Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 8: Cats & Kings

Sam Bullit is running for Mayor of New York City on an anti Spider Man campaign, and Daily Bugle Editor in Chief J Jonah Jameson is backing him 100% But who s pulling Bullit s strings None other than the Kingpin of Crime Plus Spider Man meets the sexy and elusive cat burglar called the Black Cat, who claws herself into the young web slinger s life and purrs her way inSam Bullit is running for Mayor of New York City on an anti Spider Man campaign, and Daily Bugle Editor in Chief J Jonah Jameson is backing him 100% But who s pulling Bullit s strings None other than the Kingpin of Crime Plus Spider Man meets the sexy and elusive cat burglar called the Black Cat, who claws herself into the young web slinger s life and purrs her way into Peter Parker s When the Cat gets her paws on a stolen tablet that the Kingpin desperately wants, the crime lord hires the deadly Elektra to retrieve the artifact for him.Collecting Ultimate Spider Man 47 53
Ultimate Spider Man Volume Cats Kings Sam Bullit is running for Mayor of New York City on an anti Spider Man campaign and Daily Bugle Editor in Chief J Jonah Jameson is backing him % But who s pulling Bullit s strings None other than

  • Title: Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 8: Cats & Kings
  • Author: Brian Michael Bendis Mark Bagley
  • ISBN: 9780785112501
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This is the first Spiderman graphic novel (well, comic collection in one book) that I've read out of the three I own. Peter Parker of course goes around moping about something or other - moping IS as much a part of his identity as the superhero gig - but it didn't bother me because I expected it. Despite his angsty personality, I do like Peter Parker, especially his fun humor during battles. This is a two parter that ties in together, all involving Kingpin in some way. The crime boss makes a wor [...]

    2. Not the best volume so far, but still mostly fun. I think the highlight has to be the entire J. Jonah Jameson subplot. I'm hardly a Spider-Man expert, but I think that might be the most thoughtful conversation I've ever seen a writer give Jonah, who is normally written as a blustering yellow journalist with an inexplicable axe to grind. And I'm not saying that the Ultimate version is none of those things. After all, if you took those characteristics away, you wouldn't have J. Jonah Jameson anymo [...]

    3. Aunt May is awesome. That's my main reaction to this volume. Aunt May is awesome and there needs to be more of her. I love how much she adores Peter and tries to look after him.Less entranced by the Elektra and Felicia stuff -- it didn't feel developed enough. Maybe there's going to be more later about one or both of them, which would be good.

    4. As usual with this series, I liked the parts of the story focusing on Peter Parker's continuing attempts to come to terms with his powers and his place in the world. This time around, he's justifiably angry about the Kingpin literally getting away with murder and the corruption and apathy throughout the city, while Spider-Man gets blamed for things he didn't do. Peter gets fired from his job and suspended from school for his outbursts. There's also trouble for him and MJ. I really like how Aunt [...]

    5. 3.5Διάβασε όλο το review εδώΜετά το Legacy, οι αραχνο-ιστορίες του Bendis είτε θα ήταν προβληματικές (Venom), είτε απλά filler (Public Scrutiny, Irresponsible): γράφοντας το Cats & Kings, φαίνεται να κατάλαβε πως οι πλοκές του τελευταία ήταν κάπως άδειες και αποφάσισε να χωρέσει δύο διαφορετικές ιστορίες μετα [...]

    6. I don’t want to say I disliked this batch, but…well, some of this was weak. I can forgive the Ultimate Six diversion as an obvious crossover with a comic I don’t read, but I have to say that Black Cat is really annoying, and the whole Hobgoblin thing didn’t do it for me, either. Still soldiering on - I have library leads on all the available trades, shockingly, so I’ll be caught up at some point this summer - but a few of these were more than a little rough around the edges.

    7. I gave this three stars when I initially reviewed it but I think I was off a bit. I have a feeling I was spoiled by the overall quality of this series and, eight volumes in, had started taking it for granted. That's on me. This is a great volume that is part of a much larger story, a story that I think is one of the definitive takes on Spidey. Terrific work from all creative parties involved and an utter pleasure to read.

    8. 4.5/5The revelation here is J Jonah Jameson; if I was only rating the first half of this volume it would get 5 stars because Bendis does that unique thing of taking a character who has always been an archetype (an entertaining-as-f*ck one but a type all the same) and mine an astonishing level of depth in just a handful of pages and a few issues. He was already dynamic in this Ultimate series, but somehow thru a couple of moments and some surprising soul-searching, we see that he is a decent man [...]

    9. Spider-Man, who defeated monsters easily, gets his butt kicked by 2 women who did not have any super powers? where's the logic?

    10. Book Info: This collection contains Ultimate Spider-Man issues #47-53.OVERALL RATING:ABSOLUTE RATING: 3/5 starsSTANDARDIZED RATING: <3/5 stars>------------------------------------------------Review for issues #47-49:ABSOLUTE RATING: 3+/5 starsSTANDARDIZED RATING: <3/5 stars>On one of his nightly rounds, Spider-Man encounters Kingpin's Enforcers shaking down a gambler for cash he owes. Spidey then intervenes, subdues the attackers, and leaves them for the police to deal with. King [...]

    11. Following two disappointing volumes, I felt that USM found its footing again in this volume. The Kingpin returns from exile and we're introduced to Black Cat and Elektra. I don't think Black Cat's backstory is really done justice here; it feels hurried and lazy (a life devoted to exacting revenge for a wronged father figure… yawn). And even Elektra, who works really well when surrounded by an aura of mystery, isn't allowed to remain a complete enigma for long.Come to think of it, so far this i [...]

    12. An enjoyable storyline from Brian Michael Bendis' 2000-era reimagining of Spider-Man. Peter Parker is still a teen in these stories, juggling school, work, drama with his girlfriend's dad and--oh yeah--the fact that the Kingpin of Crime is looking to kill him. Bendis does a good job balancing the different elements, giving Peter a volatile helping of teenage angst while ensuring the Spidey has plenty of nice quips for when he goes into action."Young boy," the Kingpin says in one tussle, "I do no [...]

    13. Wow that was good. Enter the Black Cat. Man this arc was great. World: Bagley's art is slowly evolving and getting better. That's not me saying that I liked it. That's me acknowledging that it's better, the faces are still so very wrong. The world building is great, Bendis is building upon the past and that's just a great way to turn a normal comic book story into something that means a lot more. Story: The pacing is good. The emotions are real and the resolution is dramatic, all in all this was [...]

    14. This volume is a collection of several issues that are good on their own, but don't necessarily hang together in a cohesive way. That's okay though, as several are great one-offs (e.g the Sandman story). There are also some annoying parts that, while probably in character for a teenage boy, come off as quite sexist (here, I'm thinking of Peter's idiotic reaction to the "catfight" between Elektra and Black Cat). I enjoyed the way that Peter interacted with several adult institutions in this volum [...]

    15. Another trade focusing on Spidey's ongoing conflict with the Kingpin. The Black Cat is introduced -- another nice updating of the character from the regular Marvel U -- in the reprint of the 50th issue, as are Mary Jane's parents, particularly her troublesome father. Ultimate Elektra, working for the Kingpin, fights the Black Cat, possibly to the finish. However, a couple of things in this trade didn't sit very well with me. In one sequence, Peter gets fired from the Daily Bugle, but J. Jonah Ja [...]

    16. Yet again the moments that really make this volume solid is when Peter is outside of the costume. His interactions with Jameson really show him as a kid who is still trying to understand the world and why things are so morally ambiguous. The truth that Mary Jane worries about him while he's out swinging but would never ask him to stop. When Aunt May calls Jameson and gives him what for. These are the moments that make this collection. The Black Cat is pretty cool but Elektra leaves a lot to be d [...]

    17. Aunt May really owned it in this one; love the way she talks to Jameson, it's too funny. I also liked that we got a little bit of character development with Jameson. I love his character, he's so obnoxious, sometimes foolish and pompous, but it's funny to me, and the bit of character development on him was a nice touch. This volume also focused more on what's going on in Mary Jane's personal life and how that's affecting her and peter's relationship. Peter deals with the King Pin's come back, an [...]

    18. Cats and Kings has one of my favourite covers of the volumes. It just evokes the feeling that he's had enough of these people. In this volume Peter asks the questions that no one wants to hear. There's a bit less teenage moping and more moping about the fact that the Kingpin can do what he wants because he has money and power. It's a tough pill for Spider-Man to swallow because he thinks it should be more black and white than it actually is. Throw in a little subplot about female temptation in t [...]

    19. This has got to be one of my favorites. I really liked the arc lines that they had going along in here, especially MJ's considering that we hardly even see her home life. She became a much more relatable character when you saw what she went through on a regular basis. On the other side of the equation, I really enjoyed seeing Peter frustrated with the world (again ;-D) and his normal boy hormones getting ahead of him (nothing bad, don't worry). Jameson's role was particularly interesting to read [...]

    20. The Kingpin is back and fatter than ever!!!! This was a good arc - Peter's outrage at Kingpin's release from jail, despite vacuum tight evidence that he murdered someone, was portrayed really well. I felt just as pissed off at a system so busted it could set loose a murderer. Black Cat's introduction felt a bit superficial though. I never liked her, even in the original Marvel Universe - she's so obviously a complete and total rip off of Catwoman it's not even funny. Ultimate Elektra was equally [...]

    21. Interesting book; I can't decide what is more intriguing, the palpably increasing pressure on Peter to come clean with Aunt May, Peter's always complicated love life, or JJJ and Peter maturing with each other. That said, Felicia's introduction is much too brief and leaves too much unexplained. She can't be a simple burgular with skills, the supernatural Black Cat abilities must come into play somewhere for her to be able to knock around the Kingpin and keep up with Spidey's reflexes. I wonder wh [...]

    22. Spider-Man gets fired for disagreeing with JJJ when he backs the campaign of a DA who is a Kingpin shill.Spidery and the Kingping [] heads several times, and he meets the Black Cat, daughter of a guy Kingpin has shafted, as she steals something he was going to use to try and help his sick wife.Elektra gets in on the fun as the Kingpin hires her to get rid of the Cat.The Enforcers show they are losers yet again.Did anyone else see that when Ben Urich was interviewing Sam Bullit "on July 9th at 4: [...]

    23. Re-entry of the Kingpin of Crime. Debut of the Black Cat and Elektra. The tale of vengeance of a daughter for the father that was wronged.A roller coaster of a story arc it is indeed. Kingpin demonstrates as to why he is known as the Kingpin of crime leaving our hero to question the very basic pillars that form the legal and administrative system. Then there is the emergence of the sultry cat thief - The Black cat. She is as skilled as sexy she deems to appear. Then the cat fight that follows!*_ [...]

    24. The Black Cat and Electra are introduced in this volume. For the most part, this storyline is a lot less intense for Peter than some of the recent one, although MJ is going through a lot in her own plot- much of it off-screen. I felt like this take on Black Cat was interesting and well-developed. But Electra, much like Venom, was here and gone without being a big part of things. All the right ingredients are still in place, though.

    25. I enjoyed this volume, as I have with this entire series. It returned to the action that had been missing in the previous volume. We were introduced to some new characters, but time with them was fleeting and they have, yet, to be given any depth. As this is the first volume with them, I can forgive this and expect later volumes to delve deeper into the characters. The last two pages of this volume changed things in an unexpected way for a certain character, which was interesting.

    26. Because I often complain about Bendis' wordiness, I should point out that few of the issues here suffer from that. I also want to say again that Bendis knows these characters so well. The characterizations are remarkable, and where I complimented his Aunt May before, I have to say that his Jonah Jameson in this collection is wonderful.

    27. Love Black Cat, though he story was a little lackluster. Still baffled as to how Fisk is so damn huge, its something that always bothers me. I was looking forward to Elektra being introduced, but I felt pretty 'meh' about her, and I'm sure part of that has to do with her character being so underdeveloped. Shrug.

    28. Lot's of characters reconsidered in this one. Pretty good version of Felicia Hardy the Black cat. Not quite as good a version of Elektra. Kingpin pretty much as he is portrayed in the Daredevil Netflix series. And then there is J. Jonah Jameson sucking and then not completely sucking. And MJ. Definitely one of the better books in this series.

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