Courage of Fear

An inspirational writer must put her teachings to work when her husband leaves, ruining the wonderful life she has built Angela Hearly Peterson had it all a beautiful, adoring husband, a mansion in the Hollywood Hills, even a Pulitzer Prize for her bestselling inspirational memoir it s all about to come crumbling down Her Husband Jackson the beloved moon to her s An inspirational writer must put her teachings to work when her husband leaves, ruining the wonderful life she has built Angela Hearly Peterson had it all a beautiful, adoring husband, a mansion in the Hollywood Hills, even a Pulitzer Prize for her bestselling inspirational memoir it s all about to come crumbling down Her Husband Jackson the beloved moon to her sea has a secret gambling problem In debt to Las Vegas casinos, he commits an almost unspeakable act that will send Angela s life into a downward spiral She flees the West Coast for her family compound on Nantucket, where she plans to end the miserable charade that her life has become The island remains home to people who still love Angela and remember the little girl she used to be before fame and fortune struck One man in particular has been waiting for her return Slowly, the motley group of islanders bands together to coax Angela back from the edge Riveting until the end Kirkus Discoveries Review.
Courage of Fear An inspirational writer must put her teachings to work when her husband leaves ruining the wonderful life she has built Angela Hearly Peterson had it all a beautiful adoring husband a mansion in th

  • Title: Courage of Fear
  • Author: Barbara Boyer
  • ISBN: 9780615203638
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I read "Courage of Fear" very quickly during my recent vacation, and as I turned to the final page, I had such mixed emotions that I thought about the characters, the events in the story, and wondered about "what might have been" for days afterward.And then I puzzled over the meaning in the events. The author takes us between the past and the present with style and grace, gradually revealing the love story even as the relationship unfolds to its very sad conclusion. Later, however, I found that [...]

    2. I think the closest word I can find to describe Courage of Fear, by Barbara Boyer is surprising. Barbara Boyer was born in Massachusetts, raised her daughter in Kansas, and now resides in California where she delves in writing screenplays, books, and acting. Courage of Fear is her first title. Angela Hearly-Peterson had obtained everything in life she had ever wanted. A glorious home, an admiring husband, perfect friends, and a Pulitzer for a best-selling novel, Wrestling With the Demons. It all [...]

    3. Courage of FearBy Barbara BoyerOcean Moon PublishingISBN: 9780615203638186 PagesAngela Hearly-Peterson has written an inspirational best-selling book, Wrestling With the Demons.At least she did—within Courage of Fear by Barbara Boyer! I don’t think I’ve read another book quite like this—it’s truly unique. I love unique This book is probably listed under the romance genre, but it is so much more!At the beginning of each chapter, there are quotes from Angela, the main character. Normally [...]

    4. Wow. There was so much going on in this book. The writing flowed nicely making it a quick, easy read. Within that writing were many complex story lines and flashbacks that made it anything but fluffy. With everything going on, I felt like I missed a lot of the "deeper" things.As far as the characters, I found them hard to keep straight in the very beginning, but it got easier as the book went on and I learned the little idiosyncrasies that made them each individuals. I came to absolutely adore M [...]

    5. This story wasn’t bad. It dealt with a woman who has a lot of money and everything she thought she ever wanted. After her other half leaves her, she is faced to come to terms with the lies and misconceptions she has lived through.There were certainly good parts in this book, especially the philosophical talks she has with Culann, but at the same time those talks can get a little heavy and drag on to the point of exhaustion for the reader.As this authors first book, it’s not bad. Women will f [...]

    6. What can I say about this book? At times I thought I was reading a novel, but then when I was lying in bed i would think about something Angela said and say, whoa. Sometimes life is hard. But these characters? When I was reading this book i couldn't put it down. It was something! I miss Culann and Lizzy and Sammy and Leo. I only wish I could be loved that way. Can I say when I got to the end I never never thought that was coming? I hope boyer brings these characters back because I already miss t [...]

    7. Barbara Boyer's book is an intriguing exercise in writing. She manages to pull the reader into her story through the back door without the reader seeing the front door until the final pages of her novel. Her message of hope, love and redemption carries her story smoothly to a climactic ending. The novel is filled with captivating characters – a bird, a dog and a horse support the human cast in a believable fashion. Overall, this writing debut is a great beginning for a very strong writer. Barb [...]

    8. Hooray for me!! I won a preview copy of this book! YES!!!!I really liked this book. It was well written and kept me reading late into the night. This is a read in one sitting book for sure. I love the cover art - everything on the cover has meaning in the book. I liked that a lot! Awesome ending - not at all what I expected to happen! Highly recommend that everyone reads this one!

    9. WOW, What an emotional roller-coaster this books takes you on. The ending is an unseen shocker. I can't wait to read more books by Ms. Boyer. A definite grand slam!

    10. At the beginning of the book, I thought huh, another chick-lit book. Was I ever wrong. This book quickly changes direction and plays with all your emotions. It was great.

    11. -Barbara Boyer hits one out of the park her first time at bat with Courage of Fear-Though, this is her first novel, Courage of Fear proves she’s no rookie as, with a compelling depth of feeling, Barbara Boyer has crafted a truly inspiring outstanding work of literatureFor this is a tale of transformation told with a startling insight to the beauty found in Life’s struggle to balanceFrom a literary standpoint, alone, you will find all the essentialsMemorable lead characters that sparkle with [...]

    12. I didn't realize that Courage of Fear was a faith oriented book. The last few years of my life, I haven't really had the best relationship with God. I lost my father five years ago and I'm still struggling to deal with the fact that he's gone. I don't understand why and yes, I will admit that I blame him (God)for my loss. Some say that's ridiculous, but I believe what I believe. One thing I did appreciate was even though faith was predominant in the book, it wasn't shoved down your throat.That b [...]

    13. I was fortunate to be chosen through First Reads and was glad that I was.It was somewhat hard to keep track of what was going on in the story at the beginning of the book, but then the story picked up the pace and was hard to put down.Angela and Jackson have a love that most people dream about. But their perfect life shatters when Jackson does something very tragic rather than face up to the mistakes he has made. Angela flees to her childhood home and it is there that she picks up the pieces of [...]

    14. COURAGE OF FEAR-BARBARA BOYER.Angela Hearly-Peterson is a bestselling author due to her highly acclaimed inspirational book WRESTLING WITH THE DEMONS. She is also a happily married woman or so she thinks. Unbeknownst to her, her husband of ten years has a gambling addiction and decides to take the easy way out. After finding him, Angela flees for Nantucket and the safety of the place where she grew up. Returning to a familiar place she finds old friends and makes some new ones. Her grief is so f [...]

    15. This book turned out to have a totally different focus than I was expecting. I expected it to be more of a traditional "woman's story" about dealing with adversity and coming out the other side. Instead, the focus was much more spiritual and philosophical and the choices faced by the various characters a bit more dark and complex than you would normally see in "women's fiction". While I am not typically that interested in inspirational fiction, I liked the surprise and thought it made the book b [...]

    16. This book was very different from most books I have read, which makes reviewing it a little more difficult. You are definitely swept into the emotional ups and downs of the main character, Angela Hearly-Peterson. The author, Barbara Boyer, has a unique writing style that made me pause and think, and sometimes feel I wanted to reread portions to fully grasp the meaning she was trying to convey. That is what most endeared the book to me; it is intellectually stimulating. One drawback to the book, [...]

    17. I did enjoy this boko and I am one of the lucky ones who got to win it and Barbara is super sweet. I loved the characters and I loved the story behind everything but I do wish there was more detail. It was a fairly short read and I feel that it moved too fast at times for me where I had to stop and read it again just to make sure I didn't miss something.The story in itself was very captivating and moving and I constantly was making faces (whether it be a smile or a frown) and I am sure people th [...]

    18. I am finished with Courage. A book I could not put down, and I am not one to read a book fast. I felt like Angela. I can relate with how she feels love. This book made you feel, it was described perfectly, like I was in that treehouse, and feeling scared of heights like Culann. I could feel the wind. The end was so shocking. did not see it coming, and I usually can predict SOMETHING.I really am looking forward for another book like this. It makes someone want to be that loved. I can relate, how [...]

    19. This book may be billed as a romance, but it's also a suspense and mystery! I only wish I had not read the back-page summary and just let muyself be pulled along in the story of "what happened"?? There was just enough foreshadowing in the book to kind of get an idea of what happened, but still keep you in suspence and reading to find out.There were quite a few lines in the book that stood out. One noteable quote being, "Perfection has everything to do with motive, nothing to do with outcome."

    20. i won this book from the author ( First Reads giveaway) and flew through reading it! One woman's journey in loss, friendship and faith. the chapters are easy to get through. i appreciated the ease of reading, but also wanted more details of the story. it was little too dreamy for my tastes.

    21. I really enjoyed this story about Angela and her unique group of friends. She is someone who had it all and then lost it. She is fortunate enough to find support in her old friends on Nantucket. The ending was a complete shock. I had to reread some passages to get their true meaning. A good read. I'm glad that I was lucky enough to win this book on .

    22. Very poignant story taking the reader through the depths of friends, family and faith. Many unexpected twists that kept me turning the page. A total surprise at the end. This book truly makes you think about life and the people who are most precious to you.

    23. I won this book from the giveaways and read the whole thing in the same day. I could not put it down. I cant wait to see what else Barbara produces. She is a phenomenal writer. She draws you in and doesnt let you go until the very end!

    24. I thought this was a great book. It had Love it had spiritual background it had tragedy lots of that! couldnt have asked for a better written book cant wait to read what else she has coming!! Job Well done Barbara!!

    25. Cute book! i enjoyed it a lot i would say the genre falls under the "the notebook" type-catagory.

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