The Exile

The biography of the mother of Pearl S Buck, a portrait of an American woman in China.
The Exile The biography of the mother of Pearl S Buck a portrait of an American woman in China

  • Title: The Exile
  • Author: Pearl S. Buck
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. "The Exile" is Pearl Buck's biography of her mother, and it serves as a companion to "Fighting Angel," her biography of her father. "Companion," probably isn't the best word because Pearl Buck's mother and father were anything but companions to one another. Perhaps it would be more accurate to state that their biographies, like themselves, are more like two sides of the same coin.While "Fighting Angel" focused on Andrew (Absalom) Sydenstricker's pioneering missionary career, it rarely mentioned [...]

    2. This biography of Carie Sydenstricker, mother of Pearl S. Buck, reads more like a novel. The product of Dutch and French Huguenot immigrant parents, she was raised in a deeply religious Presbyterian community in West Virginia. From her pioneer parents and grandparents, Carie inherited a strong character, courageous and lively spirit, a love for music and the beauty of nature, and a keen sense of humor. After two years in seminary she married a stiff, rather remote scholarly minister and joined h [...]

    3. Very well written book, I liked it better than the "The Good Earth", though comparison is not justified since this is a biography of her mother and the other is a work of fiction.She brings home what late 19th and early 20th century China was like. And her mother's anguished despair on losing children, to trying to keep faith in God and how husband and wife, two human beings, so physically close but in reality miles apart is if she paints a collage with words, you feel it all.And the worst, mayb [...]

    4. This is Pearl Buck's biography of her mother. It is a companion book to "Fighting Angel". Can't wait to get started.I found this book so interesting and such a pleasure to read that I didn't want it to end. I generally read in short spurts anyway, but I found it really necessary with this book because there were parts I found so heavy that I had to take a break just to digest them. Pearl obviously loved her mother intensely and she writes of a woman I would love to have known. This creative, spu [...]

    5. Peripezie di una donna americana di origine olandese che seguì suo marito, pastore presbiteriano nella missione di introdurre la religione cristiana in Cina. Quello che più ho ammirato è stata la sua umana religiosità fatta di cure ai poveri e di continue domande di un segno divino, visto che 4 dei suoi bambini sono morti per l'inadeguatezza della vita in Cina ai primi del novecento. Storia vera scritta dalla figlia che vide la durezza di comportamento del padre, che pieno di cultura formale [...]

    6. This is Pearl S. Buck's biography of her mother. It shows a lot about life in China before the Second World War and how her missionary parents fit in.It is not quite as good as the biography she worte of her father--which was "Fighting Angel"--but still a fairly decent book.Recommended for fans of Pearl s. Buck; fans of biographies or anyone interested in life in China in the 1920s.f

    7. Wow! A bio about her mother who was an amazing mother, woman, Christian and American. The way P.S.Buck has with words is magical---her word/writings sooth my soul. She learned well from her mother.

    8. I bought this hardcover book published in 1936 on eBay for $3.00. It is in very good condition for an 80-year-old book. It smells a little musty but the pages are sturdy, high quality paper with beveled edges. It even has a dust jacket. Pearl Buck is the author of The Good Earth, which won both a Pulitzer and the Nobel Prize for literature. This book is a biography she wrote about her mother. I recently read two interesting biographies of Pearl Buck and family by Peter Conn and Hilary Spurling w [...]

    9. This is not nearly as good as The Good Earth. The major issue is, I believe, the subject matter; it is very difficult - if not impossible - in my view to write a novelization of the life of one's mother, for it is very difficult for a writer to view their protagonist dispassionately enough to fully enter into the character. The result is a flat and not particularly interesting saint, which of course means the story - which is in essence a character study - falls flat as well.Still, there are red [...]

    10. Very good. Wish I had known it was a biography of her mother before I started. I should have read the reviews first! Not that very long ago, people had lives that were so difficult it's a wonder that any of us are here. Maybe we have religion to thank? This story certainly highlights the fact that it was a strong motivator for the Buck family and ancestors to keep on when there seemed to be so little joy in life. But on the other hand, Carrie could find happiness despite great loss, and it came [...]

    11. While the book was not riveting, it was interesting to read of Carie's struggles as she grew up before and during the Civil War and went on to marry Andrew and follow him to China to serve her God. The loss of her children and her struggle to believe in a God who seemed reluctant to give her the sign she seeked was very sad. Her strength through her struggles are to be commended and respected.

    12. this was ok, parts of it made me feel like i was rereading Bucks auto bio again. Her mothers life was similar to hers with regards to their married life. Easy read but not much of interest for me.

    13. This is now one of my favorite all time books. Pearl Buck has portrayed her mother in a totally complete way that makes you want her for your best friend and weep for all the heartaches and trials she endured so well. This would be a perfect book club book.

    14. I loved this book about Pearl Buck's mother who married and then traveled to China where she lived the rest of her life and where she and four of her seven children were buried.

    15. I did not like this as well as some of her other titles. Supposedly, a biography written by Pearl about her mother, Pearl herself is strangely absent from the story line.

    16. Gripping, heart-rending, extraordinary. This is Pearl Buck's biography of her mother - what an amazing woman, what an amazing book, written with such tenderness, sensitivity and skill.

    17. The other half of the story -- that of the life of Carrie Sydenstricker, mother of Pearl Buck, husband of Andrew, a missionary in China. (Working from a list of books I read years ago.)

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