Worlds Enough & Time: Five Tales of Speculative Fiction

An extraordinary artist with few rivals in his chosen arena, Dan Simmons possesses a restless talent that continually presses boundaries while tantalizing the mind and touching the soul Now he offers us a superb quintet of novellas five dazzling masterworks of speculative fiction, including Orphans of the Helix, his award winning return to the Hyperion Universe thAn extraordinary artist with few rivals in his chosen arena, Dan Simmons possesses a restless talent that continually presses boundaries while tantalizing the mind and touching the soul Now he offers us a superb quintet of novellas five dazzling masterworks of speculative fiction, including Orphans of the Helix, his award winning return to the Hyperion Universe that demonstrates the unique mastery, breathtaking invention, and flawless craftsmanship of one of contemporary fiction s true greats.Human colonists seeking something other than godhood encounter their long lost cousins d an ancient scourge.A devastated man in suicide s embrace is caught up in a bizarre cat and mouse game with a young woman possessing a world ending power.The distant descendants of a once oppressed people learn a chilling lesson about the persistence of the past.A terrifying ascent up the frigid, snow swept slopes of K2 shatters preconceptions and reveals the true natures of four climbers, one of whom is not human.At the intersection of a grand past and a threadbare present, an aging American in Russia confronts his own mortality as he glimpses a wondrous future.
Worlds Enough Time Five Tales of Speculative Fiction An extraordinary artist with few rivals in his chosen arena Dan Simmons possesses a restless talent that continually presses boundaries while tantalizing the mind and touching the soul Now he offers

  • Title: Worlds Enough & Time: Five Tales of Speculative Fiction
  • Author: Dan Simmons
  • ISBN: 9780060506049
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Looking for Kelly Dahl: ★★★A teacher, a drunkard, a grieving father finds solace by dealing with his guilt.Orphans of the Helix: ★★★Different races following different faiths help each other out.The Ninth of Av: ★★Persecution knows no boundaries.On K2 With Kanakaredes: ★★★How men (and I use that term loosely) bond with each other over their assault on Mount Everest.The End of Gravity: ★★A female cosmonaut who's the wrong gender and a writer recovering from his father's [...]

    2. This is the first collection of short fiction I have read by Dan Simmons, and it did not disappoint. As usual, Dan's writing style is one of the strengths of the collection. It's so easy to read and he sucks you in to each story and you don't want to come out. My ratings of each story are:Looking for Kelly Dahl - 4*Orphans of the Helix - 5*The Ninth of Av - 4*On K2 with Kanakaredes - 4*The End of Gravity - 3*I was excited to read Orphans of the Helix as it is set after the final novel of the Hyp [...]

    3. I have thoroughly enjoyed this excellent collection of five stories by Dan Simmons. Each story is brilliantly written, the prose is excellent as usual with Simmons. My favourite story in the collection is 'Orphans Of The Helix' which is set in Simmons' Hyperion Cantos universe, that story is a five star read in my opinion. I have no reservations in recommending this collection to fans of science fiction and speculative fiction.

    4. Five short stories from dan simmons, picked this up primarily due to interest in the follow on novelette related to his brilliant hyperion books.Looking for Kelly Dahl – mostly forgettable, unexplained sci-fi leanings with disappearing worlds/towns/people and man hunting? a former studentEnjoyed the hyperion universe entry with the spectrum helix people’s encounter with post human ousters in deep spaceNinth of av- would be pretty meaningless for anyone who hadn’t read ilium and olympos pri [...]

    5. Sure, these stories are well-crafted. However, Simmons appears far more interested in presenting an array of facts, and not in the connections among the facts. My impression can be summarized as "self-importance."

    6. As with any collection, some stories held more appeal for me than others. I enjoyed most of the stories, while others were ok. For instance, I absolutely adored "On K2 with Kanakaredes"! I've read a few of the mountain-climbing" true-adventure stories, so while I would never, ever do such a thing, the content was not totally foreign, and the speculation re technology was fun. But the most fun was the relationships between Kanakaredes and the others. I laughed out loud when he eloquently used a h [...]

    7. Three out of five stars for three out of five enjoyable stories. But, putting the novellas aside for a moment, one of the highlights of this volume was Simmons' lengthy introductions to each of the five tales. There's no doubt that Simmons is one of the best writers in the SF and speculative fiction genre at the moment; once you've read his introduction, you'll realise that the chief subscriber to this opinion is Dan Simmons himself. That might sound like criticism, but I'm all for writers havin [...]

    8. A collection of 5 "long short-stories" by Simmons, with introductions by the author.* "Looking for Kelly Dahl"I'd read this one before, I think in a "Year's Best SF" collection for 1996.It's a surreal but memorable story of a burned-out, alcoholic teacher, who's emotionally suffering from the death of his son and his subsequent divorce. In an all-too-real dreamworld(?), he's being hunted down by Kelly Dahl, a former student whom, he believes, he failed to help - he didn't see the clues that she [...]

    9. This is a nice look at some short work by Dan Simmons, particularly useful if you need a little Simmons but don't fee up for a thousand-page epic. This collection includes five science-fiction(ish) tales, both connected and unconnected to his popular SF epics. Most of these stories are highly enjoyable and short enough to read in just a couple of sittings. Dan Simmons fans will find this collection excellent, and all readers will find it highly enjoyable."Looking For Kelly Dahl" is my personal f [...]

    10. This book of long stories is something I picked up after finishing the Hyperion saga. It contains one more story set in that universe as well as four others.The first one "Looking for Kelly Dahl" provided some interesting insights on his views of teaching, but overall I found it a bit lackluster. I really just didn't care about either of the main characters. He seemed like a creepy pedophile and she was the over-sexed figment of his imagination. **/*****"Orphans of the Helix" is the story that I [...]

    11. Pretty solid collection of five novellas, four of which had been previously published.The best is the opener, "Looking for Kelly Dahl," in which an alcoholic ex-teacher, on the verge of suicide, is visited by one of his former, troubled students. Beautiful and moving."Orphans of the Helix" is set within the author's Hyperion universe. A generation ship encounters an alien distress signal, but heeding it may be more complicated than it appears. The main story can be understood without having read [...]

    12. Dan Simmons is a hell of a storyteller.I have never read Hyperion, which appears to be Simmons' most famous work, but I have read his fun retelling of the Iliad, Ilium and Olympos. This collection of stories has a bit from the universe of Ilium and a bit from the Hyperion universe, plus a few other random stories. They are fun -- a good adventure into a different world. They are not Literature (and Simmons never claims that they are). Really, I couldn't shake the feeling that they were sort of a [...]

    13. Worlds Enough and Time is my first exposure to the short fiction of Dan Simmons.I started here due to the story set in the Hyperion Universe.Looking for Kelly Dahl - A bizarre story about a teacher's former student who can create reality. I really enjoyed it.Orphans of the Helix - Loosely based on teh Hyperion cantos. This story involves a ship full of settlers that come upon a random distress signal. Fun enough, but not as connected as I hoped.Ninth of Av - I have no idea what this was about. I [...]

    14. A collection of sci-fi novellas by Simmons. All are pretty good, and Dan does some lengthy introductions for each novella. And this was where I had a small problem. I always enjoy reading author introductions into stories, as they are informative. But Dan went as long as 12 pages with some of these, and these are just novellas. So, for me, these got boring. But the stories themselves were top notch. There was one "Hyperion" novella called "Orphans of the Helix", which was a fun read. As was the [...]

    15. A collection of short stories by the author of the Hyperion books. Good stuff, I think. Simmons is not lyrical, by any means, but he comes up with some great plots and ideas. "Searching for Kelly Dahl," a story about a school teacher and his former student, in which the latter's troubled home life drives her so far inward she can control reality, and tosses the teacher into invented worlds, often based on his former lessons. That sounds terrible. It’s actually kind of a beautiful, a paean to t [...]

    16. An interesting collection of speculative science-fiction tales from my favorite science-fiction writer. While I think Simmon's ability to end these tales was a little bit lacking, the build-up and adventure within each story was great, as always. Being able to reconnect with both the Hyperion/Endimion universe, as well as that of Ilium/Olympos was an unexpected, but pleasant, surprise as well. As Simmons' third offering of short fiction (following 1990's Prayers to Broken Stones and Lovedeath fr [...]

    17. Wow what can I say? Dan Simmons nails it again. I read this because the Hyperion Cantos is my favorite sci-fi series ever, and Orphans of the Helix is a short story in this book that is a continuation of the story of the Amoiete people from that series. That story was good for my soul, but I liked the other stories as much or more than Orphans. Another treat was The Ninth of Av, in which we get to learn about Savi in the days leading up to the final fax; I'd read the Ilium/Olympos duology and ha [...]

    18. Dan Simmons is argueably one of the best American writers of speculative fiction today. In Worlds Enough & Time he presents 5 very different novellas, along with lengthy introductions to each individual entry. In all of them he creates a stunning collision of ideas and compelling human introspection. Suprisingly, his Orphans of the Helix, set in the future of his Hyperion world, ends up being the weakest of the entries. Perhaps, more accurately, the other 4 tales are so much more "human" in [...]

    19. Worlds Enough & Time consists of 5 medium length science fiction stories (although, I suppose if you were pedantic you could describe them as novellas or novelettes on the word count). Each story features a short introduction by the author. This is the first book I’ve read by Dan Simmons and though I didn’t think the author introductions added any value, his stories are nicely written and he has a clever imagination. I’m inclined to read some of his other material (the Hyperion novels [...]

    20. - lOOKING FOR kELLY dAHL (3.5*)- k2 (3*)- The end of gravity (3.5*)Good but expect to be made uneasy when finishing a Dan Simmons' book or story, whatever i have read of his: no clear ending, all you may get is just a "sense of an ending" at best's time for me to move on to other writers.I’d say he’s more of a Soft SF writer i.e. Science fiction for non-Science Fiction fans if i may say so (abundance of Literature references in his writings)

    21. Five stories previously published from the time period of the late 90s to the early 00s. Worth the read is "Orphans of the Helix" where Simmons returns to the world of Hyperion. Another good read is "On K2 with Kanakeredes". Quality writing overall from the early years of this SFF author.

    22. I picked this book up because I 1) love science fiction and 2) knew Simmons was the author of Hyperion and wanted to test his writing in short form before I committed to reading that series. I will now be reading that series. One of the most interesting parts about this book is that Simmons does all of his own introductions. It's nice to get the author's personal insight into their writing and I learned about The Water Fight, which I now want to in some way emulate or attend.

    23. I only read three of the stories in this book, because within a sentence or two I could see that a couple of them just weren't going to be for me. Most of the ones I read I really enjoyed, with the exception of the final story in the book, The End of Gravity. It wasn't bad, I mostly just found it a little dull.

    24. Happy with the collection of novellas, but I can't say I understood everything. Some readers have said its best to be familiar with Simmons's other writing to understand the references he makes in these stories so I hope to revisit them when I've read more of his work. I found the entire collection enjoyable which can be rare for short story collections.

    25. I suppose I got the notion that Dan Simmons would be good at short stories because he approaches levels of supernova brilliance in Hyperion where the whole thing is a series of interconnected novellas, and short stories are just shorter novellas right? Well, no. And this collection highlights that well. However, his introductions to each of the stories are worth the slog.

    26. I read all of the stories, and am a huge fan of Simmons. However, this gets the highest ranking for Kelly Dahl. For those of us who have been lucky enough to have had a Kelly enter our livesgardless of the outcomewe should be grateful that Worlds reminds us of it. Kellyd Worldseasily a 5.

    27. I'm a big fan of Dan Simmons' novels but the five short stories in this volume are utterly forgettable. Even worse are the pretentious introductions which mostly serve to let us know what a great life Dan Simmons leads. I got it from the library so at least I wasted only time and not money as well.

    28. I loved the story about hiking K2 with an alien. All of the stories were decent reads but I wish they had more exposition. Half the time I wasn't entirely sure what happened at the end of the story. Still, lots of neat ideas floating around in here.

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