The Tiny One: A Novel

With clarity, sensitivity, and striking authenticity, Eliza Minot adeptly captures the voice of a vibrant, intelligent child swept into a sea of sorrow and confusion in The Tiny One.Via Mahoney Revere is eight years old when her mother is killed in a car accident Confused by anguish, bewildered by her mother s absence, and mystified by the notion of death itself, Via reteWith clarity, sensitivity, and striking authenticity, Eliza Minot adeptly captures the voice of a vibrant, intelligent child swept into a sea of sorrow and confusion in The Tiny One.Via Mahoney Revere is eight years old when her mother is killed in a car accident Confused by anguish, bewildered by her mother s absence, and mystified by the notion of death itself, Via retells the day of her mother s death in minute detail, trying to discern the crack in the world through which her mother must have slipped She takes us through the seemingly ordinary moments of her day, from a cold cereal breakfast to math class, when she is called to the principal s office to hear the news Every small event of the tragic day calls up earlier memories from Via s young life, resulting in a beautifully patterned portrait of a comfortable childhood guarded by a warm and loving mother Via attempts to grasp how something so big could fit into such a little thing as a day.
The Tiny One A Novel With clarity sensitivity and striking authenticity Eliza Minot adeptly captures the voice of a vibrant intelligent child swept into a sea of sorrow and confusion in The Tiny One Via Mahoney Revere

  • Title: The Tiny One: A Novel
  • Author: Eliza Minot
  • ISBN: 9780375706332
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “The Tiny One: A Novel”

    1. This is by far my all time favorite book. I think I have read it a hundered times since I bought it as a hardcover in 1999 (and you can tell by taking a look at it that it is well loved, well worn). It is so full of pure feeling and pure memory. It is comforting and hopeful and vibrant. Can't really put it into words, and I know it's not for everybody, but I love it immensely. :)Two of my favorite parts:"One night Marly and her friend June go skinny-dipping in the rain in the Emersons' pool and [...]

    2. The book The Tiny One by Eliza Minot is a book that takes you along with the author. The story is told by the little girl, Via. She tells you about every memory she has ever had with her mother who has just recently died. She tells her memories with great detail. She makes it seem like as though you were actually there. The way she tells the story of how she goes through every thought and memory she ever had is very descriptive and it shows what going on inside the mind of an eight year old girl [...]

    3. This book begins promisingly, but it soon becomes utterly tiresome. It repeats over and over the formula of one passage from the present and one from the past until it becomes almost idiotic. Eventually one loses every shred of sympathy for the little girl because she is, to be frank, not making much sense.The book reads like someone thought every single thing they think is deep if they sequin it with metaphors and similes.There is also far too much mention of American products from various bran [...]

    4. Beautifully captures the agony and confusion experienced with a sudden lossor so I thought. It started to ramble a bit and I'm thinking "well, it's supposed to be an eight year old working through the death of her Mother so, okay" but then it starts getting a little weird but, okay, I'll keep goinguntil she talks, in vivid detail, about putting her finger in her "butt hole" which in my book has little to nothing to do with grieving for your dead Mother. The book started off as four stars and jus [...]

    5. I hated this one. I understand that it's supposed to be from the perspective of an 8 year old, but I couldn't get into it at all. The author probably did a great job of emulating the inner workings of an 8 year old's mind (kind of bouncing all over the place, very slow to get to the point, lots of filler words), but I couldn't stand it.

    6. This is a beautiful book written from a child's perspective. It is very descriptive, which I know some people don't like, but I do. I highly recommend it although it is rather sad.

    7. I have complicated feelings about this book.The first two and last three pages of the book I found to be incredibly clumsily written. The rest of the book was an absolutely joy to read. Eliza Minot's similes are a dream; I was reading this simultaneously with The Marriage Plot, which has some of the worst similes I've ever encountered, and the contrast was kind of delightfully shocking. The book itself is a little, I don't know, fluffy. A young girl whose mother has just died is recalling the da [...]

    8. I love stories which feature child narrators, and Eliza Minot's The Tiny One was almost perfect. The book's blurb ticked a lot of boxes for me, and I was very much looking forward to immersing myself within the story. Via is only eight years old when her mother is killed in a car accident; her voice from the outset is believable, and has been constructed both with sensitivity and an outpouring of emotion. She springs to life almost immediately; she is made up of naive quirks and complexities. Th [...]

    9. My sister gave me this book b/c she knows the author. It is not the type of book I usually pick up (not that I know what that type is), but I did think it was very sweet. It is told from the perspective of an 8-yr-old girl whose mother has been killed in a car accident. It is stream of consciousness and the author does a really wonderful job of channeling a child's thoughts. It's impossible to read this and not be reminded of your childhood self. It is totally authentic to the point that I felt [...]

    10. The stream of consciensness style that this is written in took a little getting used to. At times it seemed to jerk you from one subject to another. But that is the mind of a seven year old. She's finding comfort in remembering the day her mother died- every single detail of it. She even relives the flashbacks she had that day. So there are memories encased within other memories. Sometimes I felt like 'Get to the point already,' but most of the time, it was fun to just flaot along with the memor [...]

    11. At times, the voice of the young narrator sounded so realistic it drew me right back to my own childhood and the kinds of thoughts and observations an eight year old would have. Yet there were many instances when Via, the narrator, sounded much older than an eight year old should. She mentioned being advanced in school, but that didn't seem enough to explain how she would be so precocious. I was distracted by that discrepancy and by the constant avalanche of memories from Via's life -- less coul [...]

    12. The story line of this book is great, but it was not written well. I had a hard time connecting with the 8 year old narrator. Her character outline never seemed to match up. She was very sporadic and confusing. I was not fond of the character development at all. The plot became repetitive and lack luster. The only reason I continued reading was because I was waiting for the "awe-haw" moment where topics came together and emotion was felt. Sadly, that never happened. The last chapter of a good bo [...]

    13. The author does an absolutely phenomenal job nailing the thoughts and observations of children--I felt like she had mined my 8 year old brain at several points. For instance: "The cinder-block walls are painted yellow and when I run my finger along the track between each block it's smooth and fits perfectly like I've made the line with my finger on frosting." So I wasn't the only one thought that exact same thing, huh?The book is incredibly poignant, but considering the subject matter, it's not [...]

    14. Tells essentially the same story as Monkeys (written by the sister of Monkey's author) but from the perspective of the youngest child in the family. I had trouble with the first person narrative supposedly told in "real time" - - although the story was well written and interesting, it was not a successful representation of a third grader and I found that detracted for me by breaking the willing suspension. It was a masterful as a remembrance and reflection on childhood. The ending was written as [...]

    15. Via's a smart young girl who lost her beloved mum, shares her memories growing up in Massachusetts ( my own home state). It brought me back to my own childhood. So many very familiar references to song lyrics, musicians, posters of Bobby Orr on her brothers wall, brand names such as NuForm milk, Necco wafers,Hoodsie cups of ice cream. Good memories. A pleasure to read.

    16. I LOVE the writing style of this book. It's something like stream of consciousness, and is very mcuh like the direction our thoughts take as we daydream, or even night-dream. As the main character in the book experiences the day of her mother's funeral, she remembers the day her mother died, and those memories recall other memories. Memories within memories within memories. So fascinating!

    17. Kind of boring. The story is okay, but it just had way too much unnecessary detail. The only thing I will say I really enjoyed was it had me reminiscing about a lot of things taking me back to my child hood as a little girl growing up when I did. A sad story and all in all relatable, but kind of a wase of time too.

    18. Are you allowed to review a book you couldn't finish? It was painful to read, and not for the reasons you'd expect from a book about a little girl's mother dying. It just rambled about randomness with no destination as far as I could see. I've never not finished a book on purpose before and yet here I am.

    19. I wanted to like this memoir--especially since the author grew up at the same time I did. But her descriptions were a little too exaggerated. The author seemed more connected to how cute she must have been than to who she was on the inside.

    20. One Star is even too mucho descriptive and extremely boring. I may have skipped a chapter here and there and it made no difference since there really wasn't a story to miss anything important. I regret paying for this book.

    21. This book for me held all the longing for answers to an impossible question: why did my mother die? I lost my mother 25 years ago and this book was as close to an actual portrayal of how we look at every second of a horrible event to find meaning.

    22. The writing style was beautiful and it started out so promising. About halfway through the book though the plot-or lack thereof- really started to drag. The ending was so anti-climactic. I'm torn because of the beautiful writing, but the story just seemed to go nowhere.

    23. I didn't "get" this book. Didn't enjoy it. Don't particularly recommend it. I'm glad it was a quick read or I'd be sad I had wasted my time.

    24. Eliza Minot just swept me away with this book -I was utterly in Via's world, and on rereads, have been able to recapture that "first read" magic.

    25. This book was very unique. It's written like an 8 year-old girlnd of annoying and kind of cute at the same time. I liked it but I like weird stuff. It made me pretty nostalgic.

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