London Match

With treason epidemic in London Central, a cloud of suspicion passes over each senior agent, and each falls helplessly into Moscow Centre s brilliant, complex trap As LONDON MATCH rushes toward its amazing climax, the ultimate, decisive confrontation is about to take place between Samson and the British KGB agent who, from the very beginning, has held Samson s entire lifWith treason epidemic in London Central, a cloud of suspicion passes over each senior agent, and each falls helplessly into Moscow Centre s brilliant, complex trap As LONDON MATCH rushes toward its amazing climax, the ultimate, decisive confrontation is about to take place between Samson and the British KGB agent who, from the very beginning, has held Samson s entire life in delicate balance.
London Match With treason epidemic in London Central a cloud of suspicion passes over each senior agent and each falls helplessly into Moscow Centre s brilliant complex trap As LONDON MATCH rushes toward its am

  • Title: London Match
  • Author: Len Deighton
  • ISBN: 9780345332684
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. Description: With treason epidemic in London Central, a cloud of suspicion passes over each senior agent, and each falls helplessly into Moscow Centre's brilliant, complex trap. As LONDON MATCH rushes toward its amazing climax, the ultimate, decisive confrontation is about to take place--between Samson and the British KGB agent who, from the very beginning, has held Samson's entire life in delicate balance.Opening: 'Cheer up, Werner. It will soon be Christmas,' I saidI shook the bottle, dividing [...]

    2. Read BERLIN GAME, MEXICO SET AND LONDON MATCH in order without a break. You will enjoy it immensely.

    3. I love this series. I like the characters, the setting during the Cold War between London and Berlin is always exciting and believable.

    4. Poor Bernard Samson! Probably the most experienced spy for Britain's MI6, he is under natural suspicion because his wife became a turncoat and joined the KGB. She has been quite busy, allowing a KGB asset, Major Erich Stinnes, to "defect," actually tossing a spanner into the works of London Central by casting doubt on one of the MI6 department heads. Samson shows himself a pillar of strength and manages to foil his wife Fiona's sophisticated smears, even though he expects to get little credit fo [...]

    5. The final book in the Game Set & Match trilogy, in which Bernard Samson helps capture a KGB courier using information from former KGB major Erich Stinnes – whom Samson convinced to defect in the previous book. But the courier’s confession implies that there is another KGB mole in London Central – which is bad news for Samson, whose loyalty has been questioned since his wife turned out to be a KGB mole herself. Now he must find out who the mole is – or if the courier is lying. Deighto [...]

    6. More office politics that turn deadly. The petty nature of the situation just makes everything more ironic and darkly funny. I enjoyed it, although there were sections of dialog where the characters are debating back and forth that may have been skimmed

    7. Bought along with a number of others in the series in the cheap section of a local charity shop. I had read the original trilogy when it first came out and thought it ok but not special. It is certainly not in the same class as Le Carre. I have problems with the KGB and MI5 allowing suspect agents or recently returned spies free reign and no oversight. I am sure there would be extensive periods of garden leave and debriefing and not going straight into the field. And would a British KGB agent be [...]

    8. The last volume of Deighton's "Game, Set, Match" trilogy falls short of the quality of the previous books, but not too far. Bernard Samson is still dealing with the emotional and professional fallout from his wife Fiona's defection to the Soviets, and with his growing suspicions about the KGB defector Erich Stinnes. The intermingling of national and romantic infidelity provides a thoughtful subtext here. Not a mile-a-minute thriller, but an emotionally resonant and compelling one, a fitting conc [...]

    9. This is one part of a trilogy. Berlin Game, Mexico Set, London Match. I've carried one of these on nearly every flight I've taken long haul. Excellent reads all three. Highly recommend them. The lead character stands out, and his relationship with his counterpart, a want-to-be-spy is carried right through the trilogy. You have to wait until the very end to see how it all works out sorry.If you like Cold War British Spy Thrillers, you are going to have to love this set.

    10. 3rd in the trilogy but not quite the best of the three. Several twists and turns I didn't work out in advance, which is the test of a mystery/thriller novel and I really enjoyed some of the passages which expose the buffoonery of civil service life. I think Leighton pulls his punches when dealing with Fiona - she's either entirely cold-hearted and scheming or she's not. Don't keep trying to give her a soft centre!

    11. London Match is the concluding novel in the first of three trilogies featuring Bernard Samson. Samson suspects that there is a traitor within his department of MI6, due to the appearance of a memorandum which was leaked to the KGB.

    12. Bernard Samson still complaining at the work he has to do for his bosses, all of whom he hates, although his love life has improved - with a woman half his age. As usual, the top men in MI6 are still stabbing each other in the back while wondering why the evil Commies manage to know everything that's going on at their head office. Ah, the price of freedom and democracy. At the end, it seems he and MI6 have been run ragged by the Soviet Union's latest top level defector but Bernard thinks it's ma [...]

    13. Perfect end to the trilogy. Bernie is settling into the new normal, a new girlfriend and his strange combination of domesticity and danger. He is still under suspicion and coping with the devious Eric Stinnes and his venal father in law. These books are so well drawn that you are easily immersed in an alternate literary world and you want to stay. Again, this book ends with a bang (or series of them) and Bernie courts disaster. Well worth your time.

    14. An interesting spy book with some physical action but a lot more deduction by Bernard. In this one, Bernard gets taken in by a false Russian traitor although he is suspicious of the whole situation. His traitorous wife shows up at the end and asks him to kill her rival in the Russian system. It is a fairly good portrayal of what I think the secret agencies are actually involved in.

    15. CT review June 2016Excellent and worth rereading detail on Berlin are also very well one. Certainly worth reading rest of Samson books.

    16. L'ultima partita, in originale "London Match" è un romanzo di spionaggio del 1985, dell'autore inglese Len Deighton. La sua produzione letteraria spazia dai romanzi di spionaggio e di suspense, ai libri di cucina e ai saggi storici. È il creatore del personaggio Harry Palmer, una spia britannica protagonista di una serie di romanzi e di film interpretati da Michael Caine. Tutti gli appassionati di spy-stories ricordano la figura di Michael Caine con gli occhiali e l'impermeabile. E' Harry Palm [...]

    17. Tercera y última entrega de la primera trilogía de Bernard Samson.Como en los libros anteriores (y espero que en los demás también), Deigthon nos envuelve con trama intensa, llena de giros y sorpresas que nos mantiene pegados a la lectura.Luego que Stinnes desertara en México el servicio de inteligencia británico se encuentra destruyendo redes de espionaje enemigas gracias a la información ha proporcionado. Uno de esos soplos lleva a Bernard a realizar una redada en Berlín para atrapar a [...]

    18. Originally published on my blog here in September 2004.The third novel in the Game, Set and Match trilogy continues the story of how Bernard Samson copes with the aftermath of his wife's defection to the Soviet Union, the event which provided the climax to Berlin Game. KGB officer Erich Stinnes has in his turn defected - the central action of Mexico Set. And now it appears, from what London's intelligence services learn from Stinnes and other agents, that there is another KGB agent in a senior p [...]

    19. There are nine books in the Bernard Samson series, which is split into three batches - Berlin Game, Mexico Set and London Match being the first, then the later two being Spy Hook, Spy Line and Spy Sinker, followed by Faith, Hope and Charity.I've now finished this, the last of the first three, and largely enjoyed them all. They're easier to read than, say, John Le Carre', but are relatively hefty books (this one was 450 odd pages), so Deighton takes his time weaving the plot lines.Broadly speakin [...]

    20. Of the three books in the trilogy, this one was the hardest to put down. It was suspenseful, with twists and turns everywhere. As new complications arose, I could feel the world closing in on Samson, and as the last few chapters unfolded, I plowed along recklessly with him, heart in my throat, unsure of how it would all play out.To be honest, I probably read the end of it *too* quickly, because I feel as if I missed a couple of things in my rush to find out how it ended. I shall keep this review [...]

    21. London Match dragged for the middle half. Deighton committed to the trilogy (and already had another six books outlined), and I think he ran out of plot or had a serious case of le Carre envy with over-the-top character expositions. I like Bernard Samson, Werner and Deighton's coverage of Berlin. As I worked to the end of Game, Set and Match in under a year, I was increasingly bored with his girlfriend Gloria, sister-in-law Tessa, and Samson's three closest workmates, Dicky, Frank and Brett.The [...]

    22. Satisfying conclusion to the first Bernard Samson trilogy. Deighton tried to make every entry in this series readable as a stand alone novel. While that approach has definite advantages (I came in at Mexico Set, then went back and read Berlin Game and finally this installment and still enjoyed all three), it also means you're going to hear things like the sartorial and interior design tastes of certain characters in detail at least once in each book. Also, the scenes that focus on Samson's home [...]

    23. Bernard Samson, a middle-aged British Intelligence Officer in the 1970’s, former field agent in Berlin but now riding a desk back in London. Nine books chart his history with vivid characterization, suspense, the occasional bit of off-beat humour, intricate plotting, betrayals, and redemptions. The same set of characters, both the good and bad guys, basically move from book to book, allowing Mr Deighton to gradually fill-in their complexities, so that the books are far deeper than many spy nov [...]

    24. This is the third book by Len Deighton I read after Berlin Game and Mexico Set; they are good books and I would recommend to read them in this sequence. As I said in previous reviews, what I liked of these novels is the treatment of espionage as a chess-game, very close to the early John Le Carré; on the other side, I must admit that, after just finishing the third of these books, I felt some of the reading fatigue you feel when the stories and the contexts become a little repetitive. I repeat, [...]

    25. This is third book of the first Trilogy of the Bernard Samson Ennealogy by Len Deighton. Recommended for those Spy Thriller & Espionage fans who find something wanting in having fanatical terrorist groups or small rogue nations as the main bad guys in the post USSR break-up world, even if some of the books are spiced up by violence, ultra-high tech gadgets & weapons and other sexy stuff. I certainly didn't mind the lack of latter, as these were outweighed by the pleasure of reading MI6 t [...]

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