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  1. LOVE the Brains Benton series! It takes me back to childhood days, when kids had paper routes and chores. When they got on their bikes and took off for the day, without so many organized activities, and with the main requirement of being home for dinner on time. What are now considered "free range" kids, were once simply kids growing up and learning to be independent. I also appreciate the focus on intelligence, starting with the name of our hero, "Brains." This is a wholesome series that will s [...]

  2. In my pre-teen years, this was a wonderful influence. The image of the young "renaissance man" - a crime-fighting boy genius - really stuck with me - influenced as I was by the secret agent shows so popular on television during the late 60's. A great read

  3. This is one of the best and funniest kids mysteries I have ever read. My Mom loved it, I loved it and I would feel quite comfortable giving it to a young child to read. I was laughing out loud and entertained through the whole readry believable characters, hysterical narration and intriguing story.Highly recommended! Content: The boys can be kind of mischievous, they tell some 'white lies', and can be a little disobedient. I can't remember any other inappropriate moments in this book.

  4. I can't possibly rate this as highly as I esteemed it when I was a kid. But it's till a lot of fun, though Brains doesn't seem as smart as he did back when. I was shocked at how many of the phrases from the book were still familiar to me, almost 40 years later. As essential to my life as Encyclopedia Brown and Scooby-Doo.

  5. I thought there were only two of these books. Now here I find out there were 7 Brains Benton books. I'm in my 40s and I gotta go find the other four and read them!

  6. I had this book and another in the series as a child. I actually enjoyed them more than the Hardy Boys series. Too many years ago for me to give a proper review, but they were quite enjoyable.

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