How Many Days to America?: A Thanksgiving Story

After the police come, a family is forced to flee their Caribbean island and set sail for America in a small fishing boat.
How Many Days to America A Thanksgiving Story After the police come a family is forced to flee their Caribbean island and set sail for America in a small fishing boat

  • Title: How Many Days to America?: A Thanksgiving Story
  • Author: Eve Bunting Beth Peck
  • ISBN: 9780899195216
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. In my class this book was more relevant that it was when I was growing up. Many of my children were coming into our counry to escape the violence and hatred of their race or religion in the country of their birth. So many of my students lived with other family until they were able to get a place of their own. These children left their beloveded grandparents, friends, and way of life. How didfficult and how big a sacrafice they have made with their families. I have so much admiration for these ch [...]

    2. How Many Days to America? is a book based on the hardships and triumphs of immigrants coming to America. Eve Bunting created a realistic, sometimes depressing story about the journey that many people must make in order to escape oppression and gain their freedom. It depicts the immigrants sailing on a boat, packed tightly like sardines and battling gunfire, thieves and a broken engine. While the mood of the story seems hopeless and sad, the story concludes with the immigrants arriving in America [...]

    3. I like that this story is vague enough that SO many people could relate to this immigrant experience. I do not like, however, that this has frequently been and continues to be the experience of many people looking for safety, freedom etc. I am a fan of Eve Bunting and I appreciate that she writes about issues that are relevant and human. Take a peek at this book if you want a reminder of one of the MANY things you could be grateful for this Thanksgiving season (and all year).

    4. follows a family as they escape oppression in their homeland who dream of America as a place to be free–free of soldiers threatening violence, free to disagree with their government and military, free to dream of a better life for their family.On a moment’s notice they leave behind everything and set sail for America. Their only baggage are hope and their bodies. When the little boy questions why his family must leave, his father replies, “Because we do not think the way they think, my son [...]

    5. While this book follows a Caribbean family fleeing to America, I think it's a timeless refugee story and can be applied to those currently coming from Sudan and Burma - the conditions they left, the risks they took to flee, what they left behind, how they're starting over with nothing. In truth this family is lucky to have made it over together. It makes one feel blessed to be an American, even in hard times. It reminds us that there are a lot of people who long to come here and enjoy our freedo [...]

    6. This story follows a family on their journey away from their homeland. The family wants to leave their homeland because of oppression due to their government and fearing for their safety every day and unable to have the freedoms they want. After a harrowing journey they arrive in America on Thanksgiving and are told it is a celebratory day to be thankful for things such as religious freedom. This family literally left everything they had behind and faced a dangerous journey and faced many risks, [...]

    7. Summary: This book tells the story of a family fleeing their country and traveling to America. We are hearing the story be told from the perspective of the son, while he and his family travel day and night by boat in order to reach freedom. Evaluation:I enjoyed this story because it was vague in a way that it never stated which country the family was from, or why they needed to leave their country. It was open to interpretation of which ethnicity the family was, which I think makes the story tim [...]

    8. To me, the beauty of Thanksgiving is that it is all-inclusive, embracing all races, ethnicities, and religions. This story brings the spirit of the first Thanksgiving to different characters and setting. The gentle narrative flows with suspense, family love, and touching illustrations.Even though the book was written more than 25 years ago, it remains timely year after year. Today it brings to mind the plight of Syrians fleeing the conflict in their country. Readers come away with a deeper grati [...]

    9. This book is a timeless story. So many students these days can relate to immigrating to another country for freedom of oppression and safety. This story was told from a child's perspective, so it may make it easier for students to relate to this story. It's important for young students to understand the feelings of others and that some of their classmates may have lived a less-sheltered life than their own. Some students who have immigrated to America have left their home country and everything [...]

    10. I would never have guessed that reading a short picture book written in 1988 would feel like such an act of resistance but this one did!Immigrants from an unknown Caribbean island get on a boat to leave their persecuting homeland and get to America; they are welcomed by current Americans on Thanksgiving who acknowledge their ancestors did the same! I don't know why more of us when we see the boats full of refugees heading to Europe don't open our arms and say (besides the native people and slave [...]

    11. Bunting and Peck use ambiguity to allow readers to connect with the characters. "How Many Days to America? A Thanksgiving Story" follows a family of unidentified ethinicity and native citizenship as they immediately become refugees. Leaving almost everything behind in their own country- which remains unidentified-and then to lose it all during the extended, cold, and hungry journey to America, the (young) main character's emotions throughout the entire story is worth discussing.This book is reco [...]

    12. This book would be beneficial in a lesson about refugees because it shows an example of the journey some people must go through to find a new home. Being forced to leave by soldiers, a family gets on a small crowded boat to face the long challenging journey to get to America. It shows students many of the issues the family faces with food, the boat, and other dangerous people turning them away. This book is most likely for grades 3rd-6th.

    13. I have this historical fiction story five stars. I really like the illustrations in this story, and the repetition of "How many days to America" throughout the book. I think this would be a great piece to bring into consideration when discussing with elementary students issues such as immigration, and a chance to open up the eyes of students to a more global perspective. This would be a good read aloud for first and second graders, and an independent read for second and up.

    14. This book remind me of the people who went through slaver and couldn't have there rights like they wanted to. They had a little girl that was happy to reach america she kept asking because she was ready to see the real world.

    15. I feel this story is fulling up with concern and compassion of immigrants. This story is talked about there were many families are coming to America in a big boat. They need to escape from the soldiers. Sometimes, they did not have anything to eat in the boat. It was a hard trip. But finally they reached to the new place, they celebrate Thanksgiving with new people in the America. I think this book help students to understand the hardships many immigrants face.

    16. Read this to my third grade class of bilingual students. They were really engaged and could relate because most of their families came to the U.S. looking for a better life.

    17. A bittersweet story of refugee immigrants, who after trial and hardship in leaving their homeland and coming to America in a small fishing vessel, happen to land on the shores of freedom on Thanksgiving day. The simple story conveys much without delving into much detail. A great book for helping elementary age children gain understanding and empathy for the plight of those forced to seek a better life in a new country.

    18. A nice book about a family of refugees from an unnamed island in the Caribbean written for younger children. It's one I would like to read to my grandkids.

    19. This is a book about a family that lived in small village, until the night that the soldiers came and they had to leave immediately because they do not think the way they think. They couldn't take anything but a change of clothes and set off for America. They weren't the only ones setting off for America, as there were boats filled with people that were on their way also. How many days to America, his little sister asked. Father said not many, but the motors stopped and they were an hour away fr [...]

    20. How Many Days to America is set in a village in the Caribbean. The family must leave their home to flee to America for their safety. Their journey in a small boat with many other people is marked with adversity along the way to America. Told through the eyes of a young child, this book is one to which elementary-age children can relate. It is a very good read-aloud selection for Thanksgiving.I give How Many Days to America a rating of 4 stars.

    21. How Many Days to America is a complex picture book that follows a boy and his family on their journey from the Caribbean to America. The narrator of the book, a young boy, describes how he and his family were forced to leave by soldiers and find safety in America. They leave behind all of their belongings except for money. The father explains that because they “do not think the way [the soldiers] think,” they must board a crowded boat with many other refugees to flee for freedom in America. [...]

    22. Wonderful. This short story tells the journey of present-day immigrants fleeing soldiers in the Caribbean with hopes of finding their way to America. The narrator is a young Caribbean boy who explains the journey his family takes via boat as they leave their home to be free and safe in America. I like that the boy is the narrator because it makes the story more easily relatable for young readers. Readers get to hear the thoughts of fear, hope, and uncertainty that the young boy is having as he a [...]

    23. This is a story about a family that is forced to leave their Island and head to America on a fishing boat. They went through a lot of trouble to get there but they were welcomed with love. The attitudes of the characters toward language and culture play a role in their lives because they were prepared for what was going to happen when traveling to America. They also didn’t know what Thanksgiving was and they were accepted in America. The family was also comforted by the fact that they were goi [...]

    24. How Many Days to America?: A Thanksgiving Story by Eve Bunting and Beth Peck is about a family who is forced to leave their native country when it is taken over by soldiers who have differing beliefs. The family leaves in the middle of the night, bringing only clothes and none of their other belongings. The mother is forced to give up her wedding ring and jewelry to afford the trip to America. The family boards a small boat with other families and waits to arrive in America. When the boat breaks [...]

    25. How Many Days Until America? is about a Caribbean family who escapes soldiers and travels to America by boat. The story begins when the main character, a little boy, is hiding under the bed with his sister. After the soldiers leave their home, the family flees to the crowded dock, where a fishing boat takes them to America. The way is difficult, as the boat breaks, people become sick, and thieves take all the group has. However, the people make it to America on Thanksgiving, where they are liken [...]

    26. I enjoyed this book mainly due to the reason that I've never heard a story from this perspective. This is the story of a family from a Caribbean island coming to America. I would read this story to a fourth or fifth grade class and discuss with them how not all countries are fair and have democracies like America. We could discuss different types of governments, and the freedoms that we have here. I would encourage them to discuss how difficult leaving everything they knew behind and coming to a [...]

    27. This was a dramatic tale about people who fled their country and escaped to America. The tale is very dramatic and the characters seem on the brink of losing everything, including their lives.We recently read the book Inside Out & Back Again for a local book club and one of the parents shared her story of being a refugee from South Vietnam, spending days in a boat before eventually coming to America. So while the people in this story were from the Caribbean, we were familiar with such a plig [...]

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