a while so that makes it so special for me. Pio is my 3rd favorite #romanceclass LI! He is such a child, I love him so much! Audrey, on the other hand, is my Queen. She is strong and independent and she definitely slays! (also, her nickname and my name sounds similar lol) I am a reader who values characterizations and character development more than anything in a story and I definitely fell in love with how Pio and Audrey’s characters were made, thus, me loving the [...]

    15. “You’re the heroine of this story, remember that.”I loved Waiting in the Wings so when I heard that Pio will be getting his own book. I couldn’t be more excited for it! Like Nobody’s Watching is steamier than Waiting with its mature content. The chemistry between the two characters is undeniably good even though they started with having a fake relationship. Book is written in alternating point of views. With Pio’s POV, we get to see that not only he is a perfect gentleman but also he [...]

    16. ***UPDATE***Check out my full review here: thebooknutadventures.wordpresFive amazing, smoldering and kilig stars! Tara is one of the few authors who can make me feel kilig (giddy) even when my reality feels like shit. Thank you for gifting us Pio and Audrey. And I will hold on to your word that there will be more 💜I’ll be back with a much better and coherent review. I promise ☺️

    17. 3.5 stars.I enjoyed readingLike Nobody’s Watching . I am more of a certified Monfigs fan, though, but Pio was still able to deliver, in his own (cute) way, his own story — complete with winks, feels, smiles, and a little bit of tearsnaireadsigiandlynai/2

    18. Pio is a real boy. That much was apparent from the first page. Frejas knows this boy body, heart and soul, making it impossible for me to not love him. Audrey was after my heart too, and I appreciated her journey to her HEA, both on her own and with Pio, that I finished the book knowing I will be rooting for this adorable couple long beyond the last page.

    19. After reading Waiting in the Wings, nobody would’ve known much about Pio Alvez and this book helped us know him more and what his story is about. I did not expect Pio’s story to be that deep. Once you get to finish each chapter you get to know more about Audrey and Pio more and more and you just wish it will never end. One thing I did not expect from this book is the heat because I had this image of Pio as a goody two shoes boy but was I proven wrong. Thank you Tara for writing this!P.S. I r [...]

    20. Like Nobody's Watching is a story about falling in love, take a leap of faith and moving on. I love the story and the chemistry of the protagonist. Yes, never knew Pio could this be addicting. Hahaha More about this review on my blogegirlontrack.wordpress/

    21. You'll fall in love with Pio Alvez. And I fell in love with him, his face (YES VERY TRUE haha), his personality, his love for his mother and family, and his love for Audrey. I admire Audrey for being brave and for being herself. I love them and I want more Aji and Pyo.

    22. Pio's book definitely made me like him more than in Waiting in the Wings lol. Him and Audrey had a fun relationship, yes it was fake dating but the chemistry was certainly not fake. Lots of fun banter and i think by now everyone should know how much i adore banter so A+Also Audrey's ex Luigi got told off by both Audrey and Pio and yesss he so had that coming! Also also hello heat level steamy in this lol. Now i had a little moment of going hmmm not sure about this gesture Pio did here with her w [...]

    23. This is the first book from Tara Frejas that I've read. Like most often with any new author I encounter, I'm still grasping and coming to terms with Tara's writing style. I honestly missed the light-hearted happily-ever-after feels that #romanceclassbooks always leave me with after finishing one.Note to all the lovely ladies out there, if a guy discourages you from something you're passionate about, he's not worth the sacrifice. Yes, you don't need to like the same things nor do you need to find [...]

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