The Porcupine Mouse

When Louie and Dan leave home, each wants to handle things his own way Can these two little mice figure out how to get along and survive the dangers of the forest First published in 1988, a new generation of readers will fall in love with this delightfully lighthearted mouse adventure, featuring Mary Jane Begin s irresistible illustrations.
The Porcupine Mouse When Louie and Dan leave home each wants to handle things his own way Can these two little mice figure out how to get along and survive the dangers of the forest First published in a new genera

  • Title: The Porcupine Mouse
  • Author: Bonnie Pryor
  • ISBN: 9780688071530
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. The Porcupine Mouse features the story of two brother mice Dan and Louie as they set up their own house. At first, they do all of the things that their mother wouldn't let them, like make cookies for breakfast. They soon find that they are much happier doing the things that their mother always did. One night, a cat arrives at their new house. Louie quickly comes up with a story to convince the cat that Dan is actually a porcupine mouse. the book features colorful, detailed and realistic illustra [...]

    2. Mama Mouse's house is much too full. It's time her two oldest sons move out on their own. Dan and Louie set off with their belongings to see if they can find a house. Both mice try to act very brave but deep down they are quite afraid. They walk and walk and still have not found a house by nightfall. As they are walking through a forest they are spooked by a falling leaf and dive into a mouse-sized house. What a find! It's perfect!After settling in, the brothers immediately begin to bicker over [...]

    3. My mom gave me a signed copy of this book for my birthday (at age 43), and it's just darling. Two brothers who are mice set out to find a house. They're seemingly opposites - Louie is scared of mice and owls, while Dan pretends not to be; Louie works hard to clean the house, while Dan goes out gathering treasures to decorate like dirty rocks - but ultimately they learn to survive and thrive together. Gorgeous illustrations.

    4. My students really enjoyed this story. The story has clear lessons that children can bring from the text, such as "it's okay to be scared" or that "everyone gets scared, even when they pretend they don't" The story also teaches bravery and the importance of sibling relationships. The book is the perfect length for my second graders.

    5. A mother mouse has too many little children mice running about so she sends the two oldest brothers out to fend for themselves. They end up finding a house to share, but there's some disagreements about what's important - clean house or nicely decorated. Luckily, a cat brings the two brothers back together to settle their quarrel. A little wordy.Very nice, detailed illustrations.

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