Christmas Secrets in Snowflake Cove

The perfect book to snuggle up with this Christmas Christmas is a time for family and friends, miracles and magic, falling snow and roaring fires, fun, laughter and festive feasts In Snowflake Cove, it s also a time for secrets to be revealed Evie Starr is hoping for than a sprinkling of magic this Christmas The family run Snowflake Inn is virtually empty and The perfect book to snuggle up with this Christmas.Christmas is a time for family and friends, miracles and magic, falling snow and roaring fires, fun, laughter and festive feasts In Snowflake Cove, it s also a time for secrets to be revealed Evie Starr is hoping for than a sprinkling of magic this Christmas The family run Snowflake Inn is virtually empty and the Starr s financial future isn t looking bright But Evie s gran, Jessie has a secret that might help Enigmatic, Zachary Thorn is every woman s dream He s also ex SAS, so his secrets are classified The Christmas Special of his feel good, TV show is set in Michaelmas Bay until a phone call means he s spending Christmas in nearby Snowflake Cove Evie s best friend, Juniper thinks boyfriend Darren has a secret Evie knows he does And Evie s niece, Raven is hiding feelings for Juniper s brother who has a secret crush of his own But the biggest secret in Snowflake Cove is the identity of Raven s dad With snow falling thick and fast and secrets being revealed one after another, will everyone be snuggling up by the fire on Christmas Eve, or are some secrets best kept hidden Book one of a two book series but each book can be read as a standalone.
Christmas Secrets in Snowflake Cove The perfect book to snuggle up with this Christmas Christmas is a time for family and friends miracles and magic falling snow and roaring fires fun laughter and festive feasts In Snowflake Cove i

  • Title: Christmas Secrets in Snowflake Cove
  • Author: Emily Harvale
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. 5☆ A Beautiful Heart Warming Christmas ReadChristmas Secrets in Snowflake Cove is a beautiful read full of festive charm and the magic that Christmas Brings! A true gem!I devoured this book and really didn't want it to end! When Evie Starr's family come up against money troubles and the threat to lose Snowflake inn they know the Inn is falling apart, but they will stop at nothing to keep Snowflake Inn.So when Evie's Gran Jessie tells Evie the famous Zachery Thorn is bringing his live TV Show ' [...]

    2. My overwhelming initial reaction to having finished this book is to crave more, I need more Michaelmas Bay and I definitely need more from the Starr and Thorne families. I was enjoying the book so much that I really didn't want it to end. There is what could be considered an overwhelming amount of characters in this story but once you work out who is who and how they are related, it just adds to the fun of the book - with so many sub plots and secrets everywhere. Although Evie is the focal point [...]

    3. I just love love love the sweet, happy, sassy holiday vibes that this book brings. And of course, all the dirty little secrets that suddenly came out of the closet, and on Christmas Day, of all days!Evie Starr and her family owns Snowflake Inn, and they need all the help they can get to make Snowflake up and running, especially this holiday. Extremely busy and her mind always preoccupied with everything that the Inn needs, the possibility of Zachary Thorn coming to Michaelmas Bay and to Snowflak [...]

    4. A perfect festive read. This novella is a great afternoon well spent, especially with a hot chocolate and an open fire. It’ll leave you feeling SO ready for the holiday season. The characters are adorable and very likeable people with hearts of gold. A lovely read.

    5. There are a set amount of authors who I can rely on to produce a book that ‘hit’s the spot’ whenever I need a lift or to while away some time or simply just absorb myself in to overcome real life and Emily Harvale is one of those.I always find her novels so easy to slide into and feel wrapped in a cosy environment. Christmas Secrets in Snowflake Cove lives up to that image, just look at the cover, who wouldn’t want to experience Christmas in a setting like that!?There are quite a few cha [...]

    6. donnasbookblog.wordpress/I adored the cover of this book, it is just so lovely and festive and its a scene I'd love to be in myself!  I really enjoyed the whole story and I am delighted that this is the first in a brand new series - I am certainly going to be looking forward to reading! as I definitely need to read more about the gorgeous Michaelmas Bay!The book was a complete treat and I enjoyed it so much that I didn't want it to end, I was completely wrapped up in the story and the character [...]

    7. I have already started on my Christmas reading and this was another perfect example of what a Christmas book is all about.I have read quite a few of Emily Harvale’s books now and this is probably my favourite. It is the first in the series set in the idyllic Snowflake Cove and as soon as we were introduced to fiesty Evie, I knew I would enjoy this book immensely!The setting is perfect, an old Inn, charmingly named Snowflake Inn, set off on its own little island run by a family of completely di [...]

    8. All reviews can be found on my blog at thewritinggarnet.wordpressWith only one month until Christmas Day, festivities and traditions are starting to appear amongst the throes of everyday life. If by chance you're one of those people who 'don't do' Christmas until advent, or consider yourself a Scrooge, then let's be brutally honest - this book probably isn't for you. Although, if there is a slight chance of you coming over to the bright side of Christmas city with a little gentle persuasion, the [...]

    9. This is a radiant read with a brilliant cover! I’m delighted that this is first in series – I usually come to a series much later, and will be looking out for Emily Harvale’s future novels and especially the next one in Michaelmas Bay.Evie Starr’s family owns and runs Snowflake Inn on a small isle attached to Snowflake Cove and reached only on foot over a small bridge. Possibly because of this idyllic location the family finances aren’t very healthy but then they hear there is a chance [...]

    10. I received this book from Rachel’s Random Resources in exchange for my review. This does not change or influence my opinion in any way.I requested to be part of this tour as it is a Christmas-themed book, and it is getting to be so close to Christmas, I thought that this would help me to get into the Christmas spirit. It did just that.This book was all about family struggles and triumph, hard work, dedication, and of course, love and romance.Evie and her family run the Snowflake Inn at Snowfla [...]

    11. This Christmas romance is crammed full of seasonal goodies. I lost count of the batches of mince pies, shortbread and glasses of mulled wine which were served throughout the story. If you are looking for a light, seasonal read, this is ideal for you. Snowflake Cove sounds so appealing and the local community couldn't be friendlier. I found the secondary characters the most amusing, especially Evie's grandmother, Jessie, and her recalcitrant, niece, Raven. There is plenty of humour to be found in [...]

    12. Fantastic, a brand new series for Christmas! This story isn't too long, but has a lot of characters in it and at times I did feel a little confused, however if you invest some time in it at the beginning then you won't need to worry as you will quickly be transported to Snowflake Inn. This story has a few twists and turns that will keep you guessing and it will definitely get you into the holiday mood. This is a book I will be recommending to others this Christmas as you will not be disappointed [...]

    13. This is a lovely feel-good book that just oozes Christmas. From the setting of Snowflake cove, twee but idyllic, to the descriptions of the food, this book is guaranteed to put you in a Christmas mood. There's just a touch of mystery too regarding Jessie's past and I'm hoping for a sequel. Some great characters, even ones who don't actually appear such as Raven's mum, and of course no book would be complete without a touch of romance. Although fairly formulaic, this book is an easy Christmas rea [...]

    14. What a way to start my 2017 Christmas reading. Emily Harvale has a way of writing that lets my imagination take me into the books. I'm right there with Evie and her family and makes me want to stay at Snowflake Cove Inn for Christmas. I always seem to end up crying at the end of her books not sure if its because I am sad that I have finished it or that I am happy at the outcome of her characters. Any Christmas book I read now has got a hell of a job competing for the title of my best christmas b [...]

    15. A perfect cosy Christmas read. That's all I really need to say - it's what everyone who chooses a book with a snow scene on the cover is looking for, isn't it? Crammed with glorious festive clichés, snow, sparkle and mistletoe, and with a storyline that makes you want to keep reading. Nothing challenging about it - but who needs challenging when there are mince pies to bake, turkey roasting times to calculate and presents to wrap?

    16. If you haven’t read one of Emily’s books before why not? They are utterly brilliant. They have romance, friends, family and hot guys, what’s more great is this one is set around Christmas. I loved getting to know the characters and I liked the sound of Zach quite a lot. A brilliant Christmas read that will get you in the Christmas spirit.

    17. I'm not a romantic person and I admire anyone who can write romance without making it cheesy. This Emily Harvale achieves with aplomb - a lovely new setting with delightful characters. A delightful escape from the murder and mayhem I usually read. x

    18. Oh, if only this book came with pictures - I would LOVE to see Snowflake Cove during the winter, especially the bridge! The characters were well-developed and the story flowed smoothly. I cannot wait until the next book in this series! An enchanting holiday read to get you into the holiday spirit!

    19. Nice seasonal storyRed this over the festive period to get me in the mood ad it worked a treat nice easy read that can be read in a few hours .

    20. A good readI really enjoyed reading this story. I love Christmas and I love a happy ending. So it was a perfect read for me.

    21. Super!!!I had a great time reading this book!! A fast moving story with a lot to keep the reader looking for more!!

    22. Holiday MustThis was no doubt a very happy holiday read! I am looking forward to the next. Made me smile enormously and feel the feels . loved it.

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