All About Turkeys

The wild turkey is a uniquely American animal With his clear, informative text and derailed watercolors, Arnosky explores the turkey s life cycle, habitat, and behavior with an immediacy kids love.
All About Turkeys The wild turkey is a uniquely American animal With his clear informative text and derailed watercolors Arnosky explores the turkey s life cycle habitat and behavior with an immediacy kids love

  • Title: All About Turkeys
  • Author: Jim Arnosky
  • ISBN: 9780590481472
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 1 thought on “All About Turkeys”

    1. Good overview of the wild turkey. I liked the various life size illustrations of the turkey egg and the turkey foot. Copyrighted in 1998 this title with its great illustrations continues to be very useful today.

    2. I use this all the time with second grade at Thanksgiving. Minor error in identification of caruncles, but otherwise excellent.

    3. What was it about? It's called "All About Turkeys." What do you THINK it was about? HA!It was called "All About Turkeys" and it sure was, with lots of facts and fake pictures [paintings]. And it had hard words, but fact books usually do.I've seen groups of turkeys. One time we saw a bunch of them just walking across the road by Lake Elmore. There were about three dozen of them and I don't think any of them were babies, and Mama said "Why did the turkey cross the road? Because he wasn't chicken!" [...]

    4. Notes:specifically deals with wild turkeysauthor pulls from his photos/journalsall illustrations are beautiful -- some life-size elements

    5. When I was teaching fifth grade I used to teach a fun (and funny) unit on turkeys. This book was one of my go-tos!

    6. Beautiful paintings and info about wild turkeys. I learned that turkeys' head colors change when they're "excited or agitated".

    7. i love turkeys, used to have one that came in the yard while i was reading, it didn't mind my being there, quite beautiful and facinating birds.

    8. Pretty great as far as children's nonfiction goes. Perfect length for kids, interesting facts, great illustrations. Good good good.

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