Spiritual Maturity

The third book in the Commitment to Spiritual Growth Series, Spiritual Maturity, by classic author J Oswald Sanders, will prove to be a blessing to Christians who are seeking depth in their relationship with God Sanders points out the arresting difference between God s thought and man s weakness and inadequacy to a deeper understanding of discipleship.
Spiritual Maturity The third book in the Commitment to Spiritual Growth Series Spiritual Maturity by classic author J Oswald Sanders will prove to be a blessing to Christians who are seeking depth in their relationsh

  • Title: Spiritual Maturity
  • Author: J. Oswald Sanders
  • ISBN: 9780802467942
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This is one of those books that you take the time to study through and don't just read it once. You need a pen, highlighter and journal. It's a wonderful read full of conviction, challenges and comfort that is beneficial for believers at all stages of their walk. I look forward to reading the other books in the series. Oswald is very eloquent and precise that it is advised to have always a dictionary to hand while reading this book. It's worth digging into the meanings of things so as to grasp t [...]

    2. This is an excellent book to read regarding the basic doctrines concerning the Trinity -- God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. I highly recommend it -- not necessarily for brand new believers -- but for those who are wanting to deepen a fairly young faith and begin to mature in their knowledge of God. And -- of course -- it is good for all seasoned believers who are needing a refresher on the basics of the faith.

    3. Read this book with a group in my church. Interesting format, suggesting scripture reading which directly corresponds to the content. Split into three parts, each part pertaining to the trinitarian Godhead. This book is a great expositional piece on the bible, and I enjoyed it. 240 Pages

    4. J. Oswald Sanders writes in a similar vein as he did in “Spiritual Leadership”. Though this title is not as well-known as his leadership classic, it probes with the same depth into spiritual maturity. As the subtitle says, he brings out principles of spiritual growth for every believer. It is an outstanding book.He has a Trinitarian breakdown in the three parts of this book. In part one he writes on the overruling providence of God, in part two on the supreme vision of Christ, and in part th [...]

    5. I first encountered J. Oswald Sanders when a good friend of mine recommended the book Enjoying Intimacy with God. It seemed to have a rather profound effect upon him. I read it as well, and was able to see where the effect came from. When I encountered the three book series from Moody by Sanders--including Spiritual Maturity, Spiritual Discipleship, and Spiritual Leadership--I was eager to jump in. The first one that I ordered was Spiritual Maturity: Practices of Spiritual Growth for Every Belie [...]

    6. One of, if not the best book I’ve ever read on spiritual maturity. It doesn’t give you an itemized list of dos and don’t; instead it takes you through a simple but powerful study of each of the three members of the Trinity. Leaves you thinking and challenges you to grow in the faith. This is a must-read for all who desire to mature spiritually.

    7. A solid book with many good chapters on topics such as the attributes of God and Christ, the commitment and sacrifice of the disciple and the work of the Holy Spirit. A good, basic theological work.

    8. seemed like a doctrinally stable book. dry though, as were the other two in this series. the last two chapters in the book dealt with tongues which was somewhat interesting. I prefer John Bunyan and Charles spurgeon to this author, but I prefer this author 10 times more than someone like houge or some devotional feel-good "be blessed" book. anyway, if you are looking for dry potatoes and barley green, this is the book.

    9. Great WorkReally had a lot to think about whilst reading this book, glade I got it. Would recommend to anyone who desires more in their spiritual life.

    10. 5 stars = Yearly re-read4 stars = Re-read eventually3 stars = Very Good2 stars = OK1 stars = Pass on this one.0 stars = Couldn't finish it.

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