1 thought on “How High the Bounty”

  1. What a unique glimpse into the lives of my great-grandparents generation. This is a simply but wonderfully told story of one woman's life in the mountains of Oregon. I will never see them quite the same again. I can't wait to visit some of the places Jessie spoke ofe places she spent her life.I so appreciated her funny but honest outlook. It was very satisfying at the end when she realized that she had earned the approval of herself which is vitally important.I found myself wishing I could have [...]

  2. Jessie Louetta wrote this book as if she is your grandmother telling you the story of her life as she can remember it. It does seem like the author put a lot of effort into making sure her memory of events was as accurate as possible. There is a lot of information about the life of a homesteader (her husband) and his family in the pacific northwest. I don't quite remember all of the details, but as a woman around 20 years old, the author married her husband who was around 10 years her senior and [...]

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