Missing May

This critically acclaimed winner of the Newbery Medal and the Boston Globe Horn Book Award joins s paperback line.When May dies suddenly while gardening, Summer assumes she ll never see her beloved aunt again But then Summer s Uncle Ob claims that May is on her way back she has sent a sign from the spirit world.Summer isn t sure she believes in the spirit worlThis critically acclaimed winner of the Newbery Medal and the Boston Globe Horn Book Award joins s paperback line.When May dies suddenly while gardening, Summer assumes she ll never see her beloved aunt again But then Summer s Uncle Ob claims that May is on her way back she has sent a sign from the spirit world.Summer isn t sure she believes in the spirit world, but her quirky classmate Cletus Underwood who befriends Ob during his time of mourning does So at Cletus suggestion, Ob and Summer with Cletus in tow set off in search of Miriam B Young, Small Medium at Large, whom they hope will explain May s departure and confirm her possible return.
Missing May This critically acclaimed winner of the Newbery Medal and the Boston Globe Horn Book Award joins s paperback line When May dies suddenly while gardening Summer assumes she ll never see her beloved au

  • Title: Missing May
  • Author: Cynthia Rylant
  • ISBN: 9780439613835
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Missing May, Cynthia Rylant Missing May is a children's book, the recipient of the 1993 Newbery Medal. It was written by Cynthia Rylant, who has written over 100 children's books such as The Islander.The novel is set in present-day West Virginia. The protagonist is Summer, an orphaned child who has been passed from one apathetic relative to another. At age six, she meets her Aunt May and Uncle Ob. The kindly old couple notices that, although Summer is not mistreated, she is virtually ignored by [...]

    2. Read this, my friends. It's good medicine. Heartwarming, realistic, subtle, and funny in a subdued style. Winner of 1993 Newbery Medal. Set in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia, present day, this is one of the better depictions of grieving, despair, and eventual renewal. It's also a story about adoption, and loving relationships between young people and old folks.Summer's parents died when she was a baby, leaving her orphaned. After being passed from one reluctant relative to another, s [...]

    3. It seems to Summer that everybody in her life leaves too soon. Her mother died when she was young, and after that she was passed around to live with relatives, to be “treated like a homework assignment somebody was always having to do,” and never staying with any relative for very long. And then Ob and May came along when Summer was six. Her aunt and uncle were elderly by the time Summer went to live with them in their Deep Water trailer, but she didn’t mind. For the first time since her m [...]

    4. "Missing May" is a short book that can be read in one sitting. Even though it is short there is nothing lacking in the story. All the characters are developed wonderfully and they all end up feeling like old friends.It is a poignant novel about death and the depression that follows the loss of a loved one.Summer loses her mother and goes to live with various kin, but never feels unconditionally loved by any of them, she is even afraid to ask for more milk. Then Ob and May come visiting and they [...]

    5. Be sure to have a box of tissues by your side if/when you read this poignantly wonderful book of loss that wounds and love that transcends the sadness of death, enabling the spirit to keep living through the pain.Cynthia Rylant, the author of this 1993 Newbery Medal award winning book, is rightfully deserving of the honor.While small in the number of pages, it is large in depth and meaning. It packs a soft wallop as each and every word is used with such powerful poetry that I marveled as I turne [...]

    6. Summer and Uncle Obe recently lost their beloved May. Summer is coping, not only with her own grief, but also with the fact that Uncle Obe is dying inside. The unique character, Cletus Underwood, enters their lives and the three go on a quest for a spiritual connection to May.Of Missing May, Cynthia Rylant says, "I'm not sure where this story came from. But I was raised in rural West Virginia and I knew a lot of characters like Ob and Cletus and May. I just felt I was writing about my own people [...]

    7. I did not like this book. I read it as a fifth grader, and I have had no desire to read it since. I didn't like the characters and I didn't feel like they were very real. Sometimes I wonder what the Newbery committee is thinking. I've always thought that the books they choose to honor should be ones that kids can enjoy.

    8. اینقدر دوستش داشتم.اینقدر دوستش داشتم.«مِی اگر الان اینجا بود به من و کلتوس می‌گفت کار درست هم این است. که آدم قدر هرکس و هرچیزی را که دارد بداند و محکم نگهش دارد. می‌گفت که ما آدم‌ها باید دو دستی به یکدیگر بچسبیم چون مقدر این است که با همدیگر باشیم.مقدر این است که به هم نیاز دا [...]

    9. Poignant and sometimes funny story about a girl who is finding her way in the world after her beloved Aunt May dies, and her relationship with her uncle and her friend. Takes place in the mountains of West Virginia. Loved it. Highly recommended.

    10. This is a wonderful book about a young girl and a loss in her family, and how they deal with it.It is written for 8-12 year old children, but I laughed and I cried, and I read it in one sitting! Absolutely loved it and the way it was written. Recommended to Everyone!!

    11. Wonderful, heart warming book. I am re-naming it to "missing Mary" cuz all I could do was think about my mom as I read the book. Now to pull myself back together!

    12. Well, this is a sad book. It's just all sad right from beginning to end. I don't know how many kids would actually enjoy reading this, I think I might have as a kid, but, not necessarily. I really love the writing style and I got attached to the characters right away. It's one of those books good for any kind of crying you'd like to do lol I'm glad it won the Newbery, otherwise I might not have come across it. Note for parents: I didn't pick up on any problematic content, but the spiritual theme [...]

    13. I remember being moved by this small and quiet novel as a child, and it is still just as moving as an adult. This is a slight book--hardly more than a short story--but it is anything but insubstantial. Rylant masterfully describes the complexity of grief and the reality of different styles of grieving with characters so dear they are not easily forgotten. A lovely and tender story.

    14. What a sad little book. I experienced two big losses in my life within the last year and a half, and this book does resonate with my grieving process. I fell into a sort of depressed hibernation, and then one day I started to come out of it, too, for no obvious reason. I can't say whether that is standard or even common when it comes to death and loss, but Missing May feels authentic to me.

    15. Ah, nostalgia! I love this book! Ever since my friend introduced me to this book a few months back and I read it, it always stood with me as a very moving, beautiful story. I enjoyed reading this again for the second time and for many more times to come, I'm sure! Everything about the novel from the characters to the plot to the writing itself was simply amazing and I cannot say enough of how great this book is. I truly do not regret picking this up!Cynthia Rylant is such a good author. Her writ [...]

    16. As part of my quest to read all the Newberry Award Winners, I bought and started Missing May. Cynthia Rylant also wrote a short story called "Checkouts" that I thought was genius so I was eager to start this book. I started reading this book and for whatver reason couldn't really catch the rhythm of the author. I had to re-read the first chapter a couple of times to make sure that I knew what was going on. This book is about a young girl name Summer that loses her parents in a flood and ends up [...]

    17. "Missing May" by Cynthia Rylant is a quick read that I would recommend for fifth or sixth grade. There are some deeper topics and more difficult situations that younger children might not fully understand. I did not fall in love with this book while reading it, but I still enjoyed it and thought it was very interesting. I would highly recommend it to a student who is dealing with death in their family or one who has been a part of foster care that has caused them to not feel secure. There are so [...]

    18. Books about recovering from grief are a mixed lot. Some try too hard to instruct, to show the 'stages of grief,' to give advice. Rylant does not fall into the teaching trap. Instead she tells a story of loss from the voice of a little girl who's been dealt more than her share of grief and loss.May, Summer's unofficial adopted mother dies suddenly and Ob, May's husband is so deep in his own suffering he can't help SummerMay and Summer. But it's winter that nearly does Ob and Summer ine grief beco [...]

    19. I loved this book the first time I read it in elementary school 20 years ago, and it has stuck with me into adulthood. Reading this was my first introduction to grief, and I still find Rylant's descriptions of love and loss to be profound. One of Summer's first descriptions of May and Ob, for example: "I never saw two people love each other so much. Sometimes the tears would just come over me, looking at the two of them, even six years back when I first got here and was too young to be thinking [...]

    20. فضای خاصی داشت. یعنی یه طور خاصی در طول همه ی داستان، حتی اون جاهایی که حرف می زدن آدماش با هم، بازم یه نوع"سکوت" رو میشد حس کرد، یه سکوت ممتد و بی وقفه که تا آخرش ادامه داشت؛ یه سکوت که ناشی از از دست دادن یه نفر بود، کسی که عزیز بوده خیلی.شخصیت هابه طور عجیبی گنگ بودن، یعنی البته [...]

    21. Awards Won: Newbery Medal (1993)This is a short book about a learning to cope with the loss of a loved on. The main character Summer lives in a run-down trailer with her Aunt May and Uncle Ob. Summer is extremely happy with her current home-life, after previously having to cope with the death of her own mother. When May dies, Summer fears that she will lose Ob to the grief that he can't seem to overcome. But, with the help of an unlikely friend, Summer and Ob begin to learn how to heal. This boo [...]

    22. MISSING MAY is a wondrous tale of grief and recovery. The author deserves all the recognition she received for this book. I am amazed that, even though it is written for young readers, just how much it appeals to adults. I remember years ago when it was read to one of my college classes by our professor. It literally brought tears to almost everyone's eyes. The book is so skillfully written that it transcends age levels, genres, and labels. Not a single word is wasted in this story. I highly rec [...]

    23. Missing may is a book about 12 year old Summer and her uncle Ob. They recently lost May, Ob's wife and May's aunt. Ob was deeply depressed, always trying to connect with May's spirit. One morning he was so pale and sick and broken. This is a story about how Ob and Summer recover after losing someone so important and special.I liked this book. I think it has a really sweet ending. I found this book captivating once I started it. I am not a fan of sad books so that's why I gave this book 3 stars.

    24. i absolutely loved this book. i had never read something that was quite simalar. i could really feel for may and even though i have never been through a situation like that, but because of the way Cynthia Rylant wrote it, it almost felt like i was there. it is wonderful and is doeffinetely for you if you really like to feel for your characters.

    25. This, to me, is a perfect middle-grade novel. It addresses lots of kid issues, and is so beautifully and thoughtfully written and constructed, and the characters are all wonderfully developed. It's the type of book I hope to one day write:)

    26. "But what is it that makes a person want to stay here on this earth anyway, and go on suffering the most awful pain just for the sake of getting to stay? I used to think it was because people fear death, but now I think it is because people can't bear saying good-bye."

    27. This book had me in tears by the end. Absolutely beautiful. Rylant brings her poetic talent to this book, and colorfully captures the lives of Ob, May, and Summer in their tiny Appalachian home. One of my new favorites.

    28. Missing May is absolutely wondrous. I was in tears by the end of the book and even though it is short, it doesn't lack anything. The plot, the characters, everything is very well developed and put into place. Read it!

    29. Probably one of the absolute worst books I have ever read. i read this two years ago as an assignment for my reading class. It was absolutelty dreadful. This book is depressing, boring, dreary and honestly pointless. I highly warn anyone to not read this book. Terrible.

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