The Ghost On The Hill

When Grace returns with her son to live in her old hometown, secrets of the past rise up to haunt her.
The Ghost On The Hill When Grace returns with her son to live in her old hometown secrets of the past rise up to haunt her

  • Title: The Ghost On The Hill
  • Author: JohnGordon
  • ISBN: 9780722651988
  • Page: 212
  • Format: None
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    1. A slight disappointment after reading other books by this author. In this, Grace and her grown up son, Ralph, move to a big house in the village where Grace grew up, although she had left the village many years ago, and where an old friend of hers called Betty still lives. It soon becomes clear that Grace and her friend are both afraid of an old woman, Mrs Goodchild, the mother of a deceased boy. Mrs Goodchild's son Tom had had some kind of unspecified mental disability and had obsessed over the [...]

    2. A friend told me about this author and his work sounded like something I'd enjoy. This was one of this author's first books, so I intend to try some of his later works since he wrote for many years. This book, published in 1976, I found a bit hard to follow. It was written in an odd way, jumping from character to character in a confusing way. I found part of the plot (in which the mother of a character flirtatiously leads on one of the younger characters) somewhat distasteful. This author is app [...]

    3. This novella had been referred to me by one of the most accomplished practitioners (as well as scholars) of "Jamesian" supernatural tales, and hence I had approached the book with rather high hopes. Yes, it had its deliciously scary moments & descriptions. But evenbtually, the climax became too anticipated, and the shadow-from-the-past was not that powerful/frightful. Hence, OK. Nothing more.

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