Tyrannosaurus Drip

Whoever heard of a vegetarian T rex Everyone knows that tyrannosauruses are big and scary, so when a placid duckbill dinosaur s egg ends up in the wrong nest confusion is sure to ensue When the baby dinosaur hatches out, he s so out of place that his grisly big sisters call him Tyrannosaurus Drip Poor little Drip all he wants is a quiet life munching on water weed Whoever heard of a vegetarian T rex Everyone knows that tyrannosauruses are big and scary, so when a placid duckbill dinosaur s egg ends up in the wrong nest confusion is sure to ensue When the baby dinosaur hatches out, he s so out of place that his grisly big sisters call him Tyrannosaurus Drip Poor little Drip all he wants is a quiet life munching on water weed .Written by the acclaimed Julia Donaldson and illustrated by the award winning David Roberts, Tyrannosaurus Drip is a rhyming story that s full of fun
Tyrannosaurus Drip Whoever heard of a vegetarian T rex Everyone knows that tyrannosauruses are big and scary so when a placid duckbill dinosaur s egg ends up in the wrong nest confusion is sure to ensue When the baby d

  • Title: Tyrannosaurus Drip
  • Author: Julia Donaldson David Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780230015500
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Highly entertaining dino-spin on the "Ugly Duckling" tale, this story features the placid, water-dwelling, vegetarian duckbill dinosaurs and the mean, meat-eating, sinister T-Rex dinosaurs (cliched, yes, but oh well) who wish they could cross the river to eat the duckbills. When a hungry Compy steals a duckbill egg and accidentally drops it near the T-Rex nest, confusion and much angst ensues. In the end, the poor little "Tyrannosaurus Drip" gets a chance to prove himself to his true family and [...]

    2. This was brilliant and at times really funny, mostly because I didn't read this one which is just as well because at points it borders on tongue twister. More Julia Donaldson fun, this time for dinosaur fans. The little guy loved it.

    3. I had expected something totally different from this book. I can't say what, as that would spoil the book, and for such a short review I don't feel like spoiler-tagging stuff. I was hoping for one ending, but I got a totally weird and not even close to what I wanted ending. An ending I didn't see coming. I also had expected something to happen when our little dinosaur found his real family. I had a lot of expectations and none of them were met. The book was mostly boring, T-rexes are angry, carn [...]

    4. Not all of Julia Donaldson's books are inspired, but they're certainly all very good. This one comes into the former category in my opinion, because it does an excellent job of talking about bullies (i.e. the tyrannosaurus family) getting their karmic come-uppance, all within a cute rhyming story. I often find Donaldson’s books a little too cute or a little too bright or something that doesn't quite appeal to me, but in this one the illustrations get top marks - as the symbolism of muted blue [...]

    5. This is an interesting dinosaur tale, reminiscent of The Ugly Duckling. With its dinosaur theme, colorful illustrations and rhyming narrative it's sure to be highly entertaining for children. We enjoyed reading this book together.

    6. This book is so fun and the rhymes are really cute and funny. I absolutely love the illustrations in this book! I am huge on illstrations in childrens books and these do not dissappoint. It is a perfect book for children who love dinosaurs and rhyming books.

    7. Okay, she got me--I really liked it.A cute twist on "The Ugly Duckling" AND dinosaurs. I bought 2 copies and I know they are going to get well worn.

    8. Good strong Donaldson although not quite up to the standard of her best. Plus little miss would like to point out that TRex only has two fingers!

    9. LOVE Julia Donaldson. Such a talented writer. My kids will read this book (and her other books) over and over without getting bored.

    10. A lovely story about finding out where you truly belong, as well as standing up to bullies! Poor Tyrannosaurus Drip gets bullied by his parents and him siblings for not being mean or fierce enough, and so he runs away to find where he really belongs. When he finds his true family, he learns why he is the way he is, and ends up standing up to his other family when they come to attack! Another nice thing about this book is that, in a way typical of Julia Donaldson, the littlest one saves the day! [...]

    11. I like the art in this, but I can't stand reading stories to kids where a group is portrayed as simply "bad" and then is somehow punished. I always feel like it doesn't send a realistic or very positive message.

    12. Interesting story to use in a class. Would be fun to work on in a playful way with children, as well as a good discussion for themes of family, friends, fitting in and getting along.Great rhyming - well written by Donaldson as you’d expect. Lovely illustrations too. Sweet book and story.

    13. Duckbill dinosaurs and tyrannosaurus dinosaurs liked different things. In fact, tyrannosaurus liked to eat duckbill dinosaurs. One day a duckbill egg rolls into a tyrannosaurus nest. What happens is unexpected, funny, and told in great rhyme and illustrations.

    14. Wasn't to keen on this book. Some words were big so some children May struggle with some of them.

    15. Fun book with lots of rhyming and excellent to read aloud. Children would find it easy to read along too. Plus it makes you thankful and in this story that Tyrannosaurus's cannot count.

    16. Rather an amusing book. It would be a good story to introduce herbivores and carnivores. Lovely illustrations too.

    17. I absolutely adore this book! What a wonderful and charming story, enjoyable to read especially with all the rhymes and quite funny too. I loved reading this to the children in preschool and they always enjoyed hearing the story. There was plenty of opportunity for dramatic reading; I'd definitely recommend this book.

    18. ✤ OPENING:"Drip,get a grip!" the others keep on sneering."Wrong face. Out of place," they won't stop jeering.✤ CLOSING:And you'll find out who you are.And you'll find that you're a star!☰ REVIEW:4.5 starsDinosaurs!!! I really love dinosaurs! Love the pictureslove the dinosaurslove the storyn the great rhymes!Love this cute little book! It's quite sad at firstmething like The Ugly Duckling.I really wanted to give this book 5 stars, but the BEST is still The Velveteen Rabbit! And there's a b [...]

    19. Tyrannosaurus Drip is another great book by Julia Donaldson. This book portrays the story of a duckbill ending up growing amongst the tyrannosaurus Rex. It displays a conflict between these two species in regards to the geography of their land- the water. The water prevented the T Rex from hunting the duckbill as they were afraid of it. The main character, the lonely duckbill is teased greatly and realises he is not amongst his own kind. Following finding his kind he helps greatly towards preven [...]

    20. I loved this book and most others written by Julia Donaldson. Tyrannosaurus Drip is about a little dinosaur who doesn't quite fit in with the other Tyrannosaurus Rex's , he eventually finds somewhere where he belongs and is happy. You are introduced to ideas of 'bullying' and emotions such as fear, happiness and a sense of belonging. The story has a consistent rhyme which helps to build a beat and rhythm when reading and also presents opportunity for the audience to guess whats coming next. It a [...]

    21. The book opens with some incredibly catchy rhymes that introduce the characters and the story's premise, but the ending falls flat. It's hard to pinpoint what exactly is disappointing.Spoilers follow.Maybe I was disappointed by the moral. Drip's bravery is commendable, but the Ts are done in more by their own fumbling than anything else.Maybe it's just that the end is so abrupt. It feels rushed after the delightful opening.Maybe I'm bothered by the internal inconsistency. We've already establish [...]

    22. The tyrannosaurus dinosaurs were the biggest meat eating dinosaurs in the swamp. They wanted to get a hold of the duckbill dinosaurs across the water. For the tyrannosaurus dinosaurs could not swim, they had no way to reach the duckbill dinosaurs. The duckbill’s feared the tyrannosaurus. One day a compsognathus, a short, tiny dinosaur, took a duckbill egg and swam it all the way to the tyrannosaurus’s land. The big dinosaurs saw comp and scared him off, he dropped the duckbill egg and it rol [...]

    23. Tyrannosaurus Drip is a story about a dinosaur that was born into the wrong family because his egg was accidentally dropped in the wrong nest. This little dinosaur was completely different from his family in every way; while they were tall and ate meat he was small and only liked to eat vegetables. His family didn’t understand why he was different and often times made fun of him. Then one day the little dinosaur saved another group of dinosaurs from his family and realized that he was more lik [...]

    24. This book is about a duckbill dinosaur who as an egg rolls into a tyrannosaurus' nest. He hatches but soon feels like he doesn't belong with his family, they tell him he's not scary enough and he keeps singing the wrong song. He soon sees the other duckbill dinosaurs on the other side of the river and finds out he can swim, so joins them. However a tree falls so the tyrannosaurus family can cross the river, but tyrannosaurus drip gets them to look in the river at their reflection and this scares [...]

    25. A short to medium length book full of lovely expressive illustrations, plenty of rhyme, and some repeated refrain. The story also shows a few varying environments and could invite discussion regarding how animals fit into their environment.'Tyrannosaurus Drip' tells the story of Drip, a baby Duckbill Dinosaur, as he rejects life with the Tyrannosaurus-Rex's and stumbles upon his own kind. Drip becomes an unlikely hero as he saves the day, defeating the T-Rex's and saving himself and the rest of [...]

    26. My dad called this "The Lorax if it was half as subtle and a fourth as clever." He's trying to teach me fractions. I guess "drip" is a mean word from when my grandma was a kid. The meat eating dinosaurs have tiny brains and murder the plant eaters. Not all of them, though, because they still win. This reminded us of the kid on the PBS show "Dinosaur Train" who isn't like the rest and says, "What am I doing in a pteranodon nest?"

    27. The kids and I thought the pictures in this one were really cute. We liked the story, too, but in spots it was a little repetitive, and that did get a little annoying at times.My nephew did ask if the T-Rexes were going to become nice in this story. My niece responded, "They're T-Rexes. So, no." Both kids were pleased with the ending, even though my niece's statement did turn out to be correct.

    28. The illustrations have a fun energy and lovely use of color. While the text felt a bit repetitive as well as being heaped full of far too many 'and's for my taste, I'll admit that after a couple readings the dinosaurs' chants were stuck in my head for the rest of the day. I wasn't a fan of the way the story resolved as far as the Tyrannosaurs' fate, but overall the story has a nice setup and flow along with some fun twists.

    29. Kjenner du til Gruffalobøkene? Da bør du lese denne også!Jeg oppdaget tilfeldigvis en "gammel" bok om nebbedinosauren Dott som klekkes ut av egget sitt hos tyrannosaurene. Denne boken er også på rim og har herlige bilder av dinosaurene. Detaljene er flotte og fargevalget fremhever roen til nebbedinosaurene og sinnet til tyrannosaurene. Denne boken er skikkelig bra!Denne må jeg bare anbefale til barn som liker Gruffalo!!!

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