Technology of the Gods: The Incredible Sciences of the Ancients

Popular Lost Cities author David Childress opens the door to the amazing world of ancient technology, from the computers of the ancient world to the flying machines of the gods Technology of the Gods explores the technology that was allegedly used in Atlantis and the theory that the Great Pyramid of Egypt was originally a gigantic power station Childress also uncoversPopular Lost Cities author David Childress opens the door to the amazing world of ancient technology, from the computers of the ancient world to the flying machines of the gods Technology of the Gods explores the technology that was allegedly used in Atlantis and the theory that the Great Pyramid of Egypt was originally a gigantic power station Childress also uncovers many other mysteries, including the technology of ancient flight how the ancients used electricity megalithic building techniques the use of crystal lenses and the fire from the gods ancient evidence of high tech weapons, including atomic weapons the role of modern inventors, such as Nikola Tesla, in bringing ancient technology into modern use impossible artifacts, and , much Childress has done it again From beginning to end, Technology of the Gods is filled with facts, keen observations and tales that challenge modern assumptions in a humorous, intelligent and compelling way that is quintessential Childress.
Technology of the Gods The Incredible Sciences of the Ancients Popular Lost Cities author David Childress opens the door to the amazing world of ancient technology from the computers of the ancient world to the flying machines of the gods Technology of the Gods

  • Title: Technology of the Gods: The Incredible Sciences of the Ancients
  • Author: David Hatcher Childress
  • ISBN: 9780932813732
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “Technology of the Gods: The Incredible Sciences of the Ancients”

    1. A lot of really good information about the ancient civilizations! He spends quite a good amount of time describing some of the amazing technology and theories of all the Egyptian technology especially. He even touches on Atlantis and some of the other "mythical" areas. I had heard this book was a bit slow, and in some places it is, but I still enjoyed it all the same. For me it was a great read!

    2. This book was most impressive in giving details on different parts of the world where technological triumphs were achieved in times in history when it would have been an impossibility, even in today's world. One example they use in the book is the Inca Empire where blocks were 200 ton blocks were moved and put into place with precision to the millimeter. The book is most intriguing!

    3. This book isn't about mainstream archeology, its about the many questions people have about human history. Questions like, "if homosapiens have been around for 150,000 years, how come in only the last 2000 or 3000 years have we become civilized? What did we do before that?" Sure it pulls a quote from a psychic in regards to Atlantis, or maybe it might pull facts from history that are questionable, but it also pulls from great theories and pieces together ancient manuscrpits, it makes us think! I [...]

    4. Mayan bulldozers? Atlantis electricity? Ancient Indian flying machines? This book has it all! Mr. Childress, though needs an editor, lot of mistakes in this work. This book is hilarious. Great pseudo-science. He is a bit short on his explanation of time-frames and in general, proof of any kind of his really weird claims. Quite funny though. I might just have to read his book "the anti-gravity handbook" when my body starts sagging.

    5. A Passionate Revelation of Ancient TechnologyEnjoyed the read immensely. David Childress hopscotches the globe with the energy and speed of the Ancient's communication grid! I'll be searching for more from this scholar!

    6. This was page after page of enlightenment! Did you know the Meditteranean Sea was aland mass? Did you know that there was a pre-flood civilization that marks us as "advanced" 10,000 years ago? Read the book. He's on H2 often, and my respect for his scholarship has sky-rocketed~~ RECOMMENDED!

    7. I found this book in a random bookstore at the resort we were staying for our summer vacation more than 10 years ago. I've always been fascinated by ancient history and culture so this book looked really interesting. What I found between the covers, however, was not only interesting but amazing. In terms of revelations, in terms of information. If you are interested in history or just need to polish your knowledge a bit - this book is definitely for you. One of my favourites, for sure.

    8. Gave up. Typos throughout and some bad grammar. I did learn about the Wyoming tiny mummy though. Apparently that's a real thing. But I just don't believe the ancient peoples went to space. How would they have survived the lack of atmosphere? It wasn't even addressed. Just assumed that the reader would accept it as fact.

    9. This books goes into detail about many of the topics covered in the History Channel's show Ancient Aliens. It includes pictures and many first hand accounts from archaeologists and explorers. While I don't ascribe to many of these theories totally, they are interesting to read and provide an alternate theory as to how ancient civilizations built their monoliths and for what purposes.

    10. I have seen this book first time in history TV programme called ancient alien. After that i got a copy and read it. A wonderful treatise on the classic aliens and their technology.

    11. I was excited to read this book. turned out to be pretty boring. it's like reading ancient aliens instead of watching it. it's all just theories.

    12. David Hatcher Childress wrote this fascinating book on historical theory at a comprehensive level. There is work from 12000 years ago to the end of the last century BC. The chapters described the rise of fall of ancient civilizations from a technological standpoint. Each chapter offered evidence of a different technological capability, a justification for the suppositions, and elimination of opposition theories. Evident in each presentation was research into the mechanics, geological ramificatio [...]

    13. David Childress makes some interesting points, however, I have some issues with this book.First, the editing leaves quite a bit to be desired; pages don't always match up, paragraphs get repeated when you turn the page, things like that.Second, there are lots of photographs to accompany the text, which this subject matter definitely needs, but often the images are not labeled, they do not appear to have anything to do with what is being discussed on the page, and quite frankly, many of them are [...]

    14. The original 'Indiana Jones' continues to investigate lost cities and ancient mysteries around the world; while also appearing on 'Ancient Aliens' on History Channel. Childress posits a technological civilization existed before the 'fire and brimstone' hit the Earth. Recent archaeological reports indicate the debris from the Vela Supernova (see NASA website for Pictures of the Day) (ca. 11,500 BCE) hit the solar system circa 10,800 BCE (recent results in North America Research indicate the debri [...]

    15. See if this is correct. Very similliar information in many of this guys books, some rehashed over. Sometimes over the top on theories. The simplest answer is usually the correct one. Yes, ancient cultures had technology. Yes they were as advanced as we are or even more so, but highly advanced civilizations crash hard. Next time lets prevent that a little. Oh and for my Space Operations guys, "one day too new is bad, but older is better."

    16. Some really fascinating stuff! Lots of compelling ideas to contemplate. There is a lot of speculation but some of the ideas really make sense. I don't know why but I can really get into this type of stuff. I read this because of the History series Ancient Aliens. It is the second book I've read related to the subject.

    17. Speculations on historical and archeological mysteries from around the world. What I like about Childress writing is that he abstains from making absolute statements on his various theories and speculations on ancient world technology. Not to be taken too seriously, but interesting to think about and very entertaining…

    18. The different kinds of ancient technologies were quite interesting. I just didn't like the author's writing. It felt like a collection of essays poorly put together with (sometimes) random images. This book needed some serious editing. Otherwise the actual point the author was trying to make rather good.

    19. Another "Ancient Aliens" read, along with Von Daniken's books. Centers heavily on unexplained artifacts from early- and pre-history Earth. Lots of talk of Vimanas, ancient India's flying machines. Great read, but again light on concrete evidence.

    20. Not as impressed as I was hoping for. Author makes huge logic jumps and bases a lot of his "facts" on quotes from other authors/books without verifying their research.

    21. The editor could have done better. However, the author presents for our consideration some very interesting statements that challenge traditional archaeology (and they need the challenge).

    22. an excellent book.s ideas about how our ancestors were more advanced than we thoughtesnted in an excellent way

    23. i jss want to read iti have a great intrst about this type knowledgei jass wanna to be a part of that world which is discribed in this book

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