Song of the Magdalene

The story of a teenage Mary Magdalene here called Miriam is finally told When the world goes dark and her mind explodes within her, Miriam s future is shattered In ancient Israel such seizures make her unclean If anyone finds out about them, she will be an outcast Only Abraham the son of Hannah, her caretaker shares her secret Abraham, too, is afflictThe story of a teenage Mary Magdalene here called Miriam is finally told When the world goes dark and her mind explodes within her, Miriam s future is shattered In ancient Israel such seizures make her unclean If anyone finds out about them, she will be an outcast Only Abraham the son of Hannah, her caretaker shares her secret Abraham, too, is afflicted a perfect mind in an imperfect body and to the villagers he is an idiot To Miriam he is a savior.
Song of the Magdalene The story of a teenage Mary Magdalene here called Miriam is finally told When the world goes dark and her mind explodes within her Miriam s future is shattered In ancient Israel such seizures make he

  • Title: Song of the Magdalene
  • Author: Donna Jo Napoli
  • ISBN: 9780689873966
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. ”I sang. Songs of morning and noon and night. Songs of juniper trees and mimosa and dates. Songs of the hawk and the sparrow, of the ox and the camel. Songs of the women working together. Songs of men and women loving one another. Songs of mother and child. And I kept those songs in my mouth, always ready, for there were many souls to heal.”Of all the female figures in the Bible, none is so polarizing, controversial, and surrounded in mystery as Mary Magdalene. Revered by some and reviled by [...]

    2. This is a very beautiful book! The cover is beautiful, the words are beautiful, it's a great book to read when you want to totally immerse yourself in another world.For me the main idea throughout the story has to be the oppression of women. In this setting women are not allowed to read, sing, or go anywhere without a veil. Miriam chooses to learn how to read and take an interest in scriptural songs but it's all kept a secret from her father and her village. The only person who knows is Abraham, [...]

    3. The ending may not quite line up with most Christian beliefs, but it was a well written story.I really liked Napoli's connection between seizures and demons. It seems quite possible for the time period.

    4. Really liked this book - an easy read! Also makes you think how society is so fast to judge someone.

    5. "I was on the road toward a man named Jochanan who baptized prostitutes. It had to be the same Jochanan I heard of in Dor. The man who called for repentance and welcomed the dregs of society.So this Jochanan baptized the people who came to him. As though their purification was as drastic a change in life as a pagan's undergoing conversion. This Jochanan was dramatic. An extremist. I understood the forces that made one become an extremist. My step quickened." (p. 204)How did the Magdalene become? [...]

    6. 3.7 stars. The story was definitely touching, but lacked the urgent pacing that would have made it impossible to put down. Characterizations were vibrant even though I always want more depth than the average-length novel can support. I wasn't sure how Jesus of Nazareth would enter into the story once I realized that Mariam was meant to be Mary Magdalene. I know that some people's theory is that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene. I was honestly relieved that this book didn't take on that specul [...]

    7. >Song of Magdalene by Donna Jo NapoliKnown for her retelling of fairy tales, in this case Napoli takes on the life of Mary Magdalene, of whom Jesus cast out 7 devils is one of the brief mentions of her in the New Testament. The author admits that she had to construct a life for this woman and she starts with her a young girl who has a "fit" and believes that a demon has come into her. Most likely she epiliepsy. It is a really interesting look at how people could think in the time period. Miri [...]

    8. I don’t know what it was about this book that alienated me. I expected to love this book. I really enjoyed The Magic Circle by the same author, and the Magdalene is my favorite saint. So why wouldn’t I enjoy a book purporting to be her story before she met Jesus? It was well-written, thoughtful, and original. Miriam is an intelligent and resourceful girl who appears to have epilepsy, or something similar, but this was during a time when “fits” were thought to be caused by demonic possess [...]

    9. Why is there a painting of Proserpina on the cover? Dante Gabriel Rossetti did plenty of gorgeous Mary Magdalene paintings; couldn't the cover designers have used one of those? I love this book though. I've read it at least five times and always sobbed. I'm not religious in any sense, but I love this book. Maybe it's the writing, maybe it's the story, maybe it's the characters, or maybe it's just the emotional resonance. I recommend this to my friends on a regular basis, with the admonition that [...]

    10. This book was so great! Mary Magdalene is one of those women from history that everyone has heard of, but not a ton is really known about her. This book gave an interesting idea about who she was and what her life could have been. The portrayal of Judaism at that time was really interesting, too. I enjoyed how it was written, as well as the content.I want to share this book with anyone that might possibly be interested in it. It wasn't hard to read, and yet it still had great ideas.Language: Non [...]

    11. Somehow, though this book was very dark and deep, it came out being very romantic and touching. This book is Donna Jo Napoli's version of Mary Magdalene the prequel long before she met Jesus Christ. Her life seems somewhat easy until she falls ill. Later in the story she falls in love with a cripled young man that everyone in his village sees as a pledge and from there her journey to Christ begins.This book ended very smarty but I won't get that away. And the romance between the young cripled ma [...]

    12. I loved how Napoli gave us a feel for the place and time, of the attitudes and beliefs of the townspeople and the ways in which the principal characters clung to or broke free of those attitudes and beliefs. I loved being in that place so much I read the book in one afternoon. I would recommend giving it a try, because the two-star rating I give it are a matter of my own taste in these kinds of stories.[HERE BE SPOILERS]The latter part of the story did not grab me as much as I'd expected--that i [...]

    13. Song of the Magdalene was donna Jo Napoli's interpretation of Mary Magdalene's life before she appeared in the New Testament. I thought it was very good, but not one of my favorites of Donna Jo Napoli's books. It was a good story of growing up and of love mixed with some history and biblical references. I thought that the history of Mary Magdalene was a good reason for her actions in the Bilble, and the story behind why she was being attacked was also interesting. Napoli neither recycled Dan Bro [...]

    14. Song of the Magdalene by Donna Jo Napoli is a book about Mary Magdalene before she knew Christ. There are many historical references (names such as Abraham, Hannah, Deborah, all biblical names.) But the author re-names Mary, calling her Miriam. This tells of a young woman's journey through her own historical time.I gave this book two stars because the references to biblical names were really driving me crazy. It was interesting to see how the author could portray some of those characters, but I [...]

    15. A solid story by Donna Jo Napoli. I liked several of her works (particularly Sirena and Hush). I found this story engaging, but not in the I have to read it all in one sitting way. It starts very slow and doesn't really ever pick up the pace. There is a lot going on and some of the imagery is great. It was great to have characters that were disabled and it was interesting to read more into the lore, but the story dragged at places. I'm not 100% sure why it felt that way to me, but it was an issu [...]

    16. I enjoyed this novelization of the story of Mary Magdalene prior to meeting Jesus and becoming a follower, however it would have been better had we had a glimpse of what Miriam actually experienced being his only 'female' apostle. I've always been fascinated by the women of the bible and specifically, the Miriams (which I know is a variation of the name, Mary). This is also the reason why I named my only daughter, Miriam. Perhaps the author will eventually write a sequel? An easy and quick read [...]

    17. It was OK. I wished that the love story could have been a little longer or have more details. And I think there could have been a way better link between the reasons she fell in love with Abraham compared to the conclusion that she falls in love with "Joshua". The reasons were too 'between the lines" and I think it could have been a very sweet tribute to Abraham (and Jesus of course)to imply more of a comparison with those two characters. I liked how Miriam 'grew' but it could have been develope [...]

    18. This story is set in Ancient Israel --- where customs, traditions, and the way that the people lived and thought are set back in time. Cripples, people with palsy, and seizure disorders were looked upon as being inhabited by demons. Miriam by her life choices faces many hardships. This fictional story --- but possible story--- leads Miriam into becoming Mary Magdalene. The new testament Mary Magdalene that travels with the crowd that surrounds Jesus.

    19. I loved everything about this book. It is beautifully written and the love between the two characters was something I could almost feel. I picked up this book because it was A free book at my school and now I'm so glad I did. I could not put the book down. I understand why other people might not like it, but to me. was one of the most beautiful books I've ever read :)

    20. Donna Jo Napoli is one of my favorite children's authors. This book is for the tween on reader (probably 12 year old up) and was very enthralling. It tells the story of Mary Magdalene from childhood on, and is a wonderful historical fiction. I love books that challenge you to change your perspective on what really happened. I couldn't put it down!

    21. A charming bit of Biblical fiction that speculates on Mary Magdalene's origins. Miriam is a lively, inquisitive child, but all her prospects are shattered the day she has her first epileptic seizure -- if anyone ever finds out, she will be considered unclean. However, Miriam is resourceful, and she will learn to make her own way in the world

    22. Mirriam is a young woman in ancient Israel, afflicted by fits, or demons. She hides this from all but the crippled Abraham, the man she loves. Mirriam must face the judgement of her community and be banished. In her journey she hears of a wanderng healer willing to accept the outcasts of society. Mirriam is on her way to her destiny as Mary Magdalene.

    23. I loved this one! I especially appreciated witnessing the depth of Miriam's emotions and her personal growth. This novel really provides a richness surrounding the lives of Bible folks that I hadn't really considered before.

    24. I enjoyed this story. Miriam's struggle to understand her seizures as seen by others in the Jewish community and her life's mission both give powerful insight into what life was like back in the New Testament days.

    25. The protagonist is similar to the one in Napoli's Magic Circle: a righteous woman condemned by circumstance. Though the story is longer and a bit slower in the beginning, by the end, I preferred it to the Magic Circle.

    26. This first person narrative takes what the New Testament say and extrapolates backward to what might have brought her there. It does take the NT record seriously. The cultural details sounded like the result of research, and I didn't find it particularly gripping.

    27. I really liked this retelling of Mary Magdalene. The protagonist is very likable and the love relationship is nicely portrayed. There are some harsh themes in this book (like rape), but I thought how they were handled made sense for the story.

    28. again from the speds library ( i really need to go get a big girl book). This was interesting as I have read many accounts of Mary Magdalene, this one was somewhat different in many aspects. I kept going to see how it would end, but it was never a truly great read.

    29. This was good. It was an interesting look at a life and how one can and cannot conform to a society. Also, it's become clear to me that everyone thinks Mary Magdalene was at least a little bit nuts.

    30. A sweet tale that reminds me of one of my favourite books of all time, The Red Tent.Donna Jo tackles some interesting issues in this book - the nature of love, living with being 'different', loving someone who is 'different', teen sex, rape and parental relationships.

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