Blood And Bone

Lashner keeps the reader spellbound Harlan Coben New York Times bestselling author William Lashner takes a brief hiatus from his popular series character, lawyer Victor Carl Hostile Witness, Fatal Flaw, A Killer s Kiss et al , and electrifies with Blood and Bone a relentlessly exciting standalone thriller A gripping story of a hard luck slacker pulled into a deadly co Lashner keeps the reader spellbound Harlan Coben New York Times bestselling author William Lashner takes a brief hiatus from his popular series character, lawyer Victor Carl Hostile Witness, Fatal Flaw, A Killer s Kiss et al , and electrifies with Blood and Bone a relentlessly exciting standalone thriller A gripping story of a hard luck slacker pulled into a deadly conspiracy surrounding the late father he barely knew, it enthralls and surprises on every page The Washington Post raves Lashner is as impressive as anyone writing thrillers today Blood and Bone is the proof.
Blood And Bone Lashner keeps the reader spellbound Harlan Coben New York Times bestselling author William Lashner takes a brief hiatus from his popular series character lawyer Victor Carl Hostile Witness Fatal Fla

  • Title: Blood And Bone
  • Author: William Lashner
  • ISBN: 9780061143489
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Blood and Bone is a stand-alone thriller and a departure for this author from his very good Victor Carl series. Our hero, Kyle Byrne, is a 26 year-old ne’er do well and a quintessential under-achiever. Think of a California beach bum residing in Philadelphia. Kyle is also the illegitimate son a somewhat well known attorney – who died suddenly when Kyle was 12. As the book opens his dad’s ex-law-partner is murdered and Kyle finds himself awash in fleeting memories of his father, unresolved [...]

    2. Interesting novel of a young man whose father died when he was 14. it has been 12 years until his mother dies. He has no dreams, no ambition. He failed to pay the mortgage on the house, largely because he has no job. The bank has foreclosed. He keeps thinking he sees a shock of grey hair that makes him feel like his father is watching. His father's old partner is murdered and Kyle attends the funeral. Then things get lively! Murder and mayhem follows.

    3. PROTAGONIST: Kyle ByrneSERIES: Standalone thrillerRATING: 1.5Some people can never come to terms with the past. They tend to float through life and not be engaged with the present. Their time and energy is spent on things that happened long ago. That's definitely the case for Kyle Byrne, a young man who can best be described as a slacker. He flunked out of college, forfeiting a promising sports career. He's lost his job and is about to lose his home. He doesn't seem to care all that much. The on [...]

    4. Blood and Bone was an uninspired story starred by a couple of uninteresting and forgettable characters. The core idea of the book, the one that has to do with Kyle trying to unravel the mystery that involved his late father, was interesting but the way it was presented to readers was very subpar. Coupled with its sleep-inducing pace and at times maudlin tone, Blood and Bone was certainly not an engaging or memorable read.

    5. The past comes back to change the present and provide an answer to many questions for several characters. Plot is decent, if a little clumsy, but the characters interesting and the ending satisfying.

    6. Without doubt, Lasner's weakest effort. Very formulaic and, without Victor Carl, the book completely falls flat. If his next effort isn't MUCH better, I may never read a new Lashner book again. Sad, he was my favorite author 3 months agol.

    7. This was an interesting novel & obviously a highly fictional one. This would appeal to young adults as some could relate to the written word & feel a connection with the main character, a young man who has no plans with his life & feels like he has never met his full potential. Kyle Byrne is a slacker who has no goals in life, drinks a lot & fraternises with many women. He alienates his closest friends, finds himself on the wrong side of the law & drifting through life. This [...]

    8. I think I'm out of step with the general public. I don't get the scathingly bad reviews for this book. It had all the Lashner touches I love, humor, diffident hero, father-son relationship, with the addition of some amazing plot twists. I hope to hear more from slacker Kyle Byrnes. This could definitely be a series with Kyle finding himself as a lawyer or PI. It was a drop slow, and the police detectives were a little cliched. Otherwise I loved it.

    9. Kyle Byrne has led a rough life, some of it can be put directly on his shoulders adn some of it can be attributed to his childhood. His father, Liam, was a lawyer that tended to be on the shady side. He fathered Kyle but did not marry Kyle's mother. Liam did not participate in Kyle's upbringing, but his mother remainded loyal to Liam and Kyle up to love his father.Kyle's mother dies and his father disappears, well he actually may be dead. At least thats what the death certificate says.Kyle excel [...]

    10. This book was fast paced, easy, light reading. The two main detective characters---Detectives Ramirez and Henderson--were well drawn and I would enjoy reading more about them. That's the good part of this book.The bad part of this book can be stated in two words---Kyle Bryne. The summary of the book given above refers to him as "amiable and handsome". I myself saw more of a shallow con-man charm than amiability.And, a handsome loser is still a loser. Only when the police start asking questions d [...]

    11. I had never read anything by William Lashner. I had heard of him and knew that he had been writing a series with a detective named Victor Carl in it but that's it. This was a surprisingly good book. A young boy named Kyle loses his father at the age of 12, however believes that he may be seeing him from time to time. Kyle's father was a lawyer and when his former law partner dies then the mystery starts. The twists and turns of this suspense mystery will keep you reading into the night. I was a [...]

    12. A story of an illegitimate son of an attorney that died fourteen years back in the story. When his fathers partner is murdered the spotlight is turned on this young man and he must find out about his fathers past. I really liked the story and felt the author did a good job throwing a few twists at the reader. There were a few bumps along the way where I felt the story just felt a bit disconnected. Almost like the author had left something out than attempted to brush stroke it over. However for m [...]

    13. Oh, William Lashner, I wish you would write more. Another entertaining novel, an absorbing read. Not quite on par with the Victor Carl series, but Victor is such a strong character, it'd be hard to match that. But still we have great writing, really pretty outrageous situations that somehow seem completely possible happening to these ordinary folks. I love that dichotomy in his characters, something that is their nature vs something they think they should or want to be. A satisfying conclusion, [...]

    14. Kyle Byrne's life of drinking, playing games, sleeping around was blamed upon the death of his father when Kyle was only twelve. His father, dead for 14 years, a former lawyer, haunts Kyle's life. When his dad's former law partner is murdered and the cops start asking Kyle uncomfortable questions, he's forced to confront head on the tragedies and self-deceptions that form the fabric of his existence. His good friend Kat, a lawyer, helps him when he gets into trouble. Then the very pretty detecti [...]

    15. I liked it. Didn't love it, but it was a good story. Got off to a bit of a slow start for me, but it was fun being set in Philadelphia and the Main Line. The plot gained momentum as it progressed and for the second half of the book I was quite eager to see what would happen next. This was my first book by William Lashner. It was a stand-alone which I prefer. I would recommend this book as a back up book to have if one finished one's current book early and needed another one before the library re [...]

    16. .When I pay for a 389 page book I expect to read 389 full pages. When dialog of two or three words is double spaced down a page, when one word on a page counts as a full page it makes me think the author is trying to crank out pages without the work of writing words. This book contains maybe 150 or 200 full pages due to these little gimmicks. I feel cheated.

    17. This is my first read of William Lashner, and I do not think it will be my last.The main character, Kyle Byrne, has a life that has gone off-track since his mother's death.He wants to find out the truth about the death of a father he never really knew -- a Philadelphia lawyer.Forget about the plot, it's how Lashner takes you on a ride with no brake pedal.Go for it!

    18. honestly, I thought this story was garbage. I rescued this book from a trash can, and now realise it should have stayed there. characters not fleshed out until the VERY end, and the story has bad flow. needless to say, this feels as if it were a college satudent's rush job for a C minus.

    19. I got a little way into this and realized I'd read it before at some point. I don't know when. I usually don't enjoy airport books, but Lashner seems to me like airport +. I like them. They are inconsequential, but I like them.

    20. I don't think it's a good sign that I just finished reading this book yesterday, and just now I had to read the plot summary to remember what it was about. I enjoyed reading it, but it didn't make much of an impression on me, apparently.

    21. I brought this book as I read before William's book Defending Jacob that I found to be an excellent read. I am very happy I brought this book and will look for more books by William, This book unlike most of Williams books is a stand alone book where uses lawyer Victor Carl,

    22. I really wanted to give this 3.5 stars. What an interesting exploration of father-son relationships wrapped around an intriguing murder mystery. I hope that Kyle becomes a recurring Lashner character, because I can definitely envision adding him to Reacher and Ranger in my literary "crush" files.

    23. Interesting, however the print is so small, that it is almost uncomfortable to read, not sure if I will finish reading this

    24. I was surprised at the number of bad reviews I just read about this book. I really enjoyed it. Yes, Kyle is a slacker but a likeable one. I thought it was a good plot and I liked the characters.

    25. I finally made it through a William Lashner book. They seem to be pretty highly regarded by many. This one was decent, but never really grabbed me. May just need to get used to his writing style.

    26. Lashner knows how to craft a great thriller. This was a new and I assume non recurring main character, but his Victor Carl series is also great fun.

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