Call of Duty: The Sterling Nobility of Robert E. Lee

Historian Samuel Eliot Morison noted, There are but a handful of men who seem to stand above history Robert E Lee is preeminent among them He was offered the command of both the Union and Confederate forces because the men of his day recognized that Lee was a man of impeccable character and unimpeachable courage.
Call of Duty The Sterling Nobility of Robert E Lee Historian Samuel Eliot Morison noted There are but a handful of men who seem to stand above history Robert E Lee is preeminent among them He was offered the command of both the Union and Confederate

  • Title: Call of Duty: The Sterling Nobility of Robert E. Lee
  • Author: J. Steven Wilkins George E. Grant
  • ISBN: 9781581823349
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Robert E. Lee was one of the finest Christian gentlemen this country ever produced. Wilkins does a great job of bringing this quiet, humble giant to life. Lee was a man of dignity, grace, and honor, who knew how to laugh, and could throw together a hefty proverb if need be."You cannot be a true man until you learn to obey.""Obedience to lawful authority is the foundation of manly character."This one would be a good one for fathers to read. At least, it was for this new father.

    2. A very enjoyable read. The short chapters make it easy for school-aged students to grasp and delight in the life and history of Robert E. Lee. Poignant at times, Wilkins handles his subject matter well, not delving into unnecessary polemics. The author keeps the focus on the greatness of Lee, though he ably tackles controversial issues when relevant.

    3. This was a good book. It is well written and well researched. However, there is quite a bit of redundancy in the book.

    4. I thought this was an excellent book! Wilkins covers every area of Lee's life from birth to death and the effects of his life on the generations afterwards. He gives an excellent account of Lee's personal, public and military life. He shows that Lee was a devout man of faith and trusted in God for everything. He talks about Lee's struggle with succession and his opinion of slavery. He shows how things like worship, being a devoted husband, marital fidelity, submission to God's will, self control [...]

    5. 4 stars [Biography]This partial biography of General Robert E. Lee is thoroughly inspiring. The first section is a short, chronological narrative; the second is topical; the third is a summation of his legacy. The first part deserved 4.5 stars. The second part had far too much repetition; if only the author had found a synergy that obviated repetition, or expressed the repetitions in fresh ways, it might have been an outstanding piece of work. Stylistically, it is easy to read because each chapt [...]

    6. An excellent study on the life of Lee that highlights his character, and shows why Lee has such enduring appeal and devotion. This would be an eminently appropriate book for anyone, beginning in high school. It is factually accurate and relies heavily on Freeman. There is no doubt that Lee was a great man, which explains in some measure the iconoclastic works we are beginning to see. While this book may seem like hero worship, an objective examination of this gentlemen will show that he is indee [...]

    7. This is probably the best book I have ever read about Robert E. Lee. The work is divided into three parts: part 1 covers his life, part 2 covers his character, and part 3 covers his legacy. This book covers much of his military career, although less than many other works, but the part I really liked was the coverage of his faith in God. Whatever your personal feelings or allegiances concerning the late war, most would have to acknowledge that Lee was a great military leader and a great man of Go [...]

    8. Read the review I wrote in "Give me Liberty"this is one of the 16 books in Leaders in Action series. Great quick reads!

    9. A very good quick read. Not all encompassing but then it again it is not written for that purpose. Loved it!

    10. Renee' read this book to our children when they were young and they enjoyed it. It was inspiring to me and hopefully has raised the level of my integrity.

    11. I loved this man! Robert E. Lee's life story is powerful & challenging. I highly recommend this book to any believer that needs a kick in the pants.

    12. brings out the great character of a great man with footnotes, quotes and portions of letters--warm and affectionate. Great motivator to good character!

    13. Stopping reading. I like Lee, but I find the author's biases too blatant. While everyone has biases, a historian should strive to be as impartial as possible.

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