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  • Title: Winterset
  • Author: Maxwell Anderson
  • ISBN: 9780822212669
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Winterset”

    1. An interesting little piece of stage noire, the New York slum setting and lower than working class characters still have Anderson's trade-mark nobility and pre-occupation with such high minded matters as justice and legacy. If the actions get a little melo-dramatic in places, it never founders into the maudlin and the ending, both surprising and satisfying, features some excellent poetry and character moments for actors and readers alike.

    2. "I have steeped too long/ in this thing. It's in my teeth and bones. I can't/ let go or forget. And I'll not add my lie/ to the lies that cumber his ground. We live our days/ in a storm of lies that drifts the truth too deep/ for path or shovel; but I've set my foot on a truth/ for once, and I'll trail it down!"

    3. I reread this after a reunion with some college theater friends. It was one of the first plays I worked on as a Freshman. It was a wonderful experience to read imagining old friends in the parts. An American classic.

    4. I procrastinated finishing this joy of a journey, I loved it so much. The language tastes good! I found myself reading it aloud just to enjoy it to the fullest. Some beautiful monologues, not sure if there are any for Miriamne herself though- double check.

    5. Winterset is a class American drama told in poetic verse form. It is also historical, in that it follows the Sacco-Vanzetti case. The story revolves around the two Italian men with radical beliefs who are executed for a murder/robbery they were innocent of, and of the son’s determination to prove that innocence. In Scene III, there is a remarkable piece of wisdom, and foreshadowing doomUNT [taking the policeman’s arm, but shaken off roughly]. I ask this for yourself, truly, not for the digni [...]

    6. It's like having love poetry read to you by a robot with Gilbert Gottfried's voice.You want my opinion?This was crap.(view spoiler)[This was a fledgling author's idea of what a cool detective noir play would be, but with the absence of any plot or characterization. The speech was contrived. The characters did little outside of [spoiler alert] "oh, I'm a girl. I guess I should fall in love." So Anderson kills a guy off. Cool. Where's the actual essence to your story? (hide spoiler)]

    7. Some passages were poignant and captivating, but overall I was distracted while reading "Winterset" and had to re-read passages several times. I think it had to do with it being written in verse while it doesn't "sound" like verse or quite read like it, it was really distracting.

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