Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 3: Double Trouble

Spider Man must defend himself on two fronts as Dr Octopus sets out for revenge and Kraven the Hunter pursues the ultimate prize.Collecting Ultimate Spider Man 14 21
Ultimate Spider Man Volume Double Trouble Spider Man must defend himself on two fronts as Dr Octopus sets out for revenge and Kraven the Hunter pursues the ultimate prize Collecting Ultimate Spider Man

  • Title: Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 3: Double Trouble
  • Author: Brian Michael Bendis Mark Bagley
  • ISBN: 9780785108795
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 3: Double Trouble”

    1. 2.5 stars. Not quite as good as the first two Volumes but not bad either. In this story arc, Spidey faces off against the "Ultimate" versions of Dr. Octopus and Kraven the Hunter with solid writing by Brian Michael Bendis.

    2. Still so fun and ridiculous. Introduction of Gwen Stacy in this volume -- I assume that since I vaguely recognise her name and she gets so much attention that she's significant, but I could be wrong. The situation between Peter and his aunt is pretty sad: he can't tell her, because he'll hurt her, but not telling her is hurting her. She doesn't deserve that.Overall, lots of action and so on, and a smidgeon more development with Mary Jane. Nooot sure what's going on with her mood-swings, though. [...]

    3. Διάβασε όλο το reviewΤο πρόβλημα είναι πως το Double Trouble δεν μεταχειρίζεται καλά τους villains που παρουσιάζει. Ο Kraven χτίζεται ικανοποιητικά ως ένας ζωώδης κυνηγός που δεν συμπαθεί την show-business, αλλά την χρησιμοποιεί για να «κατακτήσει» ένα ακόμη θήραμα (τον Spidey). Το πρόβλημα είναι πω [...]

    4. Ni me acuerdo si es lectura o relectura. Mala señal. Con el color de “Transparency digital” no puedo. El dibujo de Mark Bagley para las escenas “no superheroicas” a mi no me funciona. Y sobre el guión de Bendis, no sé. Esta bien a ratos, pero me da la sensación que este Peter Parker Ultimate está tan lejos de un joven real del siglo XXI como el Peter Parker original. La referencia de Bendis sobre lo que es ser un joven en la actualidad parece haber sido alguna teleserie del Disney C [...]

    5. there is almost, just almost, a lull in the middle with Justin Hammer, and Bendis a little too quickly does away with the bully thinking Parker is Spider-Man. Everything else is gangbusters: a terrifyingly befuddled Doc Ock; badass Gwen Stacy (that scene with Capt Stacy in his office, all her scenes really, including her introduction, are dramatic and tough and she immediately is in her way just as heroic as Spiderman); a funny foil in that Australian TV show host Bendis's work is wonderful and [...]

    6. In Double Trouble Brian Michael Bendis tells the stories of two of Spider-Man's villains. In my memory both of them were ridiculous. Doctor Octopus - 4 metal arms attached to a band around his waist, green jumpsuit, and goggles. Really? That isn't silly? And Kraven the Hunter - um What does he do exactly? Bendis makes one of them menacing and the other retains his silliness.The re imagining of Doc Oc is great. He becomes scary and nasty and an actual threat to a new hero. Yet, at the same time, [...]

    7. Ultimate funWhen I was a kid, I loved reading Marvel comics. This Ultimate Universe has completely revived that childhood enthusiasm. This is the way I wanted to see my favorite characters revitalized.

    8. Este sí lo leí este año y mejora mucho en relación a los demás. Ahora empieza lo interesante de verdad.

    9. If I'm going to keep reading a reviewing Ultimate Spider-Man trade paperbacks, I should probably reveal that to a certain extent Brian Michael Bendis's version of these events is going to become my primary reference point for the long arc of Spider-Man. The reason for this is that I really only followed along on the original run of The Amazing Spider-Man (and Spider-Man, Spectacular Spider-Man, etc as needed for story continuity) for a couple of years during the mid-90s when I was actively colle [...]

    10. There's a lot going on in this volume. It introduces Gwen Stacy and Kraven the Hunter to the Ultimate series and brings back Otto Octavius as Doctor Octopus.I love what they do with Doctor Octopus. There is a lot of psychological trauma affecting the character after his accident. He is seeking revenge on the person he blames for it, but grows out of simply wanting to physically hurt him. It shows the intelligence Otto is supposed to have from previous iterations and his role as a scientist. Nice [...]

    11. This was a good read but probably the weakest of the three so far, mainly, I think, because of the storyline being stretched to incorporate two vilains. Although they were both interesting the multiple threads, i think, diminished both characters slightly. But hey, who knows, maybe this will be rectified further down the line by giving them each the time they deserve. That being said there were still some really stand out moments. The confrontations between Spider-Man and his enemies is entertai [...]

    12. This is the third volume featuring Peter Parker as Spider-Man in Marvel’s Ultimate Universe and it deals with Spidey battling the disturbed Doctor Octopus. It is immediately obvious why the idea of the Ultimate universe works- not only is it essentially retelling a classic story in a more modern context but it can also use the vast history of the character to weave intricate threads that create a long-running series. This does however mean this volume doesn't quite work as well as a standalone [...]

    13. Book Info: This collection contains Ultimate Spider-Man issues #14-21.ABSOLUTE RATING: 2.5+/5 stars (Rounded Up)STANDARDIZED RATING: <3/5 stars>Three months after the catastrophic incident at Osborn Industries, Doctor Otto Octavius has awoken from his coma with a severe case of amnesia. When the doctors reveal to Otto that his experimental arms have grafted themselves to his nervous system during the accident, the guy panics, and kills them all during his escape. Meanwhile, Peter's roman [...]

    14. I love the fact that the above picture makes the graphic novel looks like a penguin reprint of a classic novel from the 18th Century. They should do it a lot more.Brian Michael Bendis is a good comic writer, the dialogue in the book flows really well and the plot is strong. It is very much a re-telling and re-imagining of the mythology but it is well done and flows excellently. The art work is great and never intrudes on the story but if you actually stop to look at some of the panels and spread [...]

    15. 2.5I "liked it" but in the end, "it was ok." I liked that this volume addressed the whole "secret identity" issue I had with the previous volume, clearing that up was a plus. I think the introduction of Gwen Stacy was very interesting, very different from the Gwen I'm used to. This version is more on the rebellious side, which works but as I stated in previous volumes, they exaggerate these characteristics which results in really flat stereotypes. Now amongst the cast of valley girls and bully j [...]

    16. Onto volume 3: Bagley's art has much improved, closer to what I've come to expect from him, at last. Spidey meets his famous foe, Dr Octopus, basically the same character as the version in the regular Marvel U. However, I did really like the updated take on Kraven the Hunter -- kind of a ridiculous character (or maybe it's just that vest he wears) -- who here is made to be intentionally ridiculous. And the Ultimate version of Gwen Stacy is far removed from the one I read about as a kid. Glad to [...]

    17. In Born of the Sun, Peter Munford recreates the world of human ancestors. Although his timeline is never explicitly stated, the pre-humans whose life he is detailing seem to be australopithecines. Munford paints a rich picture of his vision of australopithecine life, he obviously spent a lot of time researching the subject. Necessarily for anyone writing about extinct species of two million years ago, he makes many assumptions (such as the methods and abilities for communication), but those assu [...]

    18. I thought I would've stop reading these by now. Mainstream superhero comics, wouldn't be my thing? But this character is really well written, even if I'm iffy on the artwork. Then Doc Ock shows upCapt. StacyGwen Stacylemme just say, the introduction of Gwen Stacy was absolutely awesome. If I had any doubts about seeing The Amazing Spider-Man reboot, they get undone, by this book alone. The story is so busy, but they never lose a handle on the charactere journey Peter takes, the obstacles that we [...]

    19. Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 3:Double Touble is a Comic written by Brian Michael Bendis, and Mark Bagley. It is about an adventure of the regular teenager by day and masked superhero by night Peter Parker. In this third volume, Peter Parker struggles with his social life and his wanting dead by a hunter named Kraven. Also Spider-Man is chasing Dr.Otto and tries to bring him to justice.Some things about this book are very thoughtful and some are very predictable. Throughout this book I could Predict f [...]

    20. Bendis really keeps the momentum going in this volume. I am totally sucked in to both the finding himself as a super hero side of the story and the maintaining a normal day to day life side. Parker keeps the witty banter going in full force here and is becoming more likeable after being a little too whinny for my liking in earlier volumes. Doc Oc and Kraven provide the fodder for this volume, but neither is really heavily developed as this is much more about Spider-man finding his place, rather [...]

    21. This continued the theme of Peter Parker adjusting to his powers and learning his strengths and limits. It was going along as a pretty solid 3 star read until the last "chapter," in which it developed into something more complex and satisfying. I really liked the resolution of the Kraven problem; it was just really cool.While her personality was quite interesting, the art depicting Gwen Stacy was over the top; she looks like some kind of Motley Crue tribute band groupie.I hadn't been aware of th [...]

    22. "It is not just a show rather it is a hunt."An intense statement yet a dismal outcome. This is not the Kraven we all have known. The build up to the hunt is intriguing yet quite sluggish. On the other hand, Doctor Octopus aka Otto Octavius coming into the foray, mentally deranged and rendered way crazier than earlier, puts an entirely different twist to the story arc.Midst all these super-duper mumbo-jumbo, you throw in a beautiful teenage romance brewing seldom yet at a steady pace and what do [...]

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