Megan is told to feed the pigs, but not to open the gate She does of course, and the results are hilarious as the pigs help themselves to coffee and the newspaper at the breakfast table, follow Megan to school, and ride home by way of the school bus Full color illustrations.
Pigs Megan is told to feed the pigs but not to open the gate She does of course and the results are hilarious as the pigs help themselves to coffee and the newspaper at the breakfast table follow Megan

  • Title: Pigs
  • Author: Robert Munsch Michael Martchenko
  • ISBN: 9781550370386
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Personal response- This bookPigswas good. The child I read to was Sydney. When I read it, she enjoyed it and read along. She liked the whole story. She enjoyed the pictures the most, along with the idea of pigs driving a bus. There was really nothing she disliked about the book. The main event was knowing that pigs are smart, not dumb. Plot- In this book there are not many plots that occur. The main plot of the story begins with a father telling his daughter, Megan, to feed the pigs without open [...]

    2. I read the book "Pigs" by Robert Munsch to my little nephew, Landen. He liked this book a lot. He seemed very interested with this story. The story was predicted in the very beginning on what was going to happen with the pigs.The story was about a little girl named Megan. She was getting ready for school when her dad told her to feed the pigs. He only gave one instruction with the task. That task was to not open the gate, because the pigs are smarter than you think. Megan listened to her dad and [...]

    3. I read the book “Pigs” to my nine year old cousin Elizabeth. Overall, she really enjoyed this book. Throughout the book she kept laughing when Megan kept getting run over by the pigs. She also talked about how she thought Megan, the main character in the book, was a troublemaker and she would never do something so ridiculous. Her favorite part about the book was when the pigs peed on a few of the characters shoes.This book is about a young girl named Megan who gets into trouble with some pig [...]

    4. Personal Response: I think Pigs is a good book to read to children. It’s a silly little book that I think all children would enjoy. I read this book to my seven year old cousin and she loved it. She thought the pigs were silly and enjoyed the pictures.Plot: This book is about a little girl named Megan. Before school, her dad told her to go feed the pigs but to not open the gate. He warned her that the pigs are smarter than they seem. Megan reached the pig pen and looked at the pigs. She though [...]

    5. I read “Pigs” to Wyatt Wetzel. Wyatt is a kindergartener at Weyauwega-Fremont Elementary. He thought this book was really funny because it had the word “dumb” on almost all of the pages. Wyatt asked me to bring this book to his house more often. I also enjoyed reading this book to him. This book is about a little girl, Megan, that lives on a farm. Her father asked her to feed the pigs before she went to school. Her father's big fear was that Megan would open the gate too far and let the [...]

    6. Pigs by Robert N. Munsch, illustrated by Michael Martchenko, is another laugh-out-loud story by this talented duo. Megan doesn't follow her father's directions about not opening the gate to the pig pen and hijinks ensue in the kitchen, the principal's office, & on the school bus. The pigs eat newspapers & bus seats, drink coffe, pee on people's shoes, & one drives a bus. Megan calls the pigs dumb several times, but eventually declares that pigs are smart. There is a hint at the end t [...]

    7. This is a fun and silly book that shows what happens when the pigs are let loose. Our girls really enjoyed this book and laughed often at the absurdity of all the things the pigs do. The illustrations are colorful and cartoonish.Our girls liked watching the story on the Tumblebooks website. (tumblebooks) Robert N. Munsch is a talented storyteller and he's very entertaining when he narrates his own stories!

    8. Had to wait for an appointment this morning, and this book was there in the waiting room, so I zipped through it. It's quite cute and amusing, as Meagan learns that pigs are not as dumb as she thinks. Lots of nice humorous detail in the art compensates for the pretty superficial and simple narrative. The final page is especially amusing. Fun book for young readers, but not one of those picture books that adults will enjoy equally, I think.

    9. The illustrations of the pigs taking over Megan's school sell the book, really.I will note that if you're concerned about the use of the word "dumb" as an insult that you might want to read this book before you buy it. Honestly, though, as insulting the pigs is exactly what gets Megan into trouble, I think the lesson "choose your words carefully" speaks for itself.

    10. I remember this one from my childhood! one of my favourite Munsch books ever! "HEY YOU DUMB PIGS"! LOLVery interesting to read this now that I'm older and compare it to how I remember it as a child! the illustrations make me laugh! when the pigs are in the house- drinking dads coffee, eating and reading dads paper, there's pigs in the cupboards, pigs everything! so funny! loved it!

    11. 5 Stars from when I was a child being read the story.4 Stars as an adult re-reading the book after many years.A cute book overall, meant for a child.

    12. It was cute, to the point and hehe funny! Yep it was hilarious see a swarm of OINK OINK, smart pigs and their "takeover" the world antics.

    13. Always a favourite this is a fun story that I enjoyed as a child and now I get to share it with my daughter!

    14. Personal Response: I enjoyed reading this book. My sister enjoyed when I read it to her. It was a book that she would actually sit down and listen to while I read. There’s not many books that she would be quiet and listen. I believe it was the pictures that made her listen I just enjoyed it because it was an easy read. Plot: During the book Megan never listened to her dad. Her father told her not to lets the pigs out in the beginning. After she was ready for school, she went outside by the pig [...]

    15. This hilarious book will have your kids rolling on the floor with laughter. It is now being released in board book form so little hands can experience the happiness of handling and cuddling their own-sized book. The text and illustrations are modified from the original but will not be missed by a brand new gang of potential Munsch lovers. Megan's dad asks her to feed the pigs but to be careful not to open the gate because pigs are smarter than you think. Megan promises she will not allow that to [...]

    16. Personal Response: I read the book "Pigs" to Kendra Behn who is eight years old. She really enjoyed reading and listening to this book with me. Kendra laughed quite a bit. Plot:This book is about a girl and her family and they lived on a farm. One morning before school her father asked her if she could feed the pigs on the way to school. The only thing he was worried about was that she would open the gate and the pigs would get out. Well Megan went out there and fed the pigs and thought that the [...]

    17. Personal Response:I read this book with my niece Cwyn. She really enjoyed this book and listened to every word. I enjoyed the pictures in the book. They described the story very well, and were pretty entertaining. Plot:In the beginning of the book the main character Megan never listened to her, not many kids do. Well Megan’s father told her that when she fed the pigs to not open the gate, but to throw the food in instead. One morning she went to feed the pigs but instead of throwing the food i [...]

    18. Title: Pig Board BookAuthor: Robert MunschIllustrator: Michael MartchenkoPublisher: Annick Press LtdPublished: 2-18-2014ISBN: 9781554516285E-Book ASIN: B00B7C5B04Pages: 32Genre: Children's FictionOverall Rating: GreatReviewed For: NetGalleyReviewer: DelAnneThis book is designed towards younger readers between ages 4 and 7. The colorful illustrations by Michael Martchenko will delight the reader and humorous story by Robert Munsch is set in easy to read text and will have the readers laughing fro [...]

    19. Megan’s father tells her to feed the pigs on her way to school, but not to open the gate because pigs are smarter than you think. Megan feeds the pig and then opens the gate a little bit. Nothing happens. She opens it a little father. Nothing happens. Then, she calls the pigs “dumb” and they all escape. They eat the fathers newspaper in the kitchen, they drink the principle’s coffee at the school, and they even eat the seats out of the school bus. When Megan returns home, all of the pigs [...]

    20. Pigs By Robert MunschMegan was going to go to school but she wanted to see the dumb pigs. She open the gate to see if they would run away, they didn't. Then she yelled as loud as she could making all the pigs ran out of the gate and pushing her to the ground as well. All the pigs ran in different directions. Some went to the house, others went to her school, and the rest were enjoying the town. It is up to Megan to being all the pigs home, will she be able to do this ?? This book talks a lot on [...]

    21. Pigs by Robert N. Munsch. This story is about Megan. Her father tells her to feed the pigs on her way to school, but not to open the gate because pigs are smarter than she might think. Megan feeds the pig and then opens the gate a little bit. Nothing happens. She opens it a little further and nothing happens. Then, she calls the pigs “dumb” and they all escape. They eat the fathers newspaper in the kitchen, they drink the principle’s coffee at the school, and they even eat the seats out of [...]

    22. When I went to the library and told the librarian that I wanted to be introduced to some Canadian Children's books her first recommendation was anything by Robert Munsch. She said he was a must.Pigs is about Megan, a little girl. Before school her father asks her to feed the pigs. He said, "but please don't open the gate. Pigs are smarter than you think." Megan goes to feed the pigs and looks at them . She said, these are the dumbest looking animals I have ever seen." She opens the gate. Boy, wa [...]

    23. I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. It in no way affects my opinion.I am a fan of Robert Munsch, so I was pretty excited when Netgalley had this for download.However, I was not very impressed with the book. It is very short and its story was not very entertaining. The book seemed a bit haphazardly put together and even for a children's book, could have used a little more development.It also uses the phrase "dumb pigs", which was trying to prove the poin [...]

    24. Pigs by Robert Munsch is a very cute story. Meagan, who thought pigs were dumb, learned a lesson to never let the pigs out of the gate. On tumblebooks, the author adds to the story with his narration. His voice and funny sounds highlights the humor or the story. This story of farm animals can be incorporated into the study of animal habitats or life cycles. The story has a rich vocabulary that can be discussed with the appropriate age group. (Ex. principal, chased, themselves, animals)This would [...]

    25. "It's good because it's about a girl that her father says don't open the pig pen, but she does anyway and the pigs come running out and first the pigs are in the dad's office, then the principal's office, then the classroom, and it's funny because she has a pet pig, and the pigs are going crazy on the bus. When she comes home the sister and the father are saying "What the heck"? If they made another pigs book it would be called elephant because she's looking at the lock and I am thinking that sh [...]

    26. At first I was going to rate this 2 stars. It was silly and humorous and the pictures are as good as ever, but I just wasn't feeling it.But looking at it again, I realized that the book could have a deeper meaning; that meaning being we should not judge a book by its cover! In fact, I'm almost positive that this is what is meant by Megan's judgement of the pigs as "dumb" and her discovering by the end of the book that they are much smarter than they look. And that deeper meaning is worth an extr [...]

    27. There isn't really a lot that happens in this book. A little girl winds up enabling the family farm pigs to escape, and fairly repetitive hijinks ensue. Yet, the kids and I were cracking up at this one! We listened to/watched this on Tumblebooks, and I'm pretty sure that the author/narrator's great reading contributed substantially to our enjoyment of this story. Quite silly!

    28. "Pigs are smarter than you think."My kids think this is hilarious! The pigs are always one step ahead of Megan, who incites them by yelling "HEY YOU DUMB PIGS." The pictures really make this book. The pigs look brazen. There's garbage and chickens flying everywhere. People's expressions are authentically astonished. And Megan really does look like she just got run over by a mob of raucous pigs. Repeatedly.

    29. Pigs is a story about a girl who underestimates how smart pigs can be. She thinks they aren't very smart and let's them out of the pin by opening the door. The rest of the book she learns pigs are smarter than you think as she rounds them up.The pictures in this book are hilarious. The pigs have human features such as different facial expressions, gold teeth, sunglasses, etc. This story proves that it's easy to underestimate something and hard to make up for it when you do.

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