Encore Provence: New Adventures in the South of France

A whole new feast of adventures, discoveries, hilarities, and culinary treats, liberally seasoned with a joyous mix of Gallic characters.After trying what folly to live in other places, Peter Mayle is back in his beloved Provence He celebrates his homecoming by sharing with us a whole new feast of adventures, discoveries, hilarities, and culinary treats, liberally seasA whole new feast of adventures, discoveries, hilarities, and culinary treats, liberally seasoned with a joyous mix of Gallic characters.After trying what folly to live in other places, Peter Mayle is back in his beloved Provence He celebrates his homecoming by sharing with us a whole new feast of adventures, discoveries, hilarities, and culinary treats, liberally seasoned with a joyous mix of Gallic characters The pauses for refreshment include an unforgettable meal in a converted gas station, a rendezvous with the very best bouillabaisse, and visits to eventful weekly markets.But there is life after lunch, and we also discover a school for noses in Haute Provence, a gardener who grows black tomatoes, the secret of the oversexed butcher, a celebration of Alowine Halloween Provence style, and the genetic effects of two thousand years of fois gras There is a memorable tour of Marseille, a comprehensive lesson on olive oil, a search for the perfect cork screw, and invaluable recommendations for splendid local cheeses, wines, honey, bread, country restaurants, and off the beaten track places to stay.Never has Peter Mayle written with unabashed pleasure about his heaven on earth.
Encore Provence New Adventures in the South of France A whole new feast of adventures discoveries hilarities and culinary treats liberally seasoned with a joyous mix of Gallic characters After trying what folly to live in other places Peter Mayle is

  • Title: Encore Provence: New Adventures in the South of France
  • Author: Peter Mayle
  • ISBN: 9780679762690
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Onvan : Encore Provence: New Adventures in the South of France - Nevisande : Peter Mayle - ISBN : 679762698 - ISBN13 : 9780679762690 - Dar 240 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 1992

    2. This reads more like a Provence guidebook and less like a memoir. It has nice weight and heft after the insubstantial stories in Toujours Provence and has the same charming competent humorous writing style as A Year in Provence. I liked this book because I can see his journalistic tendencies more clearly. I enjoy the way he chases down a story and the lengths to which he’ll go to follow up on interesting possibilities like the perfumery school for blind children, the processing of olive oil an [...]

    3. Written eleven years after A Year in Provence, Encore Provence continues Peter Mayle’s fascination with this delightfully sunny corner of France. In this book, Mayle (who, if you’re unfamiliar with his Provence books, moved along with his wife from England to Provence after chucking up a career in advertising) discusses—with his inimitable sense of humour and his obvious affection for Provence and its people—all things Provence, from the people to the laws, the land and its produce, the [...]

    4. Enjoyable, Mayle in good form. Having read his previous books some years ago it's nice to revisit the dusty roads of Provence and rekindle dormant daydreams.

    5. After I read and thoroughly enjoyed Peter Mayle’s Provence (1991) and Toujours Provence (1992), I turned my attention to other readings, not knowing that a few years later (1999) , Mayle had completed a trilogy with Encore Provence, written after he and his wife had left their home in the south of France, and moved to southern California for few years. This delightful account of how they readjusted from California back to Provençal life lives up to the spirit and cultural observations of the [...]

    6. Коли ти не їдеш в Прованс (хоча й дуже цього хочеш), Прованс приходить до тебе. І то так відчутно, що майже вдихаєш запах лаванди, чуєш, як під подувом містралю шелестить листя на столітніх оливах, слухаєш скрип старих віконниць, відчуваєш смак доброго вина Здавалося, читати " [...]

    7. Oh my, give me another book by Peter Mayle please. This is a revisit to a lovely please that the author loved. Provence - truffles, vineyards, olives. Virtually meeting those lovely people who love wine, gardening and food. A place where peace and quiet still reigns.

    8. For it's genre, this is a great book. I'm a big fan of books where not much has to happen. I read the first of this series, "A Year in Provence," at least five years ago and really enjoyed it. It's the French equivalent of "Under the Tuscan Sun." Stumbled across two of his follow-ups at a rummage sale at preschool and snapped them up. This book was interesting, informative, witty and even laugh-out-loud funny at times. Peter Mayle thinks a great deal about food - where it comes from, how to get [...]

    9. I was lucky enough to read the third installment of Peter Mayle's Provence trilogy in Provence itself recently. Not exactly in The Luberon though, we were staying in the slighty busier, more touristy part of Frejus but I'm not complaining, it's a beautiful place.As with the first two books it's like curling up with an old friend, an old witty francophile friend that causes you to laugh out loud (very possibly startling nearby sun-worshippers)and teaches you something new each time you engage wit [...]

    10. Where felt like a Dear Diary and I loved it, Encore Provence feels more like a How To and I only liked it. Encore Provence really gets more specific, and detailed, and Provence loses a lot of its magic fairyland feel, becoming more of a Real Place. A Real Place I want to visit, no doubt, but not asap. I almost wonder if Mayle did this deliberately, to discourage people like me from visiting, and messing up his magic fairyland! If so, touche.

    11. Харесвам Питър Мейл и третата част от поредицата му за Прованс ми допадна. Книгата е по-скоро пътепис, а не роман. Сборник от истории, написан с приятно чувство за хумор, усет към детайла, любов към храната и природата. Книга, която носи сетивна наслада и удоволствие.

    12. Given that encore means "again" and toujours means "forever" I understandably mistook this book to be the second in the series, rather than the third, and so I read them out of order. I think no one will be terribly surprised that this is a watered-down version of A Year in Provence. It is less a memoir and more a collection of essays. I was hoping for more sketches of village characters and anecdotes about gardening, food, and local color. There are some of those, but mostly this reads like a t [...]

    13. When I picked up this book, I was hoping for another lighthearted adventure in Provence, but instead found a book lacking the overall arc of "A Year and Provence" and reading more like a travel guide.Peter Mayle has definitely found his calling - milking stories of Provence. Aside from the chapter on old-age and dying, I found the rest of the book to be uninteresting. Better to visit Provence myself than listen to someone re-count boorish stories about it.

    14. Having just visited Aix-en-Provence, I found this book to be delightful. Each city's festivals prepared with loving care, and they are interesting. Why are they interesting? Because the French appreciate artisanal crafts--all of the French--the jeune et vieux (young and old) alike.It would seem that in the USA, artisanal crafts are no longer appreciated, much less admired by the young and old.I read the entire book on the 9 hour flight from Paris to Los Angeles.

    15. This is a delightful sequel to the author's "A Year in Provence," with even more charming descriptions of the slow-paced life he and his wife have discovered in Provence. If you can't afford to travel to France, pick up this quick read to live vicariously through Peter Mayle's often tongue-in-cheek observations.

    16. Another happy read by Peter Mayle. Not gripping. Perfect bedtime reading in its calm tone, light humour, skillful writing, entertaining and picturesque descriptions of countryside, people, and of course, food & wine.

    17. Much of that dry British wit. Some the made me laugh out loud for real. Also more pleasantly imparted information about Provence (after reading 'A Year in Provence'). I only gave it three stars because it wasn't as original or funny as the first book, which is perhaps not fair.

    18. "Пуснете французин сред природата и първото, което ще пожелае, е да я организира, после ще провери дали има начин да я яде."Третата книжка за Прованс представлява още триста страници, изпълнени с красиви гледки, ароматни и вкусни ястия и забавни наблюдения над местната народ [...]

    19. What a delightful foray into Peter Mayle's Provencial world. He mentions in this book that they were returning from a stint in thr US and I would love to hear his perspective on his time there.

    20. one more perfect book. Very light with pleasant atmosphere of Provence, with sounds and smells throw the pages and good English sense of humor.

    21. I enjoyed A Year in Provence much more but this one's a great one for foodies! Peter Mayle makes you chuckle after every other page

    22. Have enjoyed most of what I've read by Mayle. I like to think of them as air travel books. They're short and sweet.

    23. Because living in the south of France, or Normandy, or Italy, sounds so wonderfully exotic and impossible, reading about those who have chosen to do is both wonderful and a cause for jealousy. I read A Year in Provence and Toujours Provence many years ago, and happily both continue to reside on my shelves. I borrowedEncore Provence from my workplace for some Christmas/New Year relaxation.Written a decade after the first two volumes, the elapsed time included relocation to California. This volume [...]

    24. You’ve got Mayle!Peter Mayle’s “Encore Provence”the third novel in his Provence series. His books are always great fun; reading them is like going on vacation. In this installment of the series, Mayle (an Englishman by birth) writes about returning to Provence after a four year absence, when he and wife moved back to England. The novel - so vivid and rich in its explanation of the smallest detail of life in Provence - makes one yearn to be transplanted to that picturesque landscape. The [...]

    25. After perusing I find it is seven years since I read a bit of Peter Mayle during my summer vacation. That’s the best way to read Mayle, basking in the sun, alongside shimmering water. I read the chapter about food in Provence over a lunch of cold grilled/smoked chicken with salsa and chilled sliced tomatoes, it was delicious both prose and meal. My other fond passages were the ‘Unsolved Murder of the Handsome Butcher’, ‘Curious Reasons for Liking Provence’, ‘Eight Ways to Spend a Sum [...]

    26. These are some new stories after the author returned to Provence after several years in America. To my surprise, there is reference to Ruth Reichl of the New York Times (not a very pleasant impression from Ruth though), it's interesting because I'm a fan of Ruth Reichl's books too (but I only remember that fling in Paris :/)This book has many charming moments but like Toujours Provence, it's not tightly bound around a timeline in A Year in Provence. The first book sounds more like "an adventure" [...]

    27. Imagine A stay in a beautiful house in the grounds of a chateau in Provence Every home comfort provided My choice of reading matter from my friend's bookshelves was this. I would get up, sniff the perfumed air through the French windows in our room, and wander to make off for my first cuppa. I found this book explained many things and gave pointers to what activities to do. - Why couldn't I get a writing pad without it being graph paper? Food. The amazing experience of the markets particularly t [...]

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