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  1. Scarface, better known as Tony Montana. Tony, a Cuban refugee who has entered the United States to make a name for himself. Tony had a rough start. Tony and many other fellows had been sent to a camp. He had made friends but his best friend, Manny. Manny had a plan to get both Tony and himself out of the camp. They had to kill a powerful Cuban figure. As soon as they had killed him, they started to roam around the streets of Miami. They both started small part-time jobs at a shack after the stre [...]

  2. Hang on to your seat, this is a gutsy book about gangsters, or mobsters and the secret lives and what really happens.

  3. 5 of 5 stars to Scarface. I gave it so because both the novel & the movie were awesome. I would read the novel again if it's not in campus library. :D Because, I feel that this novel was brilliant, thrilling, and violent! I knew and learnt much about coke business and organization. Many slang words used when the characters were speaking. I also learnt that Tony really wanted to make his family, Gina and Mama happy using his ‘dirty money’.The story was about Tony Montana who wanted to mak [...]

  4. 1st Read: January 18, 2002 - February 7, 2002 Having seen the movie a couple times and enjoyed it, it was due time to begin this book I'd picked up at Value Village for a dollar. When I had finished it, I thought I would have to re-read it. There are bits and pieces of it I remember, but the ending of the book was quite memorable. 2nd Read: December 8, 2012 - December 12, 2012 In November 2012, I had started the process of elimination of re-reading books for a second, sometimes third time. By do [...]

  5. Not a bad novel based off the film. It does follow the movie pretty well, making some changes to make the story more feasible than the film. Some of the changes I wasn't a big fan of as this is my favorite movie it's based on. It still is a good companion piece if you like the movie, which is better than this novel.

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