Why Cats Paint: A Theory of Feline Aesthetics

In 1994, Why Cats Paint took the art world and animal world by storm with its unprecedented photographic record of cat creativity Those seminal books in feline aesthetics are now offered in new pocket size editions filled with the best from each volume, making purrfect gifts for cat lovers and art lovers alike.
Why Cats Paint A Theory of Feline Aesthetics In Why Cats Paint took the art world and animal world by storm with its unprecedented photographic record of cat creativity Those seminal books in feline aesthetics are now offered in new pocket

  • Title: Why Cats Paint: A Theory of Feline Aesthetics
  • Author: Heather Busch Burton Silver
  • ISBN: 9781580087933
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I had somehow never come across this standard reference on cat aesthetics, and I must admit that my critical standards were deplorably low. But having read Busch and Silver's excellent text, I am better informed. I advise you not to get me started, or I will bore you for hours explaining why Inframice:a starkly minimalist installation in recently-living composites, is a work of genius, while Orifice 3: a typical example of the popular "scratches on upholstery" technique, is a tame, derivative pi [...]

    2. Do cats paint? Well maybe. I've known some strange and quirky cats in my time. The father of one of my smartest cats trained himself to use the toilet. He was a big, much-decorated champion Sealpoint Siamese. I once accidentally walked in on Tom in the bathroom, perched on the toilet seat; faced with his huge, indignant blue eyes, I backed out quickly, instinctively saying 'Oh, I'm so sorry!!'I suspect the four-pawed Twelve Major Artists might have had a little help from their two-legged gallery [...]

    3. Wonderful, erudite, and potentially side-splitting exposition on the world of cat art. The authors provide historical context (back to the Egyptians, of course), then move through the ages to the present day to provide "moving" portraits of several international feline "artistes". These young (and some retired) tabbies are shown with their artwork, in the act of creation, their paws at the ready, paint trays at their feet. These individuals are linked to human schools (!?!)For the serious minded [...]

    4. I know one of the cats featured in this book personally. I am glad to say that fame has not gone to her head.

    5. Clever faux exposition on art theory. (Cats, for the record, favor abstract expressionism.) While it's the striking photos of cats 'painting' that initially catch the readers attention, the tongue-in-cheek text that explains in mock seriousness feline aesthetics had me guffawing. Anyone who's yawned over pretentious art criticism will readily see what is being lampooned.(Reread in February 2018 prior to giving away this book to a friend.

    6. I'm almost hesitant to say that Why Cats Paint is satire, because a big part of the fun of this book is wondering whether or not these authors are serious. It's done so straight-faced a) it took me a thorough examination before I was convinced it was a joke, and b) the Strand Bookstore shelves it in the Art Department (I'm told the Oberlin College library does, too). A hilarious crack on both cat people & art snobs.

    7. holy fucking shit i can't believe this book is real or serious but it is BOTH. the photos are so amazing and i can't even imagine what kind of batshit crazy lady the author is. highly recommended.

    8. Outside of several studies, not much is known about the physiological-emotive aspects of feline art. That being said, the work presented in this volume should serve as a wonderful introduction for the layman and cat owner unaware of the long history behind feline aesthetics. Some of the most historically relevant and influential feline artists are discussed at length here, alongside a collection of beautifully reprinted colour plates of their most popular pieces. It is, however, unfortunate to n [...]

    9. Not nearly as funny asDancing With Cats, this book is kind of stunningly awful. After the paintings, there's a section on like multimedia art? The one I remember most is there's a big photo of a scratched-up sofa arm, with a blown-up section that has lines going to various oozes of stuffing and particular gashes, and actually discusses the meaning of different tear angles and feline angst and such. It goes far past unintentionally funny and turns into creepy and sad.Unless possibly it's all a sa [...]

    10. Absolutely brilliant satire. One of the funniest books you'll ever read about cats. Great images of cats painting, cat paintings, and other cat art. Truly inspired. A worthwhile way to spend time.

    11. I was disappointed to find this was merely flawless satire. When we thought it was real it was way funnier.

    12. Hilarious. A perfectly executed satire, poking fun at both cat fanatics and art snobs. Perfectly illustrates the idea that anything at all can be labeled as art. I got to the end of the book before realizing fully that it was a joke. Wonderful, wonderful.

    13. I did not realize this was satire at first and was extremely confused. When it finally clicked, I was giggling at the cute photos and the witty descriptions. Very cute and funny :3 cats are true artistic spirit animals

    14. I wish I'd had the opportunity to read this book aloud with a particular friend and a bottle of wine about 4 or 5 years back.

    15. A wonderful present for all cat people in your life! This is SO much fun. And the detail and level of this charming, beautifully illustrated and produced spoof might just have you going.

    16. I really enjoyed certain aspects of this book, and others I had to roll my eyes at. First of all, Smokey is a very intriguing artist. He's really something else. I felt the others had similar styles but he stands out. And then Princess, really impressed me too. I enjoyed reading how the cats had these different methods of preparing, and how the one would study himself in the mirror and then completely stopped painting when his female friend could no longer pose for him. Then the cat that paints [...]

    17. I love this book, it makes me cry laughing. I'm not sure if it should or not, I have a horrible feeling it might be serious. Either way the art wank descriptions of the pictures make me weep, the pictures of the cats make me hoot (surely Charlie is stuffed, if he isn't there is something seriously wrong with him). My cat shows no artistic ability other than combing the carpet into straight lines. I'm slightly disappointed he doesn't want to paint for me.

    18. Not sure why i picked this book it doesn't exactly tell u much about cats nor painters! Perhaps the idea that some cats are artistically inclined is enough reason for me to adore these furballs more! Still, this book does evoke some interesting facts, like the origin of the paw-waving ceramic cat that adorns many japanese restaurants. That cat actually painted in the 16th century!

    19. Lovely "piss take" as a British reviewer commented. I think I snorted my tea a few times while reading it. Go to monpa, the online companion to the book, and you'll see what I mean.Of course you might want to test your cat's creative intelligence by doing the flashcard tests in the museum shop

    20. A book about cats and art. My three favorite nouns!Laugh if you must but kitties totally have that whole expressionistic, painterly, gestural thing down, though I strongly suspect yoomans might be choosing the color palettes. If only I could be so free in my artwork.Great fun for hopelessly besotted cat lovers.

    21. As much as I love cats, I can't see myself encouraging my cats to paint- although some of these cats' paintings sell for thousands of dollars. It was also hard for me to tell if the tone of this book was serious or if it was a spoof. I just wonder how the cats can clean the paint off themselves and not get sick.

    22. Another good one to pick up if you need a WTF moment. This is the companion to "Why Paint Cats" and is equally ridiculousd perhaps more so. The author attempts to explain how cats can interpret the world through art. The author mentions some famous cat paintings that have sold for $1000+which is just insane. Perhaps I should see if my cats want to paint for that kind of money

    23. Hard to read for folks who don't know much about art theory (like me), but I know enough to get the joke. *If* it's a joke. I'm still trying to think of how to try it on my cats, with a substance that is safe for them to get on/lick off their paws.


    25. Even if you don't care for (or believe in) cat art, there are so many fun pictures of beautiful kitties! My favorite are the two cats/artists who spend their summer days sunbathing while lounging on the backs of their horses.

    26. Membaca buku ini membuka mata saya, bahwa kucing juga punya cita rasa terhadap dunia seni. Ada beberapa kucing yang memang dianugerahi cita rasa sehingga bisa membuat lukisan indah yang dilabeli harga mahal buat dijual.

    27. Amazingly wonderful. The book has a sort of hallucinatory shimmer -- you won't know, and likely will never know, whether cats can really be paintedHere's my full review: sfsite/04b/wp150m

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